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just someone here to enterain and share my music to everyone
Sori1004jy did an awesome job with this one. CHRISTINE (0:21) In sleep he sang to me In dreams he came That voice that calls to me and speaks my name And do I dream again for now I find The Phantom of the Opera is there Inside my mind PHANTOM (1:04) Sing once again with me Our strange duet My power over you grows stronger yet And though you turn from me to glance behind The Phantom of the Opera is there Inside your mind CHRISTINE (1:48) Those who have seen your face Draw back in fear I am the mask you wear PHANTOM It's me they hear... BOTH (2:03) Your/My spirit and my/your voice in one combined The Phantom of the Opera is there Inside my/your mind BACKGROUND He?s there, the phantom of the opera! CHRISTINE He?s there, the phantom of the opera PHANTOM (2:37) Sing, my Angel of Music Sing, my Angel Sing for me Sing, my Angel! Sing for me!
26 Nov 2009
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Andrew Lloyd Webber's international award-winning phenomenon directed by Harold Prince has woven its magical spell over standing room audiences in more than 100 cities worldwide. The Phantom of the Opera, the longest running show in Broadway history, now returns to PlayhouseSquare to take your breath away. It is a timeless story of seduction and despair and the one show The London Sunday Times called "God's gift to the musical theatre." Phantom of the Opera is part of the U.S. BANK STAR PERFORMANCE SERIES.
14 May 2010
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Little music video dedicated to one of the best adaptations of Phantom of the opera's story.
29 Jun 2010
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One of my first "Phantom of the opera" music videos.
3 Jul 2010
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To mark its 25th Anniversary year, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Cameron Mackintosh present "The Phantom of the Opera" in a fully-staged, lavish production, set in the sumptuous Victorian splendour of the Royal Albert Hall with a cast and orchestra of over 200. Now audiences around the world are invited to join the celebration. "The Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall" will be screened live in around 250 cinemas nationwide across the UK at 7pm on October 2nd.
2 Oct 2011
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Canal para los amantes de la lírica. Operas completas de todos los tiempos.-
More Info :- *******www.eyesin****/music/2013/phantom-of-the-opera-2013-us-tour/ The Phantom of the Opera 2013 fans in the United States will have to wait no longer – the US tour is coming back, and has been reinvented into an even more spectacular production than before. - See more at: *******www.eyesin****/music/2013/phantom-of-the-opera-2013-us-tour/#sthash.U7mtzYt0.dpuf
13 Jun 2013
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The Phantom Of The Opera (2004) opening scene
28 Dec 2017
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Eh, I was bored...
1 Jun 2009
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28 Mar 2011
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Dybt under den majestætiske Pariseropera lever den vansirede Erik, som verden ovenover tror, er operaens spøgelse. Han er frygtet af alle og selvom han er skamfuld over sit udseende, er hans kærlighed til protegeen Christine Daaé så stærk, at han vil gøre alt for at fremme hendes karriere. Andrew Lloyd Webbers fantastiske musik, den storslåede scenografi og de betagende effekter bringer på magisk vis dennne tragiske kærlighedshistorie til live.
2 Oct 2011
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Singing by Harajuku Electric Dance Floor 2
8 Oct 2011
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The benchmark for gothic films, and indeed thrillers of all sorts as well, is unquestionably the original The Phantom of the Opera. Here is the 1929 version, the best quality of the first version available, with improved sound effects. This gothic nightmare about a disfigured musical genius who imprisons himself in underground catacombs would inspire the creation of such horror staples as Dracula and Frankenstein. But The Phantom of the Opera is not just useful for its historical importance; the film is artfully directed across gorgeous sets, and Lon Chaney delivers one of the most powerfully sympathetic performances in history as the reclusive phantom. That performance also led to what is often referred to as the fightful moments in all of cinema: when the mask is finally removed.
4 Dec 2007
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