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Maxtreme Pharma is a GMP certified manufacturers cum exporters of anabolic steroids. For details, please visit
NG Healthcare Pvt ltd is a third party pharma manufacturing company dealing in to tablets , capsules, syrups, oinments, softgels, injectables,betalactum and all kind of nutraceutical & ayurvedic products .
1 Sep 2017
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#PharmaThirdPartyManufacturing #Third party Pharma Manufacturing #Tablets #Capsules #Syrup #DrySyrup #Injectables #Eyedrops#Betalactum #Softgels #Nutraceutical #Ayurvedic Products Manufacturer. Visit us :
7 Sep 2017
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Pharma - Healthcare Jobs / Vacancies - 2017
8 Sep 2017
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#PharmaThirdPartyManufacturing #Third party Pharma Manufacturing #Tablets #Capsules #Syrup #DrySyrup #Injectables #Eyedrops#Betalactum #Softgels #Nutraceutical #Ayurvedic Products Manufacturer. Visit us :
11 Sep 2017
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Mr. Deepak Sawhney, an eminent Associate Certified Coach (ACC), Member(ICF) USA, facilitator and trainer was a part of Reliance Global Corporate Security - 3rd Forces Get Together. There he bestowed information on Neuroscience of Leadership to the various attendees. His speech elaborately described the influence of cognitive science on our behavior as an individual as well as a leader. The established coach and orator offered the attendees excellent tips to enhance the performance and output of a team and an individual. The gathering was about describing the importance of Neuroscience and Psychology on a person's caliber and accomplishment. He stated his views on how just by knowing the working mechanism of the brain precisely, one can amplify his skills and of others too. This knowledge can provide assistance in performing the different responsibilities effectively as an individual and as a team leader. This, in turn, will help with development in performance both individually and from a leadership point of view and the team as a whole. He said that with a unique neural map each person interprets the things in his way. However, if we follow the working pattern of a brain, we can evaluate another person's way of understanding a circumstance. This will help with developing his performance and lead him towards his aim. The gathering presented perception as to how to decipher the functioning of the brain and observe not only one's thinking but also the level of understanding of another person. Everyone was able to avail from the beliefs of Mr. Deepak. The lecture offered, the several attendees, the way to grow as good leaders by learning how the brain works and the level of flexibility it can present.
21 Sep 2017
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The Family Doctor Clinic providing comprehensive primary healthcare. Available clinical services are Family Pharma, diagnostics, health check ups packages, office, school and home healthcare and diabetes treatment.
8 Sep 2017
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The names for generics depend on the brand manufacturing the drug. The two main makers of the pills are Natco Pharma and DR Reddy’s. Not only are they the leading manufacturers of generic Harvoni, but they are the leaders for all generic Hep C drugs.
19 Sep 2017
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Fox News Big Story with Douglas Kennedy on how Big Pharma leaves out the bad studies and downplays the nasty side effects of their highly addictive drugs.
28 Jan 2008
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Nutra Pharma is a biotechnology company developing treatments to Multiple Sclerosis, Herpes, HIV and Adrenomyeloneuropathy. Come explore what Nutra Pharma is doing by watching this short video or by visiting us online at *******www.NutraPharma****
18 Mar 2008
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Be My Friend - *******www.myspace****/psychtruth Truth about Doctors, Conventional Medicine & Big Pharma Dr. Vincent Bellonzi is a chiropractor and is certified in Clinical Nutrition. He has been in practice for over 12 years. He received his Doctorate from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in 1991. Since 1998, Dr. Bellonzi has practiced in the Austin area. He works with athletes at every level to provide sports conditioning and rehabilitation. Visit Dr. Bellonzi's website at *******www.austinwellnessclinic****/ This video was produced by Psychetruth *******www.myspace****/psychtruth ***********/psychetruth PsycheTruth is empowered by TubeMogul *******www.tubemogul**** © Copyright 2008 Austin Wellness Institute. All Rights Reserved.
11 Apr 2008
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MySpace Friend Me *******www.myspace****/psychtruth FDA Advisory & Big Pharma Conflicts of Interest, Psychology w/ Shannon Not a conspiracy theory because it's just too easily documented. Members of the FDA Advisory Committees for psychiatry and risk management have major ties to the drug industry. This video was produced by psychetruth ***********/psychetruth *******www.myspace****/psychtruth *******psychetruth.blogspot**** Psychetruth is empowered by TubeMogul *******www.tubemogul**** © Copyright 2008 Zoe Sofia. All Rights Reserved. Distributed by Tubemogul.
20 May 2008
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Original Asia Pharma products habe great viscosity
21 Jun 2009
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