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In today's show, we talk about the deliciousness that is the Burger King Bacon Sundae, Chris Brown getting hit in the face in a night club, a school in Atlanta that has awesome teachers, and more.
16 Jun 2012
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In today's show, we talk about NASA having spacecraft leaving the solar system, Rodney King found dead at age 47, a study that shows how much money isn't taxed from religious institutions, and more.
20 Jun 2012
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In today's show, we talk about big balls, grown men being spanked, the TSA at it again, Monsters University trailers, and little kids being pure evil.
21 Jun 2012
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In today's show, we talk about a new Dark Knight Rises trailer, Alec Baldwin punching a photog, Apple denied people iPads, Microsoft released their new Surface tablet, and more.
21 Jun 2012
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On today's show, we talk about the DEA question dodging, Karen Klein updates, Kate Upton video releases, Octomom doing commercials and Obama's involvement in Operation Fast and Furious.
23 Jun 2012
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In today's show, we talk about racist Elmo being racist, a Ray Bradbury addendum to the internet, the premiere of Newsroom on HBO, and more.
27 Jun 2012
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In today's show, we talk about the Internet's reaction to Oreos support of gay pride, Mass Effect 3 new ending, some pretty girls ya know, new Alex Cross trailer & a rated R Muppet movie, a Jerry Sandusky/ Papers Please follow up, and Jimmy Carter criticizing the current government.
28 Jun 2012
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In today's show, we talk about reading in prison, wildfires in Colorado, a BAMF who saved a baby, a little sexy news for the guys and girls of the Nation, an update on Syria, and the Google I/O keynote that happened this morning.
29 Jun 2012
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In today's show, we talk about a dream I had, an update on the Miami Zombie, the JP Morgan being more in debt, a Candice Swanepoel gallery, and the passing of Obamacare this morning.
3 Jul 2012
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In today's show we talk about Tom Cruise getting divorced, Justin Bieber dissing a guys dead mother, Anderson Cooper being gay, and the Mexican elections.
4 Jul 2012
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In today's show, we talk about the heat wave hitting the US, Syria torture centers, Andy Griffith passing away, JK Rowling's new book cover, and a little Siri vs Google Voice Assistant side by side.
4 Jul 2012
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In Today's show, we talked about firework explosions in San Diego, Pitbull being sent to Alaska, Wikileaks leaking Syria files, Amazing Spider-Man sets box office record and other stuff.
6 Jul 2012
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