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Au cinéma le 25 août 2010. Réalisateur : Philip Noyce Acteurs : Angelina Jolie, Liev Schreiber
20 Jul 2010
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TITLE: SLIVER "SCENES" SONG/S: CARLY'S SONG, PRINCIPLES OF LUST (EVERLASTING LUST) NUMBER: N/A SOURCE: DVD RIP RIPPED: YES XVID PRODUCED: 21 MAY 1993 PRODUCER: ROBERT EVANS UPLOADED: 2009.08.29 INFORMATION: Intro and scenes from the SLIVER movie with Sharon Stone starring as Carly Norris - a fictional name wich gave birth to one of the most great songs "Carly's Song" (also one of the movie soundtracks) performed by Michael Cretu - the mastermind behind of his ENIGMA project.
6 Sep 2009
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Filmed in Paris, the award-winning composer Craig Armstrong famous for his scores for Baz Luhrmann, Oliver Stone and Philip Noyce performs pieces from his album 'Piano Works'.
29 Jun 2008
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