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Thanks for watching my Monday show, Nation! CHECK OUT TODAYS VLOG!: Get Your Awesome Razors Here!: Check out SourceFed Animated: Check out the latest PDS: *Links and Description Type Things Down Below* --------------------------------- ALL of Today's Stories: ---------------------------------- Nude Beach BJ Jet Ski Fight: Weird Al Owns The Internet: X-Wing Sneak Peek!: Best Parking Job Ever: Jon Oliver Explains US Prisons: Bad Idea For A Selfie: Malaysia Airlines: Gaza Conflict: -------------------------------------------------- All the Social Type Links n Schtuff -------------------------------------------------- Philly D OFFICIAL APP: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: WEBSITE: GOOGLE+: Edited by: MattEatsMochi music by: Ronald Jenkees: Hagemeister
22 Nov 2014
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Hey Nation. I love your faces :) Thanks for watching my Tuesday Show! Join the Nation and Subscribe!: If you want to see me suck at games go here: *Links and Description type things down below* --------------------------------- ALL of today's Stories: ------------------------------- Rihanna's Sexy GQ shoot: Uganda to Pass Kill the Gays: Gov. Rick Perry Won't Secede: Nobody likes Donald Trump: Japan's Anti-Piracy Laws: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Some of my favorite stories not included in today's show: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Man In Vegetative State: John Mcafee Claims Innocence: Civilization Is Making People Stupid: Petraeus Affair Goes Deeper: Janitor Killed Was A Serial Bank Robber: Vancouver International Airport Quarantine: --------------------------------------------- All the Social Type Links n schtuff --------------------------------------------- Philly D OFFICIAL APP: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: WEBSITE: GOOGLE+: music by: Ronald Jenkees:
26 Nov 2012
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0:00 Audrina Bares All: Thanks to Hot For Words: Flash for the iPhone: Updated!: Clinton Documents Released: mhm
19 May 2009
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Demand Me!: Live Shows I am never doing another long video like this blargh that was annoying :-p Swedish Girls, Its True: We need better bullets: Batman: Army Warbots: Stalk Me: Text PhillyD to 43474 for ringtones and videos on your cellphone for free.Stalk Me:
25 Jun 2008
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0:00 (Edit)-Thanks to the NY Times for talking about the video. Free Speech at its best. Eight teens have been charged with beating a sixteen year old girl. To view the video:
20 May 2009
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MSNBC Video: Sundays Secret Video: I filmed this while Linz was getting ready to take a nap and I had a chance to breath.
19 Jul 2008
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Apparently, I have been a bad boy :( Jebus I am tired. The Super Dirty Video!: Demand me:
19 Sep 2008
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Links in the sidebar: Lindsay Lohan Story: Perez/YouTube/Revver: And a lot more
21 May 2009
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Join the Live Stream: Stalk Me: Stories: Christina Hendricks is MMM: Are You a Snitch?: Sarah McCain Baby: Death and You: Airplane HiJack: Walmart Laptop Credit Card Thief:
9 Nov 2008
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....problem solving skills. I've been playing Halo3 and not doing my bad..stop with the messages. For more info: Doda iPhone
24 May 2009
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3:27 Todays stories and more below: Megan Fox Hottie/Gallery: NetFlix/iTunes Trick: Compare your IQ to a Celeb: I'm out of Debt!: The rest of todays stories (in Video):
24 May 2009
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5:51 Stories: Palin SNL Record: Dirty Priests: Foster Parents Can't Smoke:
10 Nov 2008
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3:06 Cast your vote on puppy name in the comments! The puppy didn't let me sleep last night, so this is the most of a video you're gonna get :)
3 Dec 2008
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3:09 Audrina's Photos from Splash News: Follow Me: Craigslist Story: Surface Computer:
24 May 2009
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5:20 Follow Me: Stories: Abuse by Burger: Whopper Virgins: Walmart Stampede Update: The Big 3: S. For you description readers. Passing of The New Deal as my own idea is hilarious to me. Honestly I have no idea what will help the economy.
12 Dec 2008
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****Question of the Day- How do you feel about California legalizing gay marriage? Stalk Me: Stories --------------- D-Bag o the Day: Wedding Fight: Wii Fit Runs Lives: Big B00Bs Poll:
12 Jan 2009
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