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phineas and ferb producers present...LOVE HANDEL THE BAND!!!performing in a large crowd, phienas and ferb try to put a band together, which they did! RATE, COMMENT, AND SUBSCRIBE!!!! phineas and ferb wishes, phineasandferbupload
29 Jul 2011
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Mom it's your birthday Thanks for all the care and love you give Not to mention the meals and times I get kinda nervous And forget to tell you how I feel Im a little high strung Its just because Im young Mom I adore ya And Ill do anything for ya Although my brothers make me frantic With every single crazy antic And when Im bouncing off the walls You're the one who stays calm Because you love me for who I am Ill always love you mom.
23 Apr 2011
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phineas and ferb present a great song made by phineas and ferb producers-EVIL BOYS... THANK YOU SUBSCRIBE,RATE, AND COMMENT!!!
21 Jul 2010
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"So your sayin that you don't got rhythm, but listen what your doing right there! With that stamp and a book you got a real nice look! Sounds to me like you got rhythm to spare" "I have no idea what your talking about, I've got as much rhythm as that chair. What happened to me was a tragedy, but I don't have to be a millionaire. Look I got a sweet deal going on here, I got all the books that I can read, all these sweet old ladies and this carpet from the 80's, what more could a librarian need? Sides I ain't got rhythm, no I ain't got rhythm, said I ain't got rhythm, I ain't got rhythm!" "You're kidding me right, right your kidding me!? Don't you see what you were doing right then? That's a wicked groove you were starting to move, Mister you got rhythm times ten!" "I think perhaps that your not listening, I find it tedious to repeat, It's no big drum I just can't keep time, I'm telling yall I lost the beat. I don't need my face on a T-shirt, or in a power cord guitar, they were screaming my name I guess it's a shame, But I don't need to be a rock-star! Sides I ain't got rhythm, no I ain't got rhythm, said I ain't got rhythm, I ain't got rhythm! I ain't got rhythm!" "sounds like rhythm to me!' "No I ain't got rhythm!" "seems like they all agree!" "I ain't got rhythm!" "but your laying down some funky syncopation!" "But I ain't got rhythm" " but you got that beat!" "I ain't got rhythm!" " look at them they're stomping their feet" "I ain't got rhythm!" " it's time for you to rock a brand new generation!" " a brand new generation!" " gonna rock a brand new generation!... Because I Ain't Got Rhythm!"
15 May 2010
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LYRICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: Theres 104 Days of Summer Vacation, And School comes along just to End it. So the Annual Problem for our Generation, Is finding a good way to Spend it. --LIKE - MAYBE -- Building a Rocket, Or fighting a Mummy, Or climbing up the Eiffel Tower, Dscovering something that doesnt exist, (Phineas: Hey!) Or giving a Monkey a Shower. Surfing Tidal Waves, Creating NanoBots, Or locating Frankenstein's Brain, (Phineas: It's Over Here!) Finding a Dodo Bird, Painting a Continent, Or driving your Sister insane! (Candice: Phineas!) As you can see, Theres a whole lot of Stuff to do Before School starts this fall, (Phineas: Come on, Perry!) So stick with us, cuz Phineas and Ferb are gonna do it all! (X 2) (Candice: muum! Phineas and Ferb are making a Title Sequence!)
6 Sep 2009
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PLEASE READ HERE FOR THE GUIDE FOR EACH SONG AND WHEN THEY APPEAR!!!! and if anyone asks why im puting the same songs as my old videos, its because some people don't watch them, and ask for requests, when i already have them! so this is just for those people so they won't ask me XD...
24 Jul 2009
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