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Short horror film "The Park" based on the White Lady of Marbury ghost legend. Staring Phoebe Jones and Lauren Pressdee. Written and directed by Nick Gillespie www***ckleproductions****/thepark
20 Oct 2007
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Phoebe and Rachel getting a tatoo ! very very funy - ha
11 Oct 2008
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Go to *******gif3**** and see more funny gifs! The song - Phoebe Buffay - Smelly Cat.
28 Aug 2009
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The beautiful Dakota Fanning returned to the show today. She chatted with Ellen about her role in "New Moon," what it was like working with Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, and even got quite the surprise from Ellen! Watch it here.Ellen DeGeneres Dakota Fanning Elle Fanning on Ellen DeGeneres Show Dakota Phoebe In Wonderland dancing dakota fanning Ellen shown 2004 twilight new moon
18 Nov 2009
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Jettrider Aaron Phoebe explains why they named a city in CT..."Toad". DVD extra from 10th Gear Jettride-3800 Miles to a Cure. Directed by Anthony Geathers
7 Feb 2010
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I Tomorrow, When The War Began följer vi åtta high school-vänner vars lugna småstadsliv våldsamt bryts upp av en plötslig invasion. Avskärmade från sina vänner och familj måste dessa extraordinära ungdomar lära sig att fly från, överleva och slå tillbaks mot de fientliga militära styrkorna. 17-åriga Ellie Linton (Caitlin Stasey) planerar att ta en paus från arbetet på hennes föräldrars gård och ge sig ut på ett sista äventyr innan sommarlovet är över – en campingresa till den legendariska oas som ryktas vara belägen mitt i den stenöken som omger byn, och som av lokalbefolkningen kallas ”Helvetet”. I föräldrarnas Land Rover hämtar Ellie upp sina medresenärer: Bästa vännen Corrie Macenzie (Rachel Hurd-Wood) och hennes sportige pojkvän Kevin Holmes (Lincoln Lewis); blyga skönheten Fiona Maxwell (Phoebe Tonkin); ständige bråkmaken Homer Yannoz (Deniz Akdeniz); skötsamma och religiösa Robyn Mathers (Asleigh Cummings) och Lee Takkam (Chris Pang), vars föräldrar sköter den lokala thairestaurangen. Framme i Helvetet märker gänget snart att platsen är allt annat än helvetisk: Den grönskande idylliska platsen visar sig vara ett paradis, komplett med porlande bäckar och ett vattenfall – den perfekta platsen för vänskap att gro och kärlek att blomstra. Under deras veckolånga vistelse börjar minnena av världen där utanför så sakta tyna bort. Fram tills de plötsligt ser ett stort antal lågflygande stridflygplan passera på natthimlen. Tillbaks i sin hemby Wirrawee upptäcker de sju ungdomarna snart att något är fruktansvärt fel: Elektriciteten till husen har kapats, husdjur och boskap har lämnats för att dö och deras familjer är försvunna. Med en växande känsla av att en stor fara döljer sig bakom nästa hörn delar vännerna upp sig för att leta efter ledtrådar om vad som kan ha hänt. Ellie, Corrie och Kevin gör snart en chockerande upptäckt: Den lokala folkparken har omvandlats till ett fångläger där hela byns befolkning hålls av en utländsk militärstyrka. Snart blir de fientliga trupperna medvetna om ungdomarnas närvaro. Nu måste Ellie och hennes vänner, tillsammans med en ny rekryt (den ständigt stenade Chris Lang, spelad av Andrew Ryan) tillsammans kämpa mot den mystiska fiende som har tagit kontroll över deras stad och tillfångatagit deras nära och kära.
10 Apr 2011
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BY ADNAN S. KHAN ANCHOR ANA COMPAIN ROMERO You're watching multisource US video news analysis from Newsy. Does the punishment fit the crime? It is a question plaguing the unfortunate story of Phoebe Prince, an Irish teenager from Massachusetts who decided to end a year-long campaign of bullying by taking her own life, last January. The debate began when two of the six teenagers accused in the case pled guilty to the lesser crime of criminal harassment – a misdemeanor punishable with up to two and a half years in county jail. A writer for Irish Central is not happy with the outcome. “The bullies who aided and abetted Phoebe Prince's suicide have gotten off pretty much scot-free … It is sad to report that the law has failed once again to send a clear and unequivocal signal that if you bully another kid to the point of her suicide there are real consequences.” The teens faced charges from stalking to civil rights violation. The Boston Herald reports the mother lashed out at one of the teens, Sean Mulveyhill, saying he had a ‘predatory relationship’ with her daughter. “The distraught mother said one of Phoebe’s last text messages to her told of the torment at the hands of her fellow classmates: ‘It will be easier if (Sean) or anyone of them handed me a noose.’” Three of the other teens are expected to strike similar deals. Fox News reports even though their crime is punishable with up to two years of jail time, they will most likely avoid sitting behind bars. “The judge agreed to the terms, which are a 100 hours of community service and probation.” Because Prince was a recent Irish immigrant, the case led to international condemnation of bullying. The Guardian says these pleas aren’t the worst outcome of this case. Finally, a father of another girl who had been bullied by the same group of teens tells ABC, because of the tragedy, what the community does next is what matters. ANDREA CANNING:“But many are hoping the charges and the implementation of the Anti-Bullying Task Force, will make South Hadley the poster town for change.” FATHER: “We are the focus now. And we should be the ones to have the solution at hand. And offer it to other communities” The sixth teen, Austin Renaud, is still waiting trial and faces possible statutory rape charges. He and Prince had a substantial relationship when he was 18 and she was 16. (SOC) 'Like Newsy' on Facebook for updates in your feed. Get more multisource US video news analysis from Newsy. Transcript by Newsy
7 May 2011
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*******friendstheseries.blogspot**** A sitcom behemoth of the last 10 years, Friends shot out of the gate in 1994 with snappy writing and an attractive cast. The exploits of sensitive paleontologist Ross Geller (David Schwimmer), his obsessive-compulsive sister Monica Geller (Courteney Cox); Monica's roommate Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston), a spoiled rich girl trying to live on her own; earthy aromatherapist/masseuse Phoebe Buffay (Lisa Kudrow); and Monica's neighbors across the hall-- sarcastic Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry) and his dim-bulb roommate Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc) became a nationwide obsession, a pop-culture icon (remember "The Rachel" haircut?) and a top Nielsen hit for its entire run.
20 Jul 2011
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Cara Eisenpress and Phoebe Lapine, authors of "In the Small Kitchen" share tips and advice for outdoor meals.
27 Jul 2011
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A tsunami devastates a small Gold Coast town and leaves twelve people trapped in a flooded supermarket. Amidst the horror the group slowly realises that they may not be alone. Trapped with a hungry Great White shark, how many of them will have to die and will rescue ever come? Featuring a stellar ensemble cast including Xavier Samuel (The Twilight Saga; Eclipse), Julian McMahon (Nip/Tuck) Sharni Vinson (Step Up 3D), Phoebe Tonkin (Tomorrow When the War Began), Dan Wyllie (Animal Kingdom) Alex Russell (Wasted on the Young), Martin Sacks (Underbelly), Cariba Heine (The Pacific), Damien Garvey (Daybreakers) and high profile Singaporean stars Adrian Pang and Qi Yuwu.
19 Apr 2013
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When the Charmed ones first came into there power they came from distance to the power of three.
18 Oct 2006
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Clips from previous episodes. Song: "How Soon Is Now" - The Smiths
19 Mar 2007
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