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Photex / Photo Editor is a simple app to add text on photos with attractive designs and multiple features.
*******GreenScreenShoots**** Terns out that using green screen to enhance your small photo studio's capabilities, and put you on equal footing with the larger a lot more easier than you imagined, and it is a lot of fun. So, I have for you a FREE copy of a beginer's guide, step by step to photo creating with green screen Free Photo Editor. You can download it now at: *******GreenScreenShoots****
14 Sep 2009
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*******www.bestworkexchange**** Trying to grow your freelancing business? Let our photography freelance work tips show you the way. Allot time to research and stay on top of industry trends. Inflate your quote slightly so you can reduce the final price. T
14 Jan 2010
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The is a Great Software to edit photos and it is very easy to use but the project turn out to be professional. Enhance your photos with this software and it cost way less than Photoshop.
29 Apr 2010
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Picasa 3 is a first-class integrated image organizer, photo editor and enhancer, and video editor, with fantastic online galleries. It's a totally freeware and service. Here's how to do basic video editing and upload to YouTube. Distributed by Tubemogul.
10 Mar 2009
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BY: KELSEY WAANANEN ANCHOR: ANA COMPAIN-ROMERO You're watching multisource tech video news analysis from Newsy. “The virus is capable of the following : it can place a phone call, read and keep your text messages, send and delete them also, put all of your contact information and send it to a remote server, and also silently download files.” (Android Trek) It’s called the Gemini Trojan, unleashed last December. Now, more than 50,000 Android users have been introduced to its bigger, badder successor. They’ve all been hacked by the newest Android malware -- deemed DreamDroid -- present in more than 50 apps on the Android Market. Google recently pulled those apps and one of their publishers off the market -- but the damage has already been done. DreamDroid works to get user information about the phone, such as make, model and user ID. However, Mashable notes, the real danger comes later -- and that’s what makes this hack significant. “ can’t be sure that your device and user information is truly secure. Considering how much we do on our phones -- shopping and mobile banking included ... it might be best to take your device to your carrier and exchange it for a new one...” A publisher by the name of Myournet repackaged popular apps with the malware, and slightly changed their names, and then submitted them to the Android Market. The list includes apps with names like “photo editor,” "scientific calculator,” and “chess.” But Android Police points out, hacking the user info isn’t the worst this malware can do. “... the true pièce de résistance is that it has the ability to download more code. In other words, there’s no way to know what the app does after it’s installed, and the possibilities are nearly endless. ... this is the ultimate Android Trojan to date...” But a blogger for CSO Online is not impressed by the DreamDroid malware itself, but more the impact it will have on the market. “... there's nothing particularly remarkable here. Not to me, anyway. Smarter people may see it differently. But it is one more example of how the mobile threat has really shifted from an abstract concept to reality.” BetaNews agrees and notes this has exposed faults with Google’s model. “Whereas Apple individually inspects every app that is submitted for inclusion in the App Store, Google allows for a developer to publish apps freely to the Android Market once they have been registered. Google does from time to time comb through apps to ensure they meet guidelines, but this is done after it has already been live within the Android Market.” Apps carrying the malware were present on the Android Market for 4 days before they were removed. AndroidCentral says the problem has already been fixed -- but only in the newest update. “Starting with 2.2.2, AOSP has been fixed to halt this exploit, and with Gingerbread it no longer works at all.” Finally, Techworld details what this means for current technology -- and cautions Google to take these threats more seriously. “ … And Google? It needs to wake up from its focus on software and features and remember the lesson of Windows, the last major software platform to let itself get overrun with malevolent apps.” Many sites echo Mashable’s sentiments-- the best way to make sure your information is secure is to completely wipe your Android device. 'Like' Newsy on Facebook for updates in your news feed Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy
5 Mar 2011
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This week, JQ checks out the recently released iPhoto app by Apple. Even though the app wasn't tested on the latest and greatest iPad, you can still do wondrous things with this tiny yet powerful photo viewer and photo editor.
15 Mar 2012
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Add Text to Photos top photo editor to write text using multiple fonts, add stickers, design frames and emoticons to your photos/Images using android app. Now you can decorate your photos with beautiful emoticons, stickers and attractive backgrounds using add text to photos android app. Image editor and writing on images was never so easy before this application. This app take your photos into the next level of era with attractive designs, colorful texts, multiple fonts, background frames designs, emoticons and many other designing features. ************/store/apps/details?
24 Aug 2016
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*******HurleyPix****/photo - Ever wanted to become better at Photoshop? Well, good news - you can... with these Photoshop tutorials. You may have noticed a cool thing about Photoshop... Once you're 'addicted' to using it, then you hardly ever want to stop using it! A good indication of this is if you're in the middle of a Photoshop project and two people call your name... If you don't answer, and you don't even hear them, then this means you're a PASSIONATE Photoshop user... Other people just need to accept and understand this! Anyways, it's a life time of valuable - and very useable - knowledge that you're getting, when you get familiar with using Adobe Photo Shop. In fact, I use it almost every day... for doing simple photo effects, digital photo editing, and basic tweaks and tidying of my images. (By the way, one of my all time favorite Photoshop plugins is the amazing 3D Photoshop action -- it automates the process of creating an ecover. All you need to do is a nice looking flat 500 x 500 pixel layout)! That little 'time saver' saves me HOURS of time! Not to mention helping me make great looking 3D digital ecovers... But is Photoshop the best digital photo software available? That's a good question... All I know is that it works incredibly well for me, and I'm sure will for you too. I also know that if you become 'really good' at Photoshop then other people are quite willing to pay you money to do image work for them... :) Picture the idea of you 'working from home' in your pajamas here... Anyway, if you want to get learning fast, these Photoshop tutorials will delight... *******HurleyPix****/photo
18 Oct 2008
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*******HurleyPix****/easy - There's no reason why YOU can't become an Adobe Photo Shop Guru, is there? Isn't it just a matter of the right knowledge and some ongoing, committed learning? Hey, as you progress through a few Photoshop tutorials you'll be heading towards 'expert' status in no time at all. Just think of the cool factor... wake up and open the Cinema Display, lovely aroma of coffee... got 5 friendly design projects for clients to do (too easy!)... in the relaxed comfort of your own home... Eh, how does call your own shots, work your own hours, write your own paychecks sound...? Once you get the basics of digital photo editing down, master a few Photoshop photo effects, get incredibly inspired by using all those cool Photoshop plugins... You'll be unstoppable! Don't forget to hang the 'Genius At Work' sign on your door... And the best thing? People who can't 'do' Photoshop (will) think you're the expert! Even if you're not (yet), they'll still be amazed by your digital photo software skills as you click a few buttons and magically transform average pictures into beautiful works of art! And when other people think you're the expert then they're happy to pay you to do work for them... Ka-ching! I'm sure you get the picture! So, what's stopping YOU from becoming an Adobe Photo Shop guru?! *******HurleyPix****/easy
7 May 2008
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*******HurleyPix****/easy - What's the best digital photo software available? Is it Photoshop? Or another completely different editing tool? In all honesty I have only used one tool for ALL my digital photo editing... That tool has allowed me to do things like play around with photo effects, photo image editing, resizing, cleaning images, creating eCovers and LOTS more. There's been moments of frustration but they're usually won over by the brilliant results I've managed to squeeze out... And that tool, as you probably already know, is Adobe Photo Shop. (You'll find it to be a very treasured friend!) It's not only the Photoshop actions or Photoshop plugins that make this such a cool image editor. It's the fantastic flexibility that Photoshop gives you. You could disappear into the world of Photoshop for days at a time and go on an adventure into an incredible world filled with beautiful design, sharp edged images, and snappy logos. Of course you might even have Illustrator CS open too! Let's see... you dose up on a few crafty Photoshop tutorials and start cranking out mini portfolios... and then watch as 'Photoshop admirers' beat a path to your door... Asking you sweetly... "Can you please do a little logo for me..?" Or... "Um, I really could do with a new ecover design..." But the question really is... Is Photoshop the best digital photo software available? You KNOW the answer to that... :) *******HurleyPix****/easy
20 Nov 2008
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Get The free Resource to create animated fire flames. You can use a free tool such as Gimp and can be downloaded for free.
8 Aug 2008
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this is an awesome video editor i found called gimp please click link to go to webstite
27 Apr 2009
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