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At Pick A Puppy, our site goal is to provide the public with a wide selection of quality purebred and hybrid puppies to fit your lifestyle. Our trained staff of knowledgeable dog trainers, breeders, and groomers with combined decades of experience with dogs are available to answer your questions and discuss different breeds with you to allow you the opportunity to choose the right breeder, the right breed, and the right puppy to become a part of your family! Pick A Puppy provides ongoing support to both breeders and puppy purchasers to ensure that your experience with Pick A Puppy is a happy experience.
Picking a Wafer pin lock.
11 Jan 2008
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Picking warded locks with warded pick tools.
11 Jan 2008
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Using real spring steel shims to pick combo locks and padlocks.
11 Jan 2008
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Sure, the regular season is over, but that doesn't mean PIMP (Protrade's Intelligent Mathematical Prediction system) stops spouting its gambling recommendations. On the heels of going 2-1 against the spread on Wild Card Weekend, our betting model has a number of opinions about the Divisional Playoff matchups, and Lucas Ruprecht and Mark Kamal are here to break them down for you. It's world-class betting advice, given to you for free -- only on "PROTRADE Picks"
12 Jan 2008
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Here is a video of me picking a security padlock with a hairclip and tension tool. The Brockhage BPG-10 pick gun couldn't manage this lock so I had to do it manually but as you can see it didn't take long. Sorry for it not being very clear, the lighting wasn't the best. All tools purchased from UKBumpKeys.
13 Jan 2008
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Theres this pick, and its made out of clay. www.rawsdesk***.nr Song: Beezle Boss: Tenacious D Canon Rock: Jerry C
15 Jan 2008
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Multiple demonstrations of simple raking and picking of a brand spanking new 'high security' Master padlock. With explanations of the terrible marketing language they use.
16 Jan 2008
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Clear guitar picks from old/damaged CDs with minimal supplies. Make clear glass like guitar picks that still have the reflective properties of a CD (original music)
25 Jun 2009
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I pick a lock using simple homemade tools. I will be making vidoes showing how to make the tools in the future. Use only for Locks you have lost the keys too!
29 Jan 2008
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This is a video on how to pick a nice lock very SIMPLY !!
30 Jan 2008
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how to make the lock pick as shown in my other video in less then a minute with no prior tools or knowledge _for beginners
1 Feb 2008
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this is a video showing how easy it is to pick a heavy duty master lock
25 Mar 2008
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