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This girl was there for supporting her in pain while piercing her belly button. But awkwardly the wrong girl passed out by seeing it and its fun to watch.
28 Jun 2017
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Söker du efter Frisör eller Hudvård? Kontakta då Klippotek1 på 08-710 19 00 / 08-710 28 00, eller kom förbi oss på Gröndalsvägen 42 i Stockholm. Här sätter vi dig som kund i fokus! Vi välkomnar alla unga, äldre, kvinnor, män, den trendiga, medvetna eller klassiska med god service och vår goda kompetens. Vi vill hjälpa dig att uppnå dina hårvisioner. Vi gör även ögonfranspermanent. Välkomna!
3 Jul 2017
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7 Jul 2017
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24 Jul 2017
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getting it pierced. it hurt ;[
14 Jan 2007
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Pierce pencils through a bag of water without spilling a drop. No gimmicks or special tools required!
20 Jan 2007
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a lip piercing process... not in the shop.
24 Jun 2007
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Stephen Pierce explains the secret left out of "The Secret" and how you can use this brain entrainment program to help you accelerate the Law of Attraction.
31 Jul 2007
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See some cool tattoos and Body Piercings!
1 Aug 2007
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In this new episode, Internet Marketing Wizard Stephen Pierce talks about how he went from being homeless broke and shot to becoming a millionare *******www.InternetMarketingWizards****
2 Nov 2007
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*******www.InternetMarketingWizards**** In this new episode, discover how Stephen Pierce deals with struggle and how you can use benefit from it in your own business...
7 Nov 2007
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Often, as a new Internet Marketer, you have to work alone for many months before you start getting any real results. And this can often be very disheartening and frustrating. In today's episode, Stephen Pierce shares why he thinks support is so important for Internet Marketers. *******www.InternetMarketingWizards****
16 Nov 2007
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