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What can be more American than baseball, hot dogs and apple pie? Check out Louisville's take on the American classics as it gears up for the Triple-A All-Star baseball game and a great new baseball exhibit at Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory. Dining at Kaelins, the home of the cheeseburger, and Homemade Pie and Ice Cream Kitchen.
13 Nov 2008
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To read along go to When we say "the big bang is an illusion", what do we mean by that? Rob speaks about the Nobel prize in physics, antimatter and where our universe comes from.
19 Nov 2008
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La pie bavarde (Pica pica), est l'un des grands corvidés les plus connus. Elle peut aisément être identifiée grâce à sa morphologie et à son plumage noir et blanc caractéristique. Elle est aussi connue sous le nom d'ageasse (dialecte poitevin) ou ajaça (occitan limousin) dans le sud-ouest de la France, ou encore d'agace (agaça) en Provence. De grande taille et dotée d'une longue queue, le mâle étant légèrement plus grand que la femelle, la pie bavarde arbore un plumage noir sur le dessus du corps, au niveau de la tête, de la poitrine et de la partie sous-caudale, et blanc au niveau du ventre, des flancs, des mains et à la base des ailes. Le plumage noir montre des reflets métallisés, bleuâtres sur les ailes, violacés sur le corps et la tête, et verdâtre sur la queue. La pie jacasse. La pie bavarde a une longévité moyenne de 16 ans.
15 Aug 2009
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Thanksgiving isn't complete without pies. Find out about pumpkin, apple, and sweet potato pies on this lesson of Grocery School.
21 Nov 2008
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We thought lattice pie crusts required engineering or geometry skills, but it turns out all you really need is a ruler and nerves of steel 'til you get hang of it. Lauren Chattman from Pillsbury shows us the secret of how to make a gorgeous lattice top pie crust.
27 Nov 2008
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Chef Billy Parisi helps Erica from Elgin, Illinois in this video get her blueberry pie on point. If you have a recipe you think needs a "fix" then email it to or simply visit to submit your information and it just might be the next "Featured Fix of the Day."
24 Nov 2009
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7:12 - Ann and I love apple pie... So when we came across this raw food recipe for raw apple pie, we were psyched. A recipe like this makes me wonder why people cook some of their food at all. This is just so good raw, there's no need to heating! We also have two special guests at the end of the show... you'll have to watch to find out who they are...
26 Nov 2008
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9:57 Only The Why Guys would celebrate Thanksgiving with an eating derby. Pot Pies was their dish of choice, but be sure to watch until the end to see who couldn't keep them all down. happy thanksgiving! comment on the video here
27 Nov 2008
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Learn how to cook a traditional but easy-to-make Thanksgiving blackberry pie, just like Columbus and Geronimo made! Ingredients: Blackberries (handpicked only) - 4 cups Baker's Sugar - 1 cup Corn Starch - 1/3 cup Cinnamon - A few shakes' worth Butter - 1/2 stick (4 tbsp) Pie Crust Simple Directions: Preheat oven to 425 Fahrenheit. Mix blackberries, sugar, corn starch, and cinnamon. Place mixture into pie crust. Bake for 30 minutes. Let cool for 45 minutes. Eat. Twitter (follow me): (be my friend):
29 Nov 2009
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Watch Chef Billy Parisi "fix" some key lime pie for Pat, from Middleton, Tennessee. If you have a recipe you feel needs some "fixing" please feel free to submit it via or email it directly to and it just might be the next featured "Fix of the Day."
29 Nov 2008
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National Bavarian Cream Pie Day Yeah, it's a little late, but there's always room for Bavarian Cream Pie, Queen, and Thanksgiving.
30 Nov 2008
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6:01 Apple Crumb Pie Recipe by Manjula Please visit the above website for detailed recipe and step by step method. Thank You!
1 Jun 2009
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Pies Lockport Furniture Galleries
3 Dec 2008
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Joro Lubimica-Pie mi se
7 Dec 2008
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Stupid White Kids enjoying terracotta pie
23 Apr 2009
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Watch Chef Billy Parisi "fix" some lemon meringue pie on If you have a recipe you feel needs some "fixing" simply visit or email it to
23 Apr 2009
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