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Pilates Fitness Boot Camp combines the body changing exercises of Pilates and our secret spring loaded floor technology to burn double the calories.
9 Feb 2009
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From breathing to toning and cardio exercises, enjoy a variety of clips from the Gaiam Pilates DVD collection. Learn more at *******www.gaiam****/category/media-library/
2 Feb 2009
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Please visit www.PilatesOnFifth**** (for more info), www.Shop.PilatesOnFifth**** (for store) and www.UltimatePilatesWorkouts**** (for more videos). The Tree-zer is a variation of the original Pilates mat exercise Teaser and the original Pilates reformer exercise the Tree. You’ll strengthen and tone the abdominal muscles, increase flexibility and lengthen the muscles of the back. Enjoy!
11 Feb 2009
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Please visit *******www.PilatesOnFifth**** (for more info), *******www.UltimatePilatesWorkouts**** (for more videos) and *******www.Shop.PilatesOnFifth**** (for store). Teaser Roll is a challenging variation on the original Pilates exercises Teaser, Side Leg Lift Series and Swimming. This exercise requires tremendous core strength, balance, control and targets the muscles of the abdomen and the back. Energizing the legs as well will help you perform this exercise.
1 Apr 2009
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******* Antena 3 Directo, venta de productos para fitness como: Pilates, Power Gym Pilates, máquinas de pilates. *******
7 Apr 2009
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Please visit *******www.PilatesOnFifth**** (for more info), *******www.UltimatePilatesWorkouts**** (for more videos) and *******www.Shop.PilatesOnFifth**** (for store). Double Leg Stretch with Obliques is a variation on the original Pilates exercise Double Leg Stretch. By adding rotation into the classical Pilates exercise, you can target the obliques more and shrink your waist! This is our 100th podcast, so thanks for watching everyone!!
8 Apr 2009
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We help you to create body awareness and develop a more streamlined shape. Flexible venues in Central, Wanchai, Pokfulam, Mid-Levels. Pilates focuses on improving posture through strengthening your core muscles - abdominals, pelvic floor etc. See Pilates Studio Hong Kong www.rhplus-studio**** for Inquiry ! The Leading Pilates Community in Hong Kong ! From the beginning RH+STUDIO : Pilates Mat Classes by Ruth : was a runway success that caught on through enthusiastic, word-of-mouth recommendation and since then it has consistently been one of the leading, most popular and busiest pilates community in Hong Kong!
10 Apr 2009
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Please visit *******www.PilatesOnFifth**** (for more info), *******www.UltimatePilatesWorkouts**** (for more videos) and *******www.Shop.PilatesOnFifth**** (for store). Yawning Cat is a variation of the Cat Stretch, part of a great warm-up for any Pilates class. The Yawning Cat adds rotation of the spine to increase flexibility and stretch the muscles of the chest and back. Be sure to keep the abs engaged to prevent the back from arching!
15 Apr 2009
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Follow Pilates instructor Kristin McGee as she leads a Pilates sequence for beginners. From the DVD, "Pilates for Beginners" now available at acaciacatalog****!
23 Apr 2009
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Knee Sways are a great warm-up exercise for any original Pilates, classical Pilates or contemporary Pilates workout. This exercise tones the abdominal muscles — especially the obliques — and challenges stability of the spine in rotation. Make to only lower the legs as far as stability can be maintained! Please visit *******www.PilatesOnFifth**** (for more info), *******www.UltimatePilatesWorkouts**** (for more videos) and *******www.Shop.PilatesOnFifth**** (for store).
12 May 2009
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Pilates Exercise (spine stretch forward) spanish instructions. Ejercicio de pilates para estirar la columna y fortalecer el abdomen.
5 May 2009
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Marching is a derivation of the original Pilates exercise Single Leg Stretch with more of a focus on hip extension of the outstretched leg while maintaining an imprinted position. Marching tones the abdominal muscles, strengthens the hip extensors and flattens the abs! Please visit *******www.PilatesOnFifth**** (for more info), *******www.UltimatePilatesWorkouts**** (for more videos) and *******www.Shop.PilatesOnFifth**** (for store).
8 May 2009
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Kick Back with Band simulates original Pilates exercises on the reformer with its use of tension to work the gluteus maximus and the hamstrings. Be sure to keep the abs pulled in to support the lower back and flatten the abdominal muscles. Please visit *******www.PilatesOnFifth**** (for more info), *******www.UltimatePilatesWorkouts**** (for more videos) and *******www.Shop.PilatesOnFifth**** (for store)
12 May 2009
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This challenging version of the original Pilates exercise One Leg Circle targets the core and increases strength and flexibility of the hamstrings. Be sure to modify your range of motion as necessary to maintain control given the instability the ball adds! Please visit *******www.PilatesOnFifth**** (for more info), *******www.UltimatePilatesWorkouts**** (for more videos) and *******www.Shop.PilatesOnFifth**** (for store).
19 May 2009
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Marching on the Stability Ball is an excellent warm-up exercise for any classical Pilates, original Pilates or contemporary Pilates routine. The instability of the ball helps activate the core and is far more challenging then it looks! Perform this exercise very slowly for maximum effect: fast marches are much easier! Please visit *******www.PilatesOnFifth**** (for more info), *******www.UltimatePilatesWorkouts**** (for more videos) and *******www.Shop.PilatesOnFifth**** (for store).
28 May 2009
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Jesus before Pontious Pilate.... All Voice Overs Jesus, Pilate and Head Priest by Rajesh Vedprakash
29 May 2009
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