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Misting and fanning is an important process during fruiting cycle because it causes evaporation which induces the mycelium to start pinning. Once pins form you need to be careful not to over mist or they will abort by turning black and dying. Once a cap is formed the mushrooms will be more stable and wont abort. By using a misting bottle filled with distilled or spring water you want to spray a fine mist over the substrate and onto the mushroom caps until you see a glistening on them. Make sure not to over saturate while doing this or the mushrooms will get rotten. If there is excess mist just use a fan to evaporate the moisture from the caps. After misting you want to fan using a lid from a storage container and fan them for 90 seconds or until you see no glistening. If you use a powered fan only do it for 10 seconds or the substrate will become to dry which will defeat the purpose of the misting. After you do that mist the sides of the chamber and the lid. You want to mist 4 times in 24 hour period and fan 6 - 8 times over a 24 hour period. This will help the mushrooms growth process. Think of nature when in the morning there is dew inn the air and a slight breeze blows by. That is what you want to replicate.
25 May 2018
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A child swallowing a foreign object is something we face day in and day out. Please take this message from us. We see children who have swallowed safety pins, button batteries, nails, screws, tiny hair clips, small toys, even a ring on the child's finger. Kindly do not allow small objects like these within the reach of small children. Do not allow small children to play with coins and make sure the button battery of a toy cannot be removed by the child (securely closed). What to do in case the child swallows something? First, stop feeding the child. We may need to remove the object using the endoscope. Endoscopy can be done only if the child has not had any food for at least 4 hours. So do not feed the child anything else. We will do X-ray to check where the object is, based on which we will decide whether to remove it. After checking these we will advise whether food can be given. Generally, sharp objects like an open pin are dangerous and can cause damage. Button batteries could act like magnets and cause holes in the stomach or intestine. Prevention is the best. VGM team wanted to spread this short message to all parents. This is a small baby who had swallowed button batteries, which we removed endoscopically recently.
26 May 2018
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CNC fully hydraulic close die forging hammer is with multi-function technology. 1. Slowly up and down function, for change the forging die. 2. Safety pin or safety support, improve the safety of changing molds. 3. Special tools to remove the hammer rod from the tup. 4. Automatic reject device, great help to improve the efficiency of closed die forging works. 5. After the mold is changed, CNC hydraulic close die forging hammer can do some lightweight blow to fasten the mold. 6. Automatic spraying graphite system, avoid the occurrence of sticking. Anyang Forging Press Company experience in providing the whole automatic forging line and single forging machine, like CNC hydraulic closed die forging hammer, electric screw press, open die forging hammer, hot forging press etc. Welcome to Team Anyang Forging Press
29 May 2018
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30 May 2018
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Content: • A newly hired contractor signs in by answering security questions based on PII data (driver's license, mother's maiden name, date of birth, etc.). • A random PIN may also be sent to the user's phone or personal e-mail address. • Once authenticated, the user must complete a profile of security questions / answers. • The user resets his own password -- there was never a known, shared password value. • The user may be asked to review and accept policy documents at first login. Key concepts: • Eliminate the need for predictable initial password. • Capture security questions at first login. • Get new users to read and accept policy documents.
31 May 2018
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Content: • A user has forgotten the PIN for his RSA SecurID token. • Using self-service, he can choose a new PIN. Key concepts: • Token PIN reset is more commonly accessed via telephone, since tokens are often used to establish a VPN connection. • Other self-service options include issuing emergency access codes and disabling the token (e.g., if it was lost).
31 May 2018
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Manufacturers, Exporters & Suppliers of Laparoscopic Cable in India. We offer Laparoscopy 2-Pin Cable, Laparoscopic Martin Cables, Hospital Laparoscopy L&T Cables and Cables for Laparoscopy Equipment.
15 Jun 2018
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Die disengagement pins Side margin control Wire holder Foot pedal operated Diameter scale Waste drawer Wire closer control For more details call us at +1-800-268-6577 / +1-416-752-4488
21 Jun 2018
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A great magic with a Safety Pin.
28 Sep 2006
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how to float a steel single/double stapler pin on water using surface tension
14 Nov 2006
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Do you believe that you can put 1,000 pins in a full glass of water? Check this simple but tricky experiment about surface tension. Go to *******mezonbiz**** for more great videos!
28 Dec 2006
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Diet Coke and Mentos put together and poking a hole in it with a pin equals this awesome video.
9 Jan 2007
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