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powerful playing, excellent musicality - a dramatic and emotional: Master piece from the Chinese traditional pipa (中国琵琶)repertoire called "The Ambush from all sides"(十面埋伏), performed by virtuoso soloist Liu Fang (劉芳)during a solo recital in the Pierre-Mercurre Hall of the Centre Pierre-Peladeau, on March 27, 2002, in Montreal, recorded by Mr. Zhou Fan of Montreal Multi-cultural TV, Chinese chanel. With its highly virtuoso programmatic effects and tremendous power, this piece is regarded as the most representative of the "martial repertoire" of classical pipa solo. It describes the glorious victory of Liu Bang over Xiang Yu in 202 BC, the same theme as "The King doffs his Armour", however, from a totally different view point. There is no information about the composer, but some researches indicate that this piece might be dated back as early as the Chinese Tang Dynasty (618-917AD). sur la musique: Cette pièce très ancienne, considérée comme emblématique de la musique du répertoire martial wu pour pipa, décrit la victoire de larmée Han de Liu Bang sur Xiang Yu en 202 avant J-C. Il sagit de lépisode historique qui fait suite à la pièce épique Bawang xiejia « Le Roi de Chu se défait de son armure » : on assiste maintenant à laffrontement des deux armées et à la bataille. Le pipa, ici dans son rôle dinstrument daccompagnement dun récit épique, évoque, par des accords et bruitages particuliers, le heurt des épées, le choc des cuirasses, la mêlée des chevaux, les cris et clameurs des combattants, etc. Linterprétation exige une grande virtuosité et une maîtrise des techniques de jeu liées à ce répertoire épique, plein deffets sonores spéciaux. 中國傳統音樂: 經典琵琶獨奏曲傳統古曲《十面埋伏》。 琵琶演奏家劉芳獨奏音樂會現場錄像 (中国琵琶奏者 劉芳)。
18 May 2010
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El mítico rumbero Peret es el protagonista de la nueva campaña de lanzamiento de Matupipas y nos sorprende con una canción que viene a alegrarnos el día: La pipa hechicera.
9 Jun 2010
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El mítico rumbero Peret es el protagonista de la nueva campaña de lanzamiento de Matupipas y nos sorprende con una canción que viene a alegrarnos el día: La pipa hechicera.
10 Jun 2010
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How to tie the Pipa Knot by JD of Tying It All Together
10 Dec 2010
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I pipa tis eirinis by Mihalis Emirlis
8 Mar 2011
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Como fazer pipas... Com a Equipe Art Céu!!! Acesse: www.pipascuritiba**** / www.artceu**** e veja fotos de festivais e campeonatos de pipas, oficinas de pipas, jogos online e muito mais...
29 Nov 2011
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I PIPA TIS EIRINIS - MIXALIS EMIRLIS Thank you for the 500000 views
22 Dec 2011
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SOPA and PIPA are two examples of recent legislation that is lethal to the internet as we know it. The internet rose up and is on its way to successfully fighting them off, but we need to stay vigilant. The only way to prevent legislation like this from being passed in the future is to call your Congressmen and tell them. Make it clear that you don't support SOPA, you don't support PIPA, and that you won't support future legislation that damages the stability of the internet. For more information, visit: *******www.SeattleAgainstSOPA**** ******* *******stopcensorship****/ Follow Us on Twitter: Forest Gibson: ForestGibson Zachary Cohn: ZacharyCohn Ben Huh: benhuh Rob Whitehead RobCWhitehead Alexander JL Theoharis: Satire David Zimmermann: davidzimm Molly McIsaac MollyMcIsaac Gabe Conroy: Gabrobot Lyrics: A long, long time ago On the world's largest network of interconnected computers, Those lolcats used to make me laugh. And I knew I could make a joke And not be sued by nasty folk On the RIAA's behalf Then along came SOPA/PIPA The internet's very own grim reaper users could not edit Ars Technica and Reddit Tumblr, Gawker, Hacker News, and Something Awful sang the blues, Every login was refused, The day the lolcats died Why, why are laws a thing you can buy? They got paid off, should be laid off, re-election denied Our web means more than lawyers, lobbies and lies So speak up before the internet dies Speak up before the internet dies Can you write a decent law Do you care 'bout copyright at all? Or just winning back your seat Content will begin to ebb You'll watch the slow death of the web You'll be left with nothing more to tweet Well, I know it's looking pretty grim Cuz' they'll tear our culture limb from limb There's too much damn support Oh this law we must abort Oh-oh we can't let lobbies run amok With our series of tubes and that big dump truck I know some folks who oughta give a fuck The day the lolcats die I hear you singin', Why, why are laws a thing you can buy? They got paid off, should be laid off, re-election denied Our web means more than lawyers, lobbies and lies So speak up before the internet dies Speak up before the internet dies
23 Jan 2012
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Info: *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Stop_Online_Piracy_Act *******money.cnn****/2012/01/17/technology/sopa_explained/?iid=HP_Highlight&hpt=us_c1 *******www.pcworld****/article/248298/sopa_and_pipa_just_the_facts.html Petitions: ********donate.mozilla****/page/s/sopa-pipa-petition ************/landing/takeaction/ *******americancensorship****/ *******blacklists.eff****/
6 Feb 2012
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What SOPA and PIPA are at face value and what they could end up enabling
20 Jun 2012
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The World Bank is warning of a global economic slowdown, popular internet sites have shut down in protest of anti piracy bills SOPA and PIPA, and the White House went into lockdown after an apparent smoke bomb flew over the fence. Ashley Morrison reports.
28 Aug 2012
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Pipas com cerol é igual a casamento que dá errado... É perigoso e um sempre se ferra mais! Molecada de Araras-SP ================= A pipa, also known in Brazil as "cafifa", "papagaio", "quadrado", "piposa", "pandorga", "arraia" or "pepeta" is a toy that flies established in the opposition enters the force of the wind and of the insured rope for the operator. She is composed of a structure armed that supports a paper plan that has the wing function, supporting the toy. As the model can count on one "rabiola", that one is tail imprisoned in the inferior part to provide paper or fine plastic ribbon stability, generally done, or same of cloth, moored to a line. He is one of the toys more used by children, adolescents and until adults. In the maiorias of the times, it does not have an appropriate place for the practical one of this trick. The "pipeiros", as are called, finish playing in way wires high-voltage in streets and avenues. Many "pipeiros" wet the line of the pipe with cerol, a resultant substance of the glue mixture and glass, with intention to cut the line of other operators, in a type of dispute. Such practical finishes provoking accidents with the proper pipeiros and other people as, for example, motorcyclists who have its necks cut when being reached by the line. ============ Uma pipa, também conhecido no Brasil como cafifa, papagaio, quadrado, piposa, pandorga, arraia ou pepeta é um brinquedo que voa baseado na oposição entre a força do vento e a da corda segurada pelo operador. É composta de uma estrutura armada que suporta um plano de papel que tem a função de asa, sustentando o brinquedo. Conforme o modelo pode contar com uma rabiola, que é um adereço preso na parte inferior para proporcionar estabilidade, geralmente feitas de fitas plásticas finas ou de papel, ou mesmo de pano, amarradas a uma linha. É um dos brinquedos mais utilizados por crianças, adolescentes e até adultos. Na maiorias das vezes, não há um local apropriado para a prática desta brincadeira. Os pipeiros, como são chamados, acabam brincando em meio a fios de alta tensão em ruas e avenidas. Muitos pipeiros molham a linha da pipa com cerol, uma substância resultante da mistura de cola e vidro, com o intuito de cortar a linha de outros operadores, em um tipo de disputa. Tal prática acaba provocando acidentes com os próprios pipeiros e com outras pessoas como, por exemplo, motoqueiros que tem seus pescoços cortados ao serem atingidos pela linha. ft: *******pt.wikipedia****/wiki/Pipa_(brinquedo)
19 Sep 2012
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Doki Descobre - Pipa (em português)
29 Sep 2013
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pipa feito em comemoraçao ao titulo da libertadores e aos 102 anos do corinthians agradecer ao Victor São Paulino e ao Rodolfo Palmeirense pela ajuda valeu
19 Jul 2014
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The popular Pipa solo piece 陽春白雪 (White Snow in the Spring Sunlight can be dated back to the early Ming dynasty (14th century a.d.). The cheerful, vibrant composition portrays a vivid scene in early spring, when the first green and flowers appear after a long cold winter. The snow covers and protects the plants and raises hopes for rich harvests in the coming year. About the artist: Zhang Jingyu, born in Beijing, began playing the pipa at the young age of four. Due to her extraordinary talent, she received lessons from three of Chinas most renowned pipa masters: Li Guanghua, Zhang Qiang and Wu Yuxia. Through her parallel studies of pipa and voice, she developed her gifts as a versatile and virtuosic interpreter of Chinese music. In June of 2000, Mrs. Zhang gave her first solo pipa and vocal concert in Beijing. Since arriving in Germany, she has enchanted over 100 audiences in numerous cities: Berlin, Strasbourg, Munich, Hamburg and Leipzig, just to name a few. She has given solo concerts for the German Chancellor, the Vice-President of China, the German Ambassador to China and other prominent guests. Her listeners enjoy her virtuosic performance on the pipa and are fascinated by the sounds of traditional Chinese music. More information at: ******* Das beliebte fröhliche Pipa- Solostück 陽春白雪 (Weißer Schnee im sonnigen Frühling) geht auf die Ming-Dynastie (14.Jh.n.Chr.) zurück. Es stellt mit fließender Melodie und flottem Rhythmus die Lebendigkeit des Frühlings dar. Der weiße Schnee schützt die Pflanzen wie eine Decke und lässt auf gute Ernten hoffen. Zhang Jingyu, geboren in Peking, begann schon als vierjähriges Mädchen, das traditionelle Instrument Pipa zu erlernen. Aufgrund ihres außergewöhnlichen musikalischen Talents wurde sie in der Folge von drei der bekanntesten Pipa-Meistern in China, Prof. Li Guanghua, Prof. Zhang Qiang sowie Prof. Wu Yuxia, unterrichtet und entwickelte sich durch ihr Gesangsstudium zu einer erstklassigen und vielfältigen Interpretin der chinesischen Musik. Im Jahre 2001 kam sie für ihr Studium nach Deutschland und hat seitdem in Berlin, München, Hamburg, Straßburg, Koblenz, Leipzig, Dortmund und vielen weiteren Städten über hundert Konzerte gegeben, darunter Solo- Auftritte für Bundeskanzler Gerhard Schröder, den Vizepräsidenten der Volksrepublik China, Herrn Xi Jinping, die chinesische Botschaft in Berlin, den Deutschen Botschafter in China, Herrn Dr. Schäfer, die Frau des Bundespräsidenten, Frau Rau, und andere prominente Gäste. Ihr ausdrucksstarkes Spiel besticht durch ihre freie Fingerfertigkeit und ihre Leidenschaft, die sich auf das Publikum überträgt und die Seele berührt. Weitere Informationen unter: *******
12 Aug 2014
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by Kotto
30 Jan 2009
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