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Just a guy trying to be dank while escaping YouTube before it dies
I teach you How To Index and Insert a Sprite into Pokemon Fire Red Rom. Indexing a sprite is very important. You may have to tweek the tutorial a bit, depending. *******www.laytproducts.x10hosting****
10 Mar 2010
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Well, this is my first recorded battle with my ice team. * I think they did pretty good * I'm battling again on the marriland forums...because they have a lot of active trainers !! * Some people never log out...they live for wifi pkmn battle, I guess * I'm defiantly going to switch around some of the held items, before my next wifi battle ^_^ !!
11 Dec 2007
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well, this was a great battle ^_^!! the challenger had a solid offence at the beginning...but i really had to work hard after my first two pkmn got knocked-out * after playing with this team a second time...i really like it * maybe i'll record more battles with this team -_-'
11 Dec 2007
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* sure took me a while to upload another video... * most of my videos over the winter break got delete off of my USB once i got my web cam and wifi set up i got back to battling!! * anyhow, alot of people have been asking me to upload a singles pkmn battle video * well here is one of my teams in a wifi single pkmn battle ^_^ !!
16 Feb 2008
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this was the coolest battle i've had in a while i got to test out my flying pkmn team against a good trainer even though i had the type advantage for most of the battle...he made me work for it!! anyhow, i'll have to use this team a few more times to get the hang of them
2 Mar 2008
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Well this was an OK battle... it was so weird going upstairs VS down as you can tell, this was my first time using this team in singles pkmn battle my opponent's berry strategy worried me at the beginning, but I somehow pulled through he has a very nice arcanine...quite loyal
13 Apr 2008
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my 1st pkmn battle video!! my friend let me use their web-cam to record this battle...and use their editing software ^_^!! * thanks friend *
31 Aug 2008
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well this is my third attempt at recording and editing one of my wifi pkmn battles... * i got some nice music this time * oh, and camerupt is " burning gundam " in this video ^_^
31 Aug 2008
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well...i used one of my new teams i've been working on for a while * i did very well in this wifi battle, for obvious reasons * this is a nice, quick, and straight to the point battle ^_^ * enjoy *
2 Nov 2007
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this is bad. i dont have a webcam or vid camera so i cant do it and narrate so sorry...T.T
19 Aug 2008
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well this is my second recorded battle... * finally getting the hang of this editing software * the challenger did great!!
31 Aug 2008
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TRAINER SPOTLIGHT !!! in game name: Chris friend code: 2277 7993 0165 location: *******www.pokemonelite2000**** forum name: Solohell ---------------------------------------- ----------------------------- well...after doing some updates on my computer * and setting up my Nintendo Wi-Fi * i decided to do a test battle with a team i made this summer...ONLINE !! i went to "pokemonelite2000****" and posted a wifi challenge * and i sure got one -_-" *
9 Feb 2009
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el principio de mi investigacion sobre el fantasma de la mansion vetusta
16 Sep 2007
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Salut les chtis, voici une des chansons de Pokemon du Jukebox de Pikachu (version française). Auron, maître du monde!!! Vous le découvrirez bientôt, mais il sera trop tard.... Hello, Here is Pokemon Jukebox Pikachu's songs ( French version). Auron, master of the world!!! You will soon discover it, but he will be too late...
17 Mar 2010
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