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While NASA and many in the scientific community keep quiet about the existence of Nibiru, the truth has been subtly hinted at for centuries, and today all the signs of Planet X coming to wreak havoc are out there... Be prepared!
5 Apr 2017
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Planet Terbalik
14 Apr 2017
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Le cinéma est un art du spectacle. En français, il est couramment désigné comme le « septième art », d'après l'expression du critique Ricciotto Canudo dans les années 1920. L’art cinématographique se caractérise par le spectacle proposé au public sous la forme d’un film, c’est-à-dire d’un récit (fictionnel ou documentaire), véhiculé par un support (pellicule souple, bande magnétique, contenant numérique) qui est enregistré puis lu par un mécanisme continu ou intermittent qui crée l’illusion d’images en mouvement, ou par un enregistrement et une lecture continus de données informatiques. La communication au public du spectacle enregistré, qui se différencie ainsi du spectacle vivant, se fait à l’origine par l’éclairement à travers le support, le passage de la lumière par un jeu de miroirs ou/et des lentilles optiques, et la projection de ce faisceau lumineux sur un écran transparent (Émile Reynaud, Thomas Edison) ou opaque (frères Lumière), ou la diffusion du signal numérique sur un écran plasma ou à led. Film en Français Un autre film complète Bandes Annonces en Français Bandes Annonces Un sac de billes Complet pour jeune Action Fantastique Drame comedie Drame Histoire Vraie Crime Crime Story Google YouTube MetaCaFe DailyMotion #FilmenFrançais #Unautrefilmcomplète #BandesAnnoncesenFrançais #BandesAnnonces #Unsacdebilles #Completpourjeune #Action #Fantastique #Dramecomedie #DrameHistoireVraie #Crime #CrimeStory #Google #YouTube #MetaCaFe #DailyMotion La Planete des Singes 3 - Suprematie - BANDE ANNONCE VF - Film en Français 2017
26 Apr 2017
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monster ,zer,godzilla mothra trys to stop a trecherous alien.
25 Apr 2017
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The 18 second sequence opens with a shot of a futuristic city (New York?) with a dark figure (Doc Ock/Carnage?!?!) engulfed in an energy force on top of a building. The screen reads: Get Ready. The shot shifts to a space shuttle leaving the orbit of a planet/star (possible Carnage/Venom reference?). Then, Doc Ock's mechanical claws can be seen poking through smoke. And, finally - the big reveal. Spider-Man 2099, aka Miguel O'Hara is seen in full superhero costume walking away from a volatile energy core, which explodes (suit looks freakin awesome!!!). The Spider-Man 2099 logo is revealed, and fades out.
30 Mar 2017
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eBackpage is an alternative to backpage gives the better chances to meet more visitors, purchaser and can upgrade the deals and promoting business. Our website allows its users with the system of free access from any a part of the planet.
6 Apr 2017
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8 Apr 2017
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The Master and Terminator of the Universe is back to claim His everlasting Throne on Planet Earth last days have come on earth and all evil will be exterminated.
8 Apr 2017
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Project CARS 2 will be available Late 2017 on PS4, X1 and PC. Rallycross – one of the world’s most thrilling and action-packed motorsports, will come fully-loaded to Project CARS 2, featuring the quickest accelerating cars on earth while hurtling over 70-foot jumps and fighting side-by-side on dirt and asphalt tracks. Project CARS 2 is the next evolution in the award-winning racing series, featuring iconic cars under the most thrilling of conditions to deliver the “Ultimate Driver Journey” experience. Created by gamers, tested by world-class racing drivers, and the definitive choice of e-Sports pros – Project CARS 2 brings together the essence of motorsports racing in the most beautiful, authentically crafted, and technically advanced racing game on the planet. GamePlayByNadirNFS
13 Apr 2017
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The game is over for those who refuse to accept the King who claims his throne on planet earth !
21 Apr 2017
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Presently, everyone has a habit of using garbage disposals in homes as this is the exact method to keep our planet safe. As this type of dispositions is vital to us at the same time, it is necessary to keep proper care of them so that a problem should not get provoked.
26 Apr 2017
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10: Scorpion Venom The notorious scorpion roams the desert sands and is well known for its dangerous bite. Though There are close to 2,000 scorpion species each species has specialized venom to suit its environment. Not many people though know how lucrative the venom can be. At close to $10,000 per litre it is one of the most expensive liquids on the planet. This is due to the obvious dangers of acquiring the venom, the rarity of the specimens and the medical uses of parts of the venom. In fact, Some of the toxins are immunosuppressants which are chemicals that suppress the immune system. These can help in diseases where the immune system is not functioning as it should and in the right doses, Scorpion venom toxins can help treat diseases such as multiple sclerosis. Interestingly scorpions are not prone to using their venom and would much rather catch prey with their claws due to the difficulty in creating it. However They will use the venom to escape larger predators and various situations they cannot flee from. Though often painful, scorpion bites are rarely fatal and many antivenoms have been made for the various types of scorpions in the United States alone. 9: GHB Known scientifically as Gamma Hydroxybutyric Acid, and non-scientifically as the ´Date Rape drug, GHB is a very interesting drug. As a drug it is a depressant, and therefore dampens the central nervous system. At $660 per litre, legitimate uses for GHB include treatment for narcolepsy, alcoholism and cataplexy. It is used illegitimately and most famously as a drug that especially when mixed with alcohol can cause rapid intoxication and sedation. Side-effects can even include memory loss after use. The rapid intoxication effects are sometimes used by teenagers for a powerful high, and users describe it having a salty or soapy taste. 8: Mercury This amazing liquid metal is also known as quicksilver and before its toxicity became widely feared, it was used in many device
26 Apr 2017
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Lost Planet is a good action game. Check it out in gameplay action.
6 Jul 2006
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This is Goerge Bush's planet.
11 Oct 2006
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Best 3D Planet Screen Saver out there. with many features! Excellent quality, and sound
24 Dec 2006
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Learn in one minute how to make the best damn cheesecake on the planet.
23 Dec 2006
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