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The clip Plans for The Airport Part 2 from Airport (1970) with Burt Lancaster Mel, stop being so bullheaded. Think of the consequences. Don't talk to me about consequences. When Congress voted to cut airport appropriations, you never even sent in a letter of protest. Where were you when the airlines and the pilots... and the rest of us were pleading... for more airports and better traffic control? You were picking out the colors in the ladies lounge. So now you've got your consequences- congested air traffic where Sunday pilots hold up... airliners with thousands of people aboard... and force us to stack up planes bound for New York... as far away as Denver. When it comes to politics, you're a child. Two of our councilmen live in Meadowood. Think what they could do to us downtown! I'm thinking of those pilots upstairs waiting to land, flying blind in that muck... and circling in holding patterns and praying to God... that some tired, overworked, underpaid controller... in the tower... doesn't have another plane on the same course. You can call it pigheaded. Call it anything you want. As long as we're not below F. A. A. minimums, we're not closing down. All right, if that's the way you want it. I'm calling the other commissioners, and I'll let you know what our decision is... within an hour. That's your privilege. You hired me, and you've got the right to fire me, but until you do, this airport is staying open.
27 Nov 2011
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