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A photo montage of the many colors of the beautiful amaryllis plant. For more see: ***********/amaryllis_plant.html
2 Aug 2007
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By the Touch This Plant Moves, Closes and Folds his leaves when safe Plant Opens up again.. So cool and amazing
15 Aug 2007
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Plants is our life save it.
5 Sep 2007
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This is a amazing plant. Alive sensitive plant is moving~
7 Sep 2007
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My plant is crazy !
18 Sep 2007
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Guava Plant The name of this plant is Guava. This plant is one of the most useful plants here in . This plant also has fruit on it. People here in Pohnpei use this plant in some areas like for medicine, for food and working materials. The specific uses of these plants are it can curse some sickness. The sicknesses are like diherria and the leaves they use it for cleaning pregnant women. For diherria , you just have to pick four young leaves or the top and chew it. It will stop the diherria. These plant evens have skin or the bark also use for medicine. You can just get some of the Guava bark boil it with some water and when the water turns red you can drink it and that can help clean the inside of you and also your kidney. For this medicine, you also need to use the young leaves also.This plant is easy to find and you can find it even here in the campus. Almost all the parts of the tree, people can use. The specimen of this plant Guava, this plant has seeds and you can find the seeds in the fruit.
21 Sep 2007
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Cool video showing a fly captured by a venus fly trap. One of fly wing was torn off before the fly was placed on the plant. It shows the natural way of the plant trapping its prey.
26 Sep 2007
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Predatory plant preying..Must see it !
5 Nov 2007
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Plastic recycling plant For more information contact europackvsnl****
29 Sep 2007
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This is one of the harshest face plants I've ever seen.
4 Oct 2007
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Hydrophonics is the practice of growing plants in either a bath or flow of highly oxygenated, nutrient enriched water. With hydroponics, water is enriched with these very same nutrient salts, creating a hydroponic nutrient solution that is perfectly balanced. And since this hydroponic nutrient solution is contained, it does not harm our environment as does runoff from fertilized soil. Additionally, very little water is lost to evaporation in a hydroponic system, owing to its application in drought stricken areas. To support the plants in a hydroponic system, an inert soil-free medium like fiber, sand or stone, may be used to anchor the roots. These hydroponic mediums are designed to be very porous for excellent retention of air and water that's necessary for a healthy plant - roots need to breathe too! In addition to a perfectly balanced diet, hydroponic plants have their food and water delivered directly to their roots. This way, the energy normally used to develop long roots can be redirected to growing more plant, which is a great benefit indeed! With the proper exposure to natural sunlight or supplemental grow lights, your hydroponic plants .
5 Oct 2007
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Forgot to water my plant and when I came home from work it looked bad. So I gave it water and filmed for 1 hour and 33 minutes. This is what happened, all in 29 seconds.
5 Oct 2007
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