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Run Apple Mac os on windows platform using pearpc emulator.
5 Dec 2008
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*******www.stunmedia****/whois/michael-goldstein/ (social media expert)+(strategic creative) (Michael Goldstein) for Stun Media Michael_Goldstein (Michael Goldstein) (Michael)-(Goldstein) a Social Media Expert,(Michael_Goldstein) Michael Goldstein Chief Executive Officer & Strategic Creative (Michael Goldstein). Michael Goldstein heads up Stun Media in Los Angeles. An online conversation architect, Michael combines the technical resourcefulness of a geek, the creative instincts of a gallery owner, and the curiosity of an eternal film student to create proprietary social media platforms and niche social experiences. Michael’s responsibilities include leadership for the design team, concept creation and strategic consulting for highly engaging interactive experiences. A recognized Social Media Expert, Michael Goldstein knows how to monetize the social web. Michael’s deep understanding of digital content, user interface, and how audiences interact with it, is backed by more than 10 years of marketing and sales experience spanning new media, technology, entertainment and lifestyle verticals. (Michael Goldstein) (Michael)-(Goldstein)a Social Media Expert,(Michael_Goldstein)
28 Sep 2008
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******* Digital media company ON Networks will begin distributing outside content through its AllScreen Syndication Network, a decision that will open up its market, co-founder Jennifer Grogono says. ON Networks produces and distributes its own content to syndication platforms including iTunes, Adobe Media Player, Verizon, and TiVo. ON Networks will share revenue with the video content creators that use its syndication platform. The service can now deliver any advertising and content in high-definition to screens around the world through online, cable, mobile, gaming, podcasting, and satellite networks. Don Reisinger at TechCrunch reported on the deal this morning. Andy interviewed Grogono at the Omma Global conference in New York, where they were both panelists. In October, ON Networks will launch the first season of Saturday Night Live star Amy Poehler's new web series, "Smart Girls at the Party," which will feature Poehler interviewing young girls with unique talents and points of view. --Kelsey Blodget, Associate Producer
29 Sep 2008
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Ryan and Jamie discuss where the iPhone falls in terms of being a gaming platform, with Ryan calling it the best platform ever. Maybe. It's all in this episode of Root Access from
1 Oct 2008
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******* The new interactive video platform, which allows users to annotate video with links, pictures, and commentary, opened to the public yesterday.'s coverage of Friday's debate brings information from the web--like voting records, news, analysis, and quotes--to a screen adjacent to the streaming video. I interviewed founder Craig Boyce at the TechCrunch50 conference last month, and he showed me how the platform works. He also discussed the new kinds of video advertising opportunities the service makes possible.'s interactive coverage of the debates comes on the tail of a number of other interactive debate video players, like the one on politics.msnbc**** that I blogged about yesterday and the one on Current TV that I blogged about Friday. The company's press release can be viewed here. --Kelsey Blodget, Associate Producer
2 Oct 2008
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Entertainment updates over Priyanka Chopra's performance in Fashion, Network 18 provides a platform for student film-makers and much more. For more news and updates keep logging our website headlinesindia****
6 Oct 2008
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Brightcove, the Cambridge, Mass-based video services provider today announced the introduction of Brightcove 3, a new video publishing platform which has already been adopted by several big publishers including Showtime, Lifetime and FEARNet****. Jeremy Allaire, Brightcove Chairman and CEO, visited Beet.TV recently to demonstrate the new platform. For this interview, we have published the video in the new Brightcove 3 environment. Check out full screen to see how well the player works. It uses a new kind of dynamic delivery which adjusts the bitrate to the viewers' bandwidth. Brightcove 3 has enhanced workflow functionality, which is appealing to big publishers.We understand that some big publishers will announce using the platform over the next few days. The new solution provides a three-tier offering geared for small, medium and enterprise-sized customers. The three tiers offer different pricing schemes and publishing control tools. As Brightcove had been geared toward bigger publishers, the new lower-end service might appeal to many smaller companies and institutions for which is cheaper and easier to use, we are told. -- Andy Plesser, Executive Producer
15 Oct 2008
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G4TV - The Cobra Commander Platform
3 Feb 2009
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Greg Afarian of Zipvo on its video sharing platform for Realtors. Widgets, embeds and interface with the iPhone is also available. Distributed by Tubemogul.
23 Oct 2008
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President Who? President Lama! Vote for Penchant Lama for President on November 4. Why? His genius "Pay Per Pound" Platform addresses taxes, health care and the war in Iraq. Want to lose weight but can't find the motivation? Penchant's platform will surely motivate you! Video Web Series: President Lama's Hilarious Pay Per Pound Platform
26 Oct 2008
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The Williams X-Jet, created by Williams International, was a small, light-weight Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) system powered by a modified Williams F107 turbofan aircraft engine. It was designed to be operated by and carry one person and controlled by leaning in the direction of desired travel and adjusting the power. It could move in any direction, accelerate rapidly, hover, and rotate on its axis, staying aloft for up to 45 minutes and traveling at speeds up to 60 miles per hour (100 km/h). It was evaluated by the U.S. Army in the 1980s, and was deemed inferior to the capabilities of helicopters and small unmanned aircraft. Other VTOL systems developed by Williams International included a jet-powered flying belt developed in 1969, which was powered by a Williams WR19 fanjet, and the WASP (Williams Aerial Systems Platform) developed in the 1970s, which was powered by the more powerful WR19-9. This vehicle was nicknamed "The Flying Pulpit".
28 Oct 2008
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Tvinci specializes in assisting media companies, publishers and operators to manage, distribute, track and monetize video content over the web. We provide our customers with cutting edge technology for launching effective branded video sites in days, as well as tools for tracking their performance and consequently generating incremental revenues. Tvinci's internet TV platform powers the video websites of content owners like Orange, MTV Networks, MSN and other companies who look to create an engaging viewing experience for viewers on their websites and generate revenues from their content online. Learn more at: www.tvinci****
24 Nov 2010
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The Bear on bore platform, West Siberia Russia. The Animals did not damage, run away in wood.
13 Sep 2009
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Phil Davis introduces authors to The Author Platform's book promotion program.
10 Dec 2008
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*******apture**** A tour of the Apture platform. *******apture****
12 Dec 2008
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******* As video game publishers introduce more games for the iPhone, the device will become an increasingly used video game platform, says Libe Goad, editor-in-chief of AOL's PlaySavvy****, a popular guide/information portal about video games. While rudimentary games for the iPhone are popular, such as TapTap, more sophisticated games are coming to the iPhone soon, including the "Need for Speed" franchise. Might Apple's iPhone challenge Nintendo DS as a mobile game platorm? Libe says in this interview with Beet.TV that it could happen. She also says that gaming on Facebook is a big trend, notably with Playfish games. -- Andy Plesser, Executive Producer
30 Dec 2008
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