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The Gang checks in with College Caitlin and her Sylvia Plath carwash. Starring: Derek Miller, Dave Holmes and Jill Alexander - Directed by: Joseph B. Miller
22 Apr 2010
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( Morning Coffee with Mario Talk Show Series: South Africa denies the Dalai Lama entry, Warner Bros New On-Demand, Sylvia Plath's son commits suicide, and the Twitter phenomenon continues. (03-23-09) Part 1 FULL-LENGTH VERSION AVAILABLE
24 Mar 2009
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In her dazzling new novel—her first in more than a decade—Moore turns her eye on the anxiety and disconnection of post-9/11 America, on the insidiousness of racism, the blind-sidedness of war, and the recklessness thrust on others in the name of love. As the United States begins gearing up for war in the Middle East, twenty-year-old Tassie Keltjin comes to a university town as a college student, her brain on fire with Chaucer, Sylvia Plath, Simone de Beauvoir. As the year unfolds and she is drawn deeper into each of these lives, her own life back home becomes ever more alien to her: her parents are frailer; her brother, aimless and lost in high school, contemplates joining the military. Tassie finds herself becoming more and more the stranger she felt herself to be, and as life and love unravel dramatically, even shockingly, she is forever changed.
4 Sep 2009
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The poem is read by Sylvia herself.
26 Jun 2011
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8 Mar 2013
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Sylvia Plath
9 May 2013
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(..)Che miriade di filamenti. La folla sgranocchiante noccioline Si accalca per vedere Che mi sbendano mano e piede Il grande sporgliarello. Signori e signore, ecco qui Queste sono le mie mani, I miei ginocchi. Sarò anche pelle e ossa, Ma pure sono la stessa, identica donna(..) Sylvia Plath
16 Nov 2012
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The poet herself reads the poem
15 Nov 2010
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19 Jul 2011
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The clip arriving at the house from One True Thing (1998) That's mean. That's not funny. He just needed some space. Space named Linda. I'm sorry. Was that her name? Lori? I don't remember. Oh, you're so mean. Is that not her name? That... You're so mean. Don't get me wrong. I like him. Of course, it was, um, Jules, my best girlfriend... who, uh, came home with me to celebrate my father's birthday. Jordan, um, as usual, had something he had to do. Oh, this ought to be good. "Come as your favorite literary character. " I don't know why... my mom can't just throw a normal birthday party. Ellie, it's going to be perfectly fine. Thank you. Thanks. Hey! Whoo-hoo! Hi. Hi. Oh, good hat. Uh-huh. Really good hat. Really good everything. Thanks. What'd you guys come dressed as? The Sylvia Plath twins? Brian, you know I can't do costumes. Why? It's just so... Mom. Human? So what have you guys been up to? God! Ooh. Mm-hmm. It's writing and deadlines. Take me away. Okay. Oh, wait! Somebody just finished summer school, didn't he? Congratulations! Actually, I didn't finish. That's great! What? I, Brian Gulden... son of Mr. American Literature and the romantics, failed American Literature. You're serious? Yeah. Well, way to go. How did you do that? I blew the test, Ellen.
30 Nov 2011
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SYLVIA conta a história verdadeira de um relacionamento de paixão, porém trágico, entre os poetas Sylvia Plath e Ted Hughes, considerados dois dos melhores poetas do século XX. Começando com o namoro dos dois, ainda como estudantes em Cambridge, o filme segue seu curso até o casamento, passando por um misto de amargura, infidelidade e até violência - uma seqüência de eventos, que dentro de um período de apenas alguns meses produziu tanto as poesias surpreendentes que fariam Plath famosa, quanto seu profundo distúrbio mental, que a levaria à trágica morte, aos 30 anos, por suas próprias mãos.
23 Feb 2009
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(Empty description)
28 Jan 2009
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