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A random solo I made after playing Through the fire and flames on Guitar Hero 3:) hahahaha!
18 Dec 2008
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Available now for PC/Windows, Moonfall: Land of Dreams is an action adventure game played through dream-like worlds. In the town of Moonfall, dreams are being ruined by the evil known as Malus. The fate of this secluded society rests on one young farmer, who has the ability to control his dreams. This hero will meet Pixie, a helpful fairy who aids him in his journey. The adventure is broken up into chapters which can be replayed by entering a password. Each chapter is filled with plenty of Malus vile creatures. New weapons and items discovered along the way are used to defeat these creatures and progress to new chapters. The dream world features many platform puzzles and hidden traps. Moonfall: Land of Dreams is setup for keyboard controls, but also offers joypad support for a more classic-adventure feel. Download demo: homepage:
12 Jan 2009
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This Age of Conan Leveling Bot lets you automate your way from 1-80! This bot allows for completely unattended gameplay with advanced AI, Attack Customization, and Waypoint Files. Stop playing through all the same old zones - Bot your characters to 80 and skip the rest! The Age of Conan Leveling Bot Features: Intelligent AI Targeting Fights, Loots, Heals Fighting & Buffing Skill Setup Waypoint System Game GUI Game Monitoring Death Recovery Anti-Cheat Detection Prevention
7 Feb 2009
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We continue our discussion (from part2a) on intervals and play through the 3rd guitar part (bars 7-10) of the "Complete version" of the eBook. FREE TAB forget to sign up for the newsletter and download the Free eBook's and learn the Canon "note for note" along with us.
21 Apr 2011
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Has anyone seen this yet? For the past few years Cablevision and Optimum Online have been promoting their Optimum Triple Play through a series of commercials that use catchy tunes that are so clever I find myself singing them throughout the day. I sit at red lights singing 877-393-4448 or even 877-333-4009. Now they are running a promotion where we, the consumers, get to create an Optimum Triple Play Commercial that will possibly air on TV. I'm entering, look for me on a TV near you!
21 Apr 2009
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Without a doubt this Fridays game of the month is going to have to be Killzone 2. I just finished downloading the Killzone 2 demo about an hour ago and played through it a couple of times and I am impressed! All the hype for Killzone 2 was pointing in the direction of awesome, but I didn't believe it, until I played the demo. If you are going to preorder Killzone 2, here is the link: *******tinyurl****/KZ2pre-order Even though the demo is short, it gave us a good enough look at what Killzone 2 is going to have to offer. One thing I didn't like about it was the sensitivity, I think they need to add a couple more sensitivity options, because I turned it all the way up and it was still extremely slow, for my taste anyway. I can deal with it how it is, but it definitely hinders my game play abilities with it being so slow. Another thing that I liked and disliked was that you can run forever, you never run out of stamina or energy. This is cool, but isn't very realistic. I think that most games that put a limit on how long you can run for, make the limit too short, but Killzone 2 has no limit at all and I think they should put some kind of limit on it. Graphic wise, Killzone 2 takes the cake without a doubt! If you just look at the stock of the gun while you're reloading, it's amazing the detail that has been put into this game! Another thing that is along the lines of graphics is how they did the effects of when you get shot. Other games have tried to do the same thing, but something about how it was done in Killzone 2 makes all the difference. As far as the guns go, the only thing that I can complain about is the recoil, this may be because I wasn't used to the sensitivity so that may have played a part, but dealing with the recoil is very doable in my opinion. As far as I'm concerned, this game is a must have for all ps3 owners. Just go make the European account and download this demo and give it a shot. So that's it for this Friday and happy Valentines Day everyone! Enjoy your weekend! *******www.extreme-days**** *******www.themodelship****
15 Feb 2009
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Killzone 2 has just released their first DLC! It's two new maps for us all to enjoy! The two maps are, Wasteland Bullet, which is a bullet train that transports supplies and troops between Pyrrhus and the Wasteland and the second map is the Vekta Cruiser, which is the ISA starship that they must defend against the attacking Helghast soldiers. Check Out The Blog: *******www.Extreme-Days**** Follow Me On Twitter: *******Twitter****/Godismyrock Join Me On Facebook: *******www.Extreme-Days****/facebook.html As far as the design and play of the two maps, I would say I don't have too much to complain about. If you've played through the campaign, you're already familiar with both of these maps so there's not going to be too much of a suprise packaged with your purchase. Like other games, they just moved around a few things and made things smoother so they will work with online play, but other than that they barely changed anything. Wasteland Bullet is not my favorite map, but I would say I'm glad they included it. It can get pretty crazy sometimes and there's a lot of 'rocket spam' on some of the game modes. This does get very annoying, very quickly, but is easily fought back with if you just come up from behind. The various targets for each game mode were placed pretty well, I think they could have done a better job to prevent some of the rocket abuse or the 'grenade spam', but this map isn't completely trash. The second map is the Vekta Cruiser which is completely indoors, thus making it quite claustrophobic at times. The only time when I get really frustrated at the placement on this map is during Search and Destroy. I find that this game mode just gets insane and I tend to just try and defend or go for kills instead of trying to complete the objective because both of the points are right in the middle of the room. I really like the Vekta Cruiser map, I'm not sure why, it is just very appealing to me. I've played it a lot and I think it should have been one of the original maps included with the Killzone 2 game itself. I really hope that they come out with more DLC for Killzone 2, maybe some more game modes or maps. I think if they added in some new weapons for more ranks that would add a lot of power to the game. Overall I think these maps are good and if you're on the fence about buying them, I would say do it, but if you aren't too interested I would say they're not a must have and the money could be spent on different DLC that would give you more gameplay and add more game value to your PS3. *******www.themodelship**** *******www.powershelfoutletcovers****
12 May 2009
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Play through Metallica's expansive body of music in Guitar Hero Metallica.
10 Aug 2009
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Wolfenstein brings the Nazis’ dark obsession with the occult to life with fast-paced, intense sci-fi action. Players will face amazing enemies, weild impressive firepower, and play through unique environments as they fight to stop the mysterious experiments of the third reich.
25 Aug 2009
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Sol Survivor is available now on Xbox LIVE Indie Games! Sol Survivor is a Microsoft Dream Build Play 2009 Finalist. Play through an intense single player story and fend off the Ascendency hordes, or jump on LIVE and play with or against up to 8 friends. Enjoy dozens of unique towers and creeps, four unique planets and twenty single player maps, along with a host of multiplayer maps for each game mode! A demo of Sol Survivor is available now on the XBox LIVE Indie Games channel. Our website features the latest information about Sol Survivor and the development team. We have developer blogs, a media page, and community forums. Come check us out at *******www.solsurvivorgame**** Also, please check us out at XBox LIVE Marketplace: ***********/en-US/games/media/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d802585502f4/
17 Sep 2009
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UF starting LB Ryan Stamper talks about Tim Tebow's concussion and his own experience playing through similar injuries.
30 Sep 2009
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Rising star reveals emotions around diagnosis and how he's managing diabetes in the NFL CHICAGO - As NFL quarterback Jay Cutler fought through illness during the 2007 season - constantly fatigued, losing 35 pounds, in what was later diagnosed as type 1 diabetes - he thought he might be dying. That's one of the revelations we hear from the Pro Bowl quarterback in a series of new Web videos about his life with diabetes, launched today on www.chicagobears****. The videos are also available at www.touchdownsfordiabetes**** and www.jaycutlersix****. Produced by Eli Lilly and Company (Lilly), a worldwide leader in diabetes research, the "Jay Cutler on Diabetes" webisode series takes us inside Cutler's life with diabetes on and off the field. Episodes 1-3 were released today in conjunction with the Chicago Bears. The videos are part of Cutler's work with Lilly on the Touchdowns for Diabetes camp scholarship program (www.touchdownsfordiabetes****). Future episodes will be launched in November during American Diabetes Month and will focus on Cutler's efforts to connect with kids and families affected by diabetes. Lilly's award-winning documentary film crew began shooting the videos in January, when Cutler and Lilly kicked off their national offseason tour of children's hospitals. In the episodes released today, Cutler describes being sick but not knowing what was wrong as he played through his first season as a starting quarterback in the NFL (then with the Denver Broncos). "I kept it a secret for a while - obviously a lot longer than I should have," Cutler says in the videos. "I thought it was something I was just going to bounce back from. A part of me just didn't want to know...I didn't know if I was going to continue to be able to play football." Cutler also talks about how he learned to manage the disease while becoming an elite NFL quarterback - and how he wants to connect with kids. "It's there every day, no matter where you go. You wake up with it, you go to sleep with it. Over time, you get used to it, and it becomes part of you. I'm not to that point yet," he says. "I'd like to use my story to be able to inspire kids that get diabetes. They think it's the end of the world, they think can't have dreams, do what they want to do. But that's entirely false." To view Episodes 1-3 of the "Jay Cutler on Diabetes" series, visit www.chicagobears****, www.touchdownsfordiabetes**** or www.jaycutlersix****.
9 Oct 2009
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