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Itechplay INC was established in 2014. Prior to 2014, Itechplay INC sold to the commercial market exclusively, providing them with drop-shipping and the technical support they needed for their business. In the last few years we have been able to sell our fantastic slot machines to the general public. With that you will receive the best personal support from parts to the service. AND we get to add you to our family of friends at Itechplay INC Our goal is to exceed your expectations with our products and support. We realize that purchasing a slot machine is a BIG deal and we do take that seriously. Itechplay INC will always be committed to providing you the information and help to make a great selection and we will not forget you after the sale. For more please visit us at itech-play com
17 Feb 2017
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A group of people who take the law into their own hands and try to right what they see as wrong in England today. DVD out Monday 9th July.
7 Jul 2007
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Day One of the Live! event at Wembley, coverage of backstage and VIP areas, we met up with a load of bands and celebrities from; Beth Rowley, The Rumble Strips, Elliot Minor, We Are Scientists to name but a few!
18 Mar 2008
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Day Two of the Live! event at Wembley, coverage of backstage and VIP areas, we met up with a load of bands and celebrities from; Beth Rowley, The Rumble Strips, Elliot Minor, We Are Scientists to name but a few!
18 Mar 2008
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22 Jul 2008
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Video for the song "Summer of 68" from the album Lee Harris meets River Styx - Angel Headed Hip Hop Out now in HMV - AMAZON - ITUNES - PLAY.COM
25 Apr 2009
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Dance Music HIT 2009 ! CLICK NOW !! DOWNLOAD NOW !! CLICK MORE INFO FOR MORE DOWNLOAD OPTIONS "Imhoof - Music Sounds Better With You" 3:04 Radio Version (The SuperiorZ RetroRadioMix) Exclusive Video Clip From Single : Imhoof - "Music Sounds Better With You" EP (Vocal House/Club/Dance) Inspired by Stardust, Daft Punk & Eric Prydz Label : Revolution Recording / Rythm Revolution (C) (P) 2009 Rhythm Revolution Publishing Info: Daft Music Track Texter: Thomas Bangalter ISRC-Code: CH5750900013 Imhoof - "Music Sounds Better With You" EP OUT NOW ! BUY AND DOWNLOAD SINGLE OR TRACK NOW ON YOUR FAVOURITE DIGITAL MUSIC STORE : Itunes Beatport JunoDownload DJdownload DJTunes Trackitdown Emusic Bubblebeat.Com VirginMega.Fr Charts In France Exlibris Switzerland And many more stores ! Thank you for buying LISTEN TO OUR LATEST RELEASES ON OUR MYSPACE SITE AND ADD US ! JOIN THE OFFICIAL SUPERIORZ FACEBOOK GROUP PROVIDING YOU FRESH AND EXCLUSIVE NEWS! IF YOU HAVE ANY COMMENTS ON OUR PRODUCTS, QUESTIONS OR INSPIRATIONS YOU CAN NOW CHAT TO THE PRODUCERS LIVE AND DIRECTLY ON FACEBOOK : Please SHARE this VIDEO with all your FRIENDS and do everything you can to CIRCULATE this video FAR and WIDE ! Dont forget to rate, comment and subscribe ! Thank you very much =) We hope you are enjoying our high quality products, thanks for watching & best wishes ! THE SUPERIORZ HIT MUSIC 2009 , DANCE HITS 2009
2 Nov 2009
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In this episode, I discuss Mario Forever, by far THE BEST Freeware Mario Clone I have EVER played - YET... You can download it here: From MyBloop Account: My Blog:
22 Jun 2010
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3:20 - Singer Harpist & entertainer Ruby Paul acoustic cover of Elvis Costello/ Trijntje Oosterhuis I'll Never Fall In love again By Burt Beacharach. Available Now Worldwide on Itunes, Amazon, Napster, spotify,, Tesco Digital, HMV
18 Jun 2009
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More: Tourdates: Blog : Ruby Paul acoustic cover George Benson/Leon Russell ‘This Masquerade’ and original song ‘I Hate It’ Available Worldwide on Itunes, Amazon, Napster, spotify,, Tesco Digital, HMV.
10 Jul 2009
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3:54 -for tourdates -for Ruby's news Ruby Paul acoustic original “I Hate It” from Ruby Paul – Velvet Glove, CD Baby. Filmed at Forbidden Fruit Concert. Ruby Paul –Forbidden Fruit available Now Worldwide on Itunes, Amazon, Napster, spotify,, Tesco Digital, HMV.
17 Jul 2009
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Teenaged sensations Natasha Merritt and Bethan Ratcliffe sing. Part of the DVD of the sellout concert on 8th April at City Screen featuring Ruby Paul and Ruby Paul I’ll always BeThere, original song. Introduction by Twelvestring Trev. Read all about it http:// Ruby Paul Forbidden Fruit available on I tunes, Amazon, Napster, spotify,, Tesco Digital, HMV and We7
23 Aug 2009
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WoE pela dirty play com o lider Judas Sage ~
27 Aug 2009
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From the director of Rise of the Footsoldier (Julian Gilbey) comes his eagerly awaited new release Reckoning Day; the explosive, action-thriller set in the dangerous world of international drugs crime. When Ed (Roman Karpynec), a member of the US special forces, witnesses the massacre of his elite unit of men, he sets out on a bloody mission of revenge. In doing so he takes on an international drugs ring led by the ruthless Charles Toll (Saul Linklater), and races to bring him down before the release of a deadly new drug. In a brutal game of cat and mouse, Ed hunts Toll down across the United States and into the UK. With time running he resorts to ever more desperate measures to ensure justice is done as the chase pounds towards its heart-stopping climax. A relentlessly gritty action film, Reckoning Day takes its inspiration from modern day low-budget classics such as Evil Dead (Sam Raimi), Bad Taste (Peter Jackson) and El Mariachi (Robert Rodriguez), and gives it a uniquely British spin. Released September 14th 2009 through Revolver Entertainment. Pre-order now at Play -
21 Sep 2009
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Teenaged sensations Natasha Merritt and Bethan Ratcliffe sing. Part of the DVD of the Sellout concert on 8th April at City Screen featuring Bethan Ratcliffe who singing ‘What if’. Ruby Paul performs her specially written original ‘Guardian Angel’ song, inspired by the experiences of children benefitting from the life saving equipment . Read at http//: Ruby Paul Forbidden Fruit available on I tunes, Amazon, Napster, spotify,, Tesco Digital, HMV and We7
16 Sep 2009
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Dazzling comic genius Lee Evans is set to release his new DVD on Mon 16th November. ‘Access All Arenas’ gives fans the chance to see the best and most hilarious moments taken from Lee’s previous three arena tour DVD’s including 'Wired & Wonderful - Live At Wembley' (2002), 'XL Tour Live' (2005) and the record-breaking 'Big - Live At The 02' (2008). New and exclusive to ‘Access All Arenas’ are some very special DVD extra’s including a unique personal appearance from Lee plus a brand new in-depth interview with Lee by Phill Jupitus. Pre-order now at
11 Nov 2009
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