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In this tutorial I show you guys how to play ISO's on your PSP. I know that this is a pretty simple tutorial, but I hope that it helps some of yall out there. All of the games I have are backups that I made with UMD Dumper. You can download any psp iso/cso here : *******pspisodownload.url-site****/
17 Oct 2011
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DVDFab Media Player 2 is a powerful Blu-ray player software that can playback Blu-ray ISO, DVD ISO with high definition.
15 Feb 2017
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[PS Vita CFW Hack] Play ISO Games on PS VIta For FREE Versions 3.01 - 3.00 2.61 - 2.60 - 2.12 - 2.11 - 2.10 - 2.06 - 2.02 --For 3.01-3.00: Download/Tutorial: *******www.godmangen****/?p=981 (Also needed) OpenCMA: *******www.godmangen****/?p=614 --For 2.61: *******www.godmangen****/?p=847 --For 2.60: *******www.godmangen****/?p=823 --For 2.12: -Installation Guide: *******www.godmangen****/?p=785 -Downloads Needed: VHBL: *******www.godmangen****/?p=791 OpenCMA: *******www.godmangen****/opencma/ 138Menu: *******www.godmangen****/?p=794 --For 2.06-2.02: -Installation Guide: *******www.godmangen****/?p=585 -Downloads Needed: *******www.godmangen****/?p=603 Extras: -Homebrews compatible with 2.12 VHBL: *******www.godmangen****/?p=804 -How to transfer homebrews/games (video tutorial): *******www.godmangen****/?p=609 Find out more about the PS scene at: *******psvitagr****/ ►GodmanGen (aka DJGodmanDJ) ►You can also find me on: -My Blog: *******www.GodmanGen****/ -PSVita News: *******PSVitaGR.Net -Facebook : *******www.facebook****/GodmanGen -Twitter : ********twitter****/GodmanGen -YouTube : ***********/GodmanGen or ***********/DJGodmanDJ ►Credits: Special thanks to TheSmashDoctor for the PS Vita! And to Total_Noob for the awesome TN-V CEF! Song: Rameses B - Night Sky (Non Copyrighted Music)
27 Dec 2013
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NOTE: This isn't working on the newest custom firmware: 3.71 M33 (or newer!) ================================ Okay, this is for all you PSP fanboys who want to know how to play games via your USB cable WITHOUT Devhook, so you don't need a big MemoryStick to play them. You will need some files for this so here they are: UPDATE: NEW LINK! DOWNLOAD THE FILE HERE: *******www.megaupload****/?d=FY6ZMHAP
29 Oct 2009
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THIS IS A GUIDE TO GETTING CUSTOM FIRMWARE ON A PSP THAT IS NOT HACKED ( WITHOUT CUSTOM FIRMWARE) USING THE ChickHEN R2 Exploit found by Davee It will install custom firmware to any psp apart from psp 3000 (newest one with microphone) and PSP SLIM with TA-088-v3. ALL-IN-ONE FILE DOWNLOAD LINK: *******www.mediafire****/?ziolnzmkmzh THANKS TO THE FOLLOWING: Thanks to: Davee for ChickHEN, Dark_Alex for 5.00 M33 And Hellcat for his CFW installer! If you have a psp 3000 or an unhackable firmware you may still play isos just check the following guide: *******pspslimhacks****/custom-firmware-enabler-3-50-released/ TO YOUTUBE: PLEASE DO NOT TAKE MY MUSIC OFF OF MY VIDEO I OWN EVERYTHING I PUT UP ON MY VIDS I DID NOT CREATE IT. BOTH SONGS WERE WRITTEN AND PERFORMED BY THE RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS THANK YOU!!!
6 Sep 2009
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