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Red Carpet for the Playboy Mansion's 2008 Superbowl Party.
15 Mar 2010
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*******MOXNews****/ January 08, 2010 News Corp
19 May 2010
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3 Jun 2010
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16 Jun 2010
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Behind The Scenes on a photo-shoot with celebrity model, Carrie Minter Lagree. Carrie has appeared in both MAXIM and PLAYBOY. An absolute gorgeous model, it was my honor to capture her beauty on camera. 2 Day Photo-Shoot: DAY 1, (beach) video shot by Sam DelPilar of LucidFocus**** DAY 2, (desert) video shot by Alen Hakoopian Hair Stylist & Make-up Artist for both days: Eva Barda Assisted by: Carlos Malaga Geovanny Rodriguez You can find Carrie at: www.carrielagree**** Carrie's Publicist: Victoria Talbot www.allabouthype**** Photographer: Arthur St. John www.arthurstjohn**** (818) 468-3753 Thank you!
14 Sep 2010
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Barista Babe - Playboy Pictorial
24 May 2012
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29 Oct 2012
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Test shoot with Rob Sims in 2011 more info at *******robsimstestshoots****/ Katie Lohmann shoots fitness, bikini, lingerie,with celebrity photographer Rob Sims. When looking for new models, Sims states, "there are three ingredients that make a great model: passion, facial look, and physique." Sims is clearly an expert on finding and publishing models with these qualities, which is why fitness magazines and competitions, like the Galaxy and the Fitness America Pageant, bring him on to find models that can be published for advertising. Sims likes to work with new models to avoid running into the bad habits that other photographers tend to teach. With the unique ability to guarantee national and international publication to any model he works with, he is certainly the photographer to begin any model's career. By starting with models that are fresh and hungry, Sims is capable of building careers and turning the unknown into sex symbols, which something that he is known to do. Some of the big names that shot exclusively with Sims include Torrie Wilson, Rachel Moore, Moca Lee, Danielle Edwards, Sarah Orbanic, Tanya Merryman, Tina Rigdon, Tonya Elliott, and Christina Linehan. Sims was able to give each of these models page after page and cover after cover, which helped lead to their fame and future publishing success. Some of the models that shot with Sims, such as Torrie Wilson, Tamara Lynn, Christina Linehan, and Nicole Ferrari, were even recruited by Playboy magazine. Today, Sims is one of the world's most published photographers, shooting approximately 25 cover shots and 4,000 published photographs a year. Some of the publications featuring his work include American Curves, Muscle Mag, Oxygen, Maxim, Loaded, Iron Man, Flex, FHM, Stuff, News Week, Hello, Today's Black Man, Today's Black Woman and Today's Black Man Swim Suit Issue. Sims has also shot for some of the biggest companies and organizations in the world, including Chanel, Nike, and the San Francisco 49ers, as well as all of the largest P.R. companies in Los Angeles. In a 1996 issue of Muscle Mag, Sims photographed the first ever swimsuit/lingerie issue, which undoubtedly left his mark on the business and helped Muscle Mag's sell-through rate skyrocket. Robert Kennedy, founder of Muscle Mag and American Health and Fitness, found Sims to be the most gifted and hardworking photographer around, and made Sims his exclusive photographer. After issues of Muscle Mag were pulled from the shelves due to the extreme content of Sims' work, Kennedy founded a new magazine, American Curves, to feature all of Sims' hottest shots. Sims was named the chief photographer, and was asked to appear and be interviewed on "Access Hollywood" and other mainstream television programs to advertise the new magazine. With Sims' help and expertise, American Curves became the nationally top selling magazine in 7 11. Sims is now producing a television program, "Bikini All-Stars," which is being aired on MavTV. He has 39 episodes a year where he and his crew shoot and interview the world's hottest models, giving them international exposure. With MavTV, Sims is in charge of finding models to produce television programs with, and in return, he is given shares of the network, advertising, and cash. On a similar note, Sims produces videos on a monthly basis featuring various models in beautiful locations such as Jamaica and Cabo San Lucas. He also teaches photography seminars and advises new magazine publishers. As an outgoing sports fanatic, Sims hopes to begin using themes of extreme sports in his photo shoots by incorporating fast cars and surfboards with beautiful scantily dressed models. This will definitely be a project to look out for since everything that Sims touches in photography turns to gold.
26 Jan 2014
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Elizabeth Dickson, 28, is suing Playboy Enterprises and radio host Kevin Klein for $500,000 plus punitive damages after he whacked her in the behind with a golf club while trying to hit a ball off a tee placed between the cheeks of her buttocks during an amateur golf tournament in California. The model claims in a copy of the lawsuit reviewed by MailOnline that she gave no consent for the ball to actually be hit and that she has suffered pain, worrying and anxiety as a result of the incident - but she appears in the video to have a better sense of humor immediately after being hit
25 Mar 2014
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At the age of 17, Jamie's father kicked her out of the house at which time she lived under a freeway overpass for a week. She became involved in vices and modeled for playboy until she decided to turn her life around. She discovered Islam and gave all of that up. Now, she lives in much peace and happiness. Allah (God) is all merciful and forgiving and can do whatever He shall wish to do. Nothing is impossible for Him to do. If He shall wish to forgive you for even this, He will. One of the most difficult obstacles new young converts/reverts face today is the public stereotype and the acceptance from their parents of their new chosen faith. But remember this, Allah gives you no task or obstacle that you cannot overcome and He will be with you so long as you remember Him and ask for His help. Eventually, after they really learn the truth about your new faith, Islam, they will come around Inshallah (God Willing). Nothing is impossible for Him to do. So keep looking forward, praying, and remember that you are not alone. Muslims around the World love you and accept you as they do any brother and sister, and that thousands and thousands of those who convert/revert every year, often face the same challenges, but at the end, Allah brings peace and happiness. It is a small test of the strength of your faith. Stay strong, keep looking forward, and keep praying to Him. Whoever Allah guides, none can misguide, and whoever He allows to fall astray, none can guide.
19 Dec 2014
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Iliana Fischer playboy model, actress, singer, and M.I.L.F showing a sample of & describing alittle bit of what her daily life is like as a single mom....
21 May 2009
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Clip from "Bikini Beach Party" bikini contest in the early 1990s. Winner was Natalie Duggan, former Playboy model and starred in a few episodes of "Xena: Warrior Princess." Patricia Ford is also seen here.
16 Feb 2009
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Playboy Morning Show Sirius channel 198. Radio interview with Playboy model Barbie Boswell 4-29-08
25 May 2009
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*******ladsmag.blogspot****/ Katie Lohmann Playboy Model ...
30 Mar 2009
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FHM vs Playboy vs Maxim Philippines April 2009 Issue Maxim Philippines- Mocha Uson feat. the Mocha Girls FHM- Paloma Playboy- Models ... FHM vs Playboy Maxim Philippines April 2009 Issue Mocha Uson feat. the Girls Paloma
27 May 2009
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Playboy model, Alley Baggett Toronto Comicon 2000. Filmed and edited by iLLSKEMATiC. Perverts: Ryan D and Waldo. Pervert Narration: Ryan D.
24 Aug 2009
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