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people filmed sepretly moving down a line of instruments playing single notes..then superimposed and speeded up to make music. The work was supported by the Arts Council of England Distributed by Tubemogul.
22 Mar 2010
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This is the True Final Boss in Sonic 3 and Knuckles as Sonic and also here is the ending to this game. Play note that this is from Sonic Mega Collection Plus on PS2. Also could you tell me a simple movie editor for Mac OS X for my Sonic Heroes Comparison from the Gamecube and the PS2 versions in Seaside Hill
22 Jun 2010
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This is to help someone asking about how to play it on Jam Session Guitar Forum. NOTE: I'm not a professional player, and I don't claim to be a teacher. This is how I play (NOTE: HOW - I - PLAY) Led Zeppelin's "Black Dog", the main riff, the 3/4 time switch riff as well as a real quick view of the chorus section.
10 Aug 2008
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Visit www.animusic**** if you're interested in watching this amazing Animusic video, along with seven, fourteen, or more other Animusic videos, with better picture and sound quality on DVD. This is a computer generated video showing robots and self-operating instruments playing classical music inside a large building. There are pipe organs, clarinets, and flutes that emit light-beams as they play notes; some trumpets and tubas affixed to walls, and they stick out when they play individually; a one-stringed rock bass guitar played by robot fingers, two of which slide up and down its neck; a yellow synthesizer; and a drum set, and two large, curved instruments, the hammered dulcimer and the xylophone, played by robots that pivot and slide back and forth to hit their mark. The music on this piece is from 3 movements of Mussorgsky's "Pictures at an Exhibition" ten-piano suite. They are: "Promenade" [from start to 1:38] "Hut on Fowl's Legs (Baba Yaga)" [from 1:38 to 3:45] "The Great Gate of Kiev" [from 3:45 to end] Do you notice the picture on the bass drums? It is a drawing of the Great Gate of Kiev complete with a bell tower to its right. Some people have experienced Emerson, Lake & Palmer playing music that is very similar to this one.
21 Dec 2008
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*******www.thomasgrillo**** A short introductory theremin lesson to playing notes, executing dynamic vibratto, and dynamic volume with the theremin. Playing errors included to demonstrate how difficult it is to play the theremin well. To get a closer look at the aereal finger technique, right click on the video, select "zoom in" set to desired zoom, and drag the image to where you can see the hand. Instructed by Thomas Grillo on Moog Etherwave Pro theremin. This is not a substitute for professional how to play videos, books, or in-person instruction with a professional instructor. This video would not have been possible without the invaluable professional training videos, books, and workshops produced by Peter Pringle, Carolina Eyck, Pamelia Kurstin, and Lydia Kavina. All of their methods have been, and are still being studied by me. Copyright 2007 Thomas Grillo
7 Dec 2008
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The full song of Kamen Rider Kiva's Song, Destiny's Play --------------------------------------- *NOTE* i do not send this song anymore.. sorry for the inconvenience caused..
24 Jan 2009
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Twin Solid State Musical Tesla coils playing Mario Bros theme song at the 2007 Lightning on the Lawn Teslathon sponsored by DC Cox (Resonance Research Corp) in Baraboo WI. The music that you hear is coming from the sparks that these two identical high power solid state Tesla coils are generating. There are no speakers involved. The Tesla coils stand 7 feet tall and are each capable of putting out over 12 foot of spark. They are spaced about 18 feet apart. The coils are controlled over a fiber optic link by a single laptop computer. Each coil is assigned to a midi channel which it responds to by playing notes that are programed into the computer software. These coils were constructed by Steve Ward and Jeff Larson. Video was captured by Terry Blake. What is not obvious is how loud the coils are. They are well over 110dB If you look at another You Tube video which is from a different angle, you can hear the echo off the building and get a better idea of how loud it is. ***********/watch?v
9 Aug 2009
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Notes: The battery's were running low, so I had to change them (hence you will see a photo replacement also from the same day and location right after 46th St for a few seconds). 56th St is still under reconstruction. The recording for 60th St was rolled way back in place of when 56th St's announcement would play. Notes about the original video: I had to splice the video from 40th to 46th as it turned out dark. Past 63rd, I was originally aiming for the railfan seat earlier. When the person got up, I jumped too fast for the seat not realizing that I'd just had ruined a straight forward video out the storm door(the quality gets alittle off, just feels different when you're seated). Plus at 69th St my battery's died mid way into the station(Can't remember if I replaced them with cheap battery's or replaced them with used battery's) Enjoy.
6 Sep 2009
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This video is dedicated to the NVYSL (North Valley Youth Soccer League) girls soccer team "RAGE", which is no more. Many of the team members had been together for years, initially playing under the team name "CRAZY LEGS". Under the guidance of their outstanding coach, they eventually developed into a highly skilled championship caliber team. The team's determination to win, their playing skills, and relentless aggression on the field was evident at every game they played. The team was appropriately renamed "RAGE". The pressure and expectations that came with each victory overwhelmed the team members, as they kept demanding more and more from each other. The team was eventually disbanded at the end of the 2006 spring season. They were at the height of their success. It was a sad thing for all, because it was always such a beautiful and wonderful experience to watch them play. Note: I was inspired by the video "Free Hugs". If you're familiar with it you'll notice I used the same music and copied the editing style.
18 Sep 2009
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Tony Carey born in the U.S.He stared at a young age.A very talented person capaple of playing basically any insrument.He also writes.He and his producer&engerneer are Planet P.he had to change the name after it's release in 1982 0r 3''Im sure Leornard'''-Pink World channel''would know the answer on the year.Cool channel if you like Tony check it out.Due to a group called Planet something that started with a ''P''after that it was Planet P Project. But my album cover just says Planet P,with the MTV hit WHY ME.Anyway Tony moved to Germany in the late 80's& you can still find him there today!And yes,he is still playing! Note:This song does not appear on the CD-Pink World.
15 Jun 2010
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*******www.myspace****/jsebsteelguitar - Just a short improvisation on acoustic guitar while "sultans of swing" live version plays on CD ... Sorry for the poor quality of video... hope that the sound is better... Don't hesitate to comment or rate the music! - A great song, an incredible guitar playing by Mark Knopfler, with Dire Straits in 1977. Knopfler plays guitar not with a mediator on the right hand, but with his fingers, in a style called "finger picking". The two guitar solos of the studio's version of "Sultans Of Swing" are famous. For the critics, his guitar solo is one of the greatest guitar solo of rock music. - Playing and improvising with the masterpiece "sultans of swing" is a great way to learn or improve scales, rythm, tempo, harmony, melody, improvisation (and so on...) while the CD plays... a very good exercise for brain and fingers... For me, improvize on a song is an interesting way to understand the structure of the song, because you have to play notes depending on the structure of the chords. I played it in "finger picking", and I think it's also interesting to use finger picking in order to play your solos or improvisations... I agree, it's easy to say and difficult to do, so if I like the song, it become funnier for me to work music and guitar! In fact, far far far ... (you can add a lot of "far" )... away from Knopfler 's level, but the goal is also to have fun when playing guitar! - I made an other improvisation with an electric guitar on "six blade knife" : ***********/watch?v=iJ_2Wp-DVoM - Sultans of swing : original version ***********/watch?v=lyh0dhCekt0 - Some great live versions of SOS : - Live in 1978 ("Whistle test"): ***********/watch?v=_duNqDMSQDU&feature=related - Live in 1984 ("Alchemy" album) : ***********/watch?v=yQoZmYUuvXw&feature=related - live in 1992 ("On every street" tour): ***********/watch?v=7cKT6Kljjbw - Live in 1996 ("Golden Heart" tour): ***********/watch?v=z2nQZPC2uTs - SOS Live in Paris, 2008 : ***********/watch?v=EGjG9BydQ2c - Une petite "impro" à l'acoustique pendant que joue "sultans of swing" sur CD... une bonne et plaisante manière d'apprendre... sur une grande chanson et l'un des plus beaux "solo de guitare" du rock!
19 Jun 2010
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Lyrics of Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams. A great acoustic song to listen and play NOTE: This is not my song. Full credit for this song goes to the band Green Day and all its members and to their recod label. This not my property and is only being used for fun and musical enjoyment
3 Oct 2010
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Some sadistic level designer hacked a Super Mario Bros. ROM to make it nearly impossible to play. Note: I'm not playing in video. Rom with emulator and other games: *******rapidshare****/files/393847439/Mario.rar OR MegaUpload mirror *******www.megaupload****/?d=G4XL76BY OR HotFile mirror *******hotfile****/dl/86608703/40ab5dd/Mario.rar.html Hacked ROM is the one with the ### in the beginning.
25 Feb 2011
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Part 1 of Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven in C# minor. Hey guys, hope you enjoy part one. Please leave me some notes on how to improve my tutorial videos - Any comments are appreciated. Here are all the notes for Part 1. This should be used in conjunction with the video as this will probably be hard to follow if just read by itself. I'm hoping this isn't too complicated; if it is please let me know and then I'll try to make it better. Notes to the left of the slash are what the left hand plays and what's right of the slash are what the right hand plays. Notes that are together with no commas in between are to be played together (as can be seen by octaves in the left hand). If there is a dash to the left of the slash, nothing is played in the left hand. When there is a x2 or x4 with the notes, only the right hand is to be played that many times. Hopefully this can be of help, if not I'll try to make it easier to understand. :) C#C# / G#, C#, E x4 BB / G#, C#, E x4 AA / A, C#, E x2 F#F# / A, D, F# x2 G#G# / G#, C, F# - / G#, C#, E G#G# / G#, C#, D# - / F#, C, D# C#G#C# / E, G#, C# - / G#, C#, E x2 - / G#G#, C#, E, (high)G# CG#C / G#G#, D#, F# - / G#, D#, F# x2 - / G#G#, D#, F#, (high)G# C#C# / G#G#, C#, E - / G#, C#, E F#F# / AA, C#, F# - / A, C#, F# BB / G#G#, B, E - / G#, B, E BB / AF#, B, D# - / AB (long stretch), B, D#
28 Jun 2011
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Twin Solid State Musical Tesla coils playing the Zelda theme song. The music that you hear is coming from the sparks that these two identical high power solid state Tesla coils are generating. There are no speakers involved. The Tesla coils stand 7 feet tall and are each capable of putting out over 12 foot of spark. They are spaced about 18 feet apart. The coils are controlled over a fiber optic link by a single laptop computer. Each coil is assigned to a midi channel which it responds to by playing notes that are programed into the computer software. What is not obvious is how loud the coils are. They are well over 110dB. Listen for the echo after the notes stop. These coils were constructed by Steve Ward and Jeff Larson. Programming and musical content by Steve Ward. Video was captured by Terry Blake and edited by Jeff Larson.
10 Nov 2011
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Become a Piano Guys Founder and get our Limited Edition Piano Guys Album (YouTube Hits Vol. 1) here: *******www.thepianoguys****/music Support us by downloading this song at one of the following links: Our site: *******thepianoguys****/newstore/somewhere-over-the-rainbow.html iTunes - ***********/us/artist/the-piano-guys/id498030399 Amazon**** - ***********/Somewhere-Over-Rainbow-Simple-Gifts/dp/B007EK1RWY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1330456192&sr=8-1 SUBSCRIBE to our YOUTUBE Channel here: ***********/subscription_center?add_user=thepianoguys Follow ThePianoGuys here: *******www.thepianoguys**** Facebook: *******www.facebook****/pianoguys Twitter: *******twitter****/pianoguys Story behind the song: Jon Schmidt and Steven Sharp Nelson were booked for a Piano Guys show in Hawaii. How could we resist filming our next video in the land of Aloha -- beautiful beaches, green mountains, and fresh pineapple?? We went to our Founders and Facebook fans to ask what song they wanted us to play there. "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" was the nearly-unanimous response. But you know how we are ... we couldn't "just" do this tune by in the studio we found a made-in-heaven matchup in the timeless melody from the Shaker Hymn "Simple Gifts" written in the 1800's (also used by Aaron Copland in his Ballet "Appalachian Spring"). We feel it's an especially appropriate mash-up because of our profound love and respect for the Hawaiian culture -- a people who are so good at finding happiness in simplicity. As you probably could hear we borrowed a lot of ideas from Iz's version which has become the stuff of legend. This arrangement is, in part, a tribute to him. Getting a piano onto a sandy beach and then onto a big hill in a famous ranch within the SAME day (we only had 8 hours to film) was no small feat. The only thing harder would be to be predict Hawaiian weather, which ended up being our biggest challenge. "We had a little extra help on this one. My mother, Lynne Sanders Nelson -- a main source of my inspiration for pursuing music -- passed away early in life from the effects of a brain tumor. She was an incredibly-gifted musician and taught me to play music passionately rather than just playing 'notes' on a page. 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' was one of her favorite songs. We finished this arrangement on what would have been her 70th birthday. Somehow she helped. I miss her so very much, but when I play songs like this I feel like I get to be with her again. This song is dedicated to her." -Steven Sharp Nelson Thank you so much to the Kualoa Ranch who bent over backwards last-minute for us and provided us such a beautiful place to shoot. Visit their site at *******www.kualoa**** -- when you visit Hawaii be sure to stop by and take a tour -- its where dozens of huge blockbluster movies/tv shows have been filmed. This song is dedicated to Lynne Sanders Nelson, The Hill Family, J. Mueller, & the people of Hawaii Filming locations: Beach Scene: Pounders Beach, North Shore, Oahu Hawaii Finale: Kualoa Ranch, North Shore, Oahu Hawaii (This is the place to go for sightseeing on Oahu!) Toll Free: (800) 231-7321 Tour Desk: (808) 237-7321 *******www.kualoa**** Credits: Over the Rainbow music written by Harold E. Arlen in 1939 for the movie "Wizard of Oz" -- originally performed by Judy Garland Published by EMI Feist Catalog, Inc. Inspired, in part, by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's cover Simple Gifts written by Joseph Brackett in 1848 Arrangement produced by Al van der Beek & Steven Sharp Nelson Arrangement written by Jon Schmidt, Al van der Beek & Steven Sharp Nelson Video produced by Paul Anderson and Tel Stewart Piano: Jon Schmidt Electric/Acoustic Cellos: Steven Sharp Nelson Vocals: Al van der Beek Percussion: Steven Sharp Nelson & Al van der Beek Recorded, mixed & mastered by Al van der Beek at TPG Studio
4 Mar 2012
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