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Comment and Rate High Note to all subscribers and future subscribers ** Unfortunately Due to the fact that our video How to tell if your diamond is fake video has been rejected from producer rewards, the very reason we created this Account. and on that note we regret to inform you all that we will be not creating new videos. Sincerely KMM
New AMAZING Sonic trailer for playstaion 3
26 Oct 2006
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The last of Us is coming to PS3 in 2013 but we've got the full play-through from E3 2012 right here as well as some extra information from the behind-closed-doors session. Join Tim Weaver and Dan Dawkins as they talk you through this presentation.
12 Jun 2012
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====DOWNLOAD 3.50 UPDATED JAILBREAK HERE! == ******* Check it out there! Coder breaks new 3.50 play station firmware that currently only worked for firmware 3.41! I tried this on my slim and it works! I posted the link don't have a video for it right now as i have no camera! Check the jailbreak website above to read the article * Psn * ps3 * hack * pro * crack * video * howto * how * to * xbox * codes * free * tutorial * online * play * station * network * live * wi-fi * mac * pc * hacker * hacks * help * hdtv * plasma * lcd * reviews * jailbreak * homebrew * playstation * games * usb * download * gaming * console * everything * command * prompt * create * modchip * geohot * mod * chop * mw2 * black * ops * install * Ps3 * Jailbreak * Tutorial * PS3 * pS3 * make * psncode * man * psn * code
22 Oct 2010
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Download file here: ******* All you have to do is select drive letter where to install backup manager. And as a little present from me a text file with links to DDL PS3 games! :D G-Force, Fallout 3, Pure Football, Race Driver: GRID, BioShock 2: Sea of Dreams, Soul Calibur IV, Flock!, FIFA 09, Spider-Man 3: The Game, NBA Live 08, Assassins Creed, Fifa Street 3, Lost: Via Domus, Virtua Tennis 3, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Pro Evolution Soccer 2008, NCAA Football 08, Virtua Fighter 5, Ridge Racer 7, Sonic the Hedgehog and Tony Hawk's Project 8.
25 Aug 2010
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Download *******
25 Aug 2010
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TimeShift 2007 Trailer Uploaded for ConsoleUpdates**** only
26 Jul 2007
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Everyone knows by now that the playstaion 3 is the best. If you don't I'm going to tell you why. 1) price: The ps3 may be $600 dollars but the best things aren't cheap. If you can't afford a ps3 it's because you are cheap. The price of the Wii is a ripoff. They charge you 250 bucks and everyone thinks they are getting a game with the system when all it is a demo. How dumb is that? The Wii is 250 because it's made of cheap plastic and hardware. 2) Hardware: Everyone know that the ps3 can play Blue ray. Blue Ray was made for the ps3 so we could have more content in games. Everyone knows blue ray is the future just like UMD was. The ps3 can produce way better graphics than the 360 or the Wii. We all know that it's how gorgeous a game looks over how it plays. How a game looks is way more real then throwing your arms all about. 3) Control: The ps3 has a much better controller also. They removed the rumble feature so they could fit more motion technology. The sixaxis is a much better designed controller than the Wii remote. The ps3 controller has been in production for several years now. 4) Last of all but not least Games: I'd much rather play Ridge racer, or lair over Mario, or Zelda for that matter. Those games are for babies. The Wii is a souped up gamecube, with a new control scheme. The ps3 is more than souped up ps2 it is a super computer. The life span of the ps3 will be much longger for Sony once they get out of debit. That won't be long ether. (more)
24 Mar 2007
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Max Payne 3 is the gritty shooter sequel out on Xbox 360 and PS3 on 18th May and PC on 1st June. But will it be worth picking this up come launch day? Join CVG's Tim Weaver and Andy Kelly to find out as they talk you through our video review.
14 May 2012
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29 Mar 2008
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16 Jun 2013
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Hardest stage of Pepsiman the game.
6 Aug 2009
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This is baisicly the second of my game sytems raps, the first is the XBOX Rap. This is much better because it has a music video and just is freakin sweet. Comment me and subscribe!
13 May 2009
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