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Happy Comic-Con week! In addition to a preview of this year's SDCC, today's episode also reveals details on Ubisoft's new Assassin's Creed movie tie-in, Borderlands 2's "Vault Rewards" program, and more!
10 Jul 2012
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Happy pre-Thanksgiving, everyone! Today we've got a Holiday Buying Guide to prepare your body for Black Friday, a review of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, and some more rumors about Microsoft's next console. Forget Xbox 720, it's all about the XBOX now!
23 Nov 2012
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The biggest video game stories of the day brought to you in three minutes or less.
29 Aug 2012
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******* First Look at Sony Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale - Senior Producer Preview Interview + Gameplay
28 Apr 2012
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The Escapist reviews PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.
21 Nov 2012
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We wrap up our week-long E3 coverage with our impressions of The Last of Us, Tomb Raider, Dishonored and more!
9 Jun 2012
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Today on Hard News, Pilgrim DLC delayed again, when to expect the OUYA, and Sony breaks up with SuperBot.
6 Feb 2013
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The biggest video game stories of the day brought to you in three minutes or less.
19 Jan 2013
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Sony shows how few first-party mascots they really have.
8 Jun 2012
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The biggest video game stories of the day brought to you in three minutes or less.
15 Dec 2012
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New Super Mario Bros. 2 costs more digitally, XCOM: Enemy Unknown will have multiplayer, and Playstation All Stars Battle Royale is delayed today on Hard News.
14 Aug 2012
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On today's LIVE Destructoid show, Max has the dirt on Halo 4 and some upcoming remakes, while Tara shows off a trailer for Funcom's latest MMO, The Secret World. Also Activision is turning The Walking Dead into an FPS, and Sony might release a SuperSlim PS3?
8 Jul 2012
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The biggest video game stories of the day brought to you in three minutes or less.
17 Nov 2012
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If you didn't catch today's live show, it was JAM-PACKED with breaking news! Black Ops 2 got a not-so-official reveal, Skyrim DLC might have crossbows and Snow Elves, The Walking Dead game is surprisingly not terrible, and PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is a thing that's happening!
28 Apr 2012
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PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale video review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow video review of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale from SuperBot Entertainment and Sony for the PlayStation 3. This fighter is the Sony equivalent to Nintendo's Smash Bros. series featuring Nathan Drake from Uncharted, Big Daddy from BioShock, Cole MacGrath from Infamous, Colonel Radec from Killzone, Dante from Devil May Cry, Emmett Graves from Starhawk, Fat Princess, Heihachi Mishima from Tekken, Jak and Daxter, Kat from Gravity Rush, Kratos from God of War, Nariko from Heavenly Sword, PaRappa from PaRappa the Rapper, Raiden from Metal Gear Solid, Ratchet and Clank, Sackboy from LittleBigPlanet, Sir Daniel Fortesque from MediEvil, Sly Cooper, Spike from Ape Escape, Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal, Toro Inoue from Together Everywhere! and more! The difference is it tries to be a bit more of a serious fighting game, as well. And largely, that's where it succeeds. All-Stars has a more technical fighting system beneath all the chaos, one that makes it feel like more of a fighter than a fighting party game. This video review features video gameplay footage of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale for the PlayStation 3 and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's Derek.
16 Dec 2012
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CGRtrailers, from Classic Game Room®, presents gameplay footage from the “Stowaways” level in PLAYSTATION ALL-STARS BATTLE ROYALE. This beat ‘em up/smash ‘em up brawler is from SuperBot Entertainment, Bluepoint Games and Sony Computer Entertainment’s Santa Monica Studio. Characters from a variety of video game franchises/series make an appearance in this game. This includes God of War’s Kratos, Sly Cooper, LittleBigPlanet’s Sackboy, Devil May Cry’s Dante, BioShock’s Big Daddy and many more. This particular piece of footage features the “Stowaways” gameplay stage (from Uncharted) with a select group of combatants getting to square-off aboard a massive cargo plane. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is now available today, November 20, 2012, for the PlayStation 3 (PS3) and PlayStation Vita consoles. The “cross-buy” promotion is in effect. Consumers can get a downloadable version of the game for the Vita when they purchase the PS3 version of this game. Enjoy! Be sure to check out more video game clips, previews and trailers from Classic Game Room's CGRtrailers at *******www.metacafe****/CGRtrailers Check out more reviews from Classic Game Room at: *******www.metacafe****/ClassicGameRoom and *******www.metacafe****/CGRundertow And connect with us at: *******www.ClassicGameRoom**** *******www.facebook****/ClassicGameRoom ******* *******www.twitter****/ClassicGameRoom *******www.twitter****/CGRundertow *******gamehackerz****/criminal-case-cheat-energy-cash-and-coins-hack
26 Nov 2012
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