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Hello, my name is Jason Carter. I've been involved in internet marketing since 2005. The Purpose of this channel is to document my success and failures.
This little video shows you how to Use Woo Socio Plugin for Wordpress
18 Jan 2018
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The video is a quick tutorial for UI customization of SearchIQ plugin on a WordPress site. SearchIQ is a site search solution that works great with WordPress and can be installed on any website for a great search functionality for their users.
22 Jan 2018
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Blogvault provides one of the best security plugins to maintain WordPress site effectively.
11 Jan 2018
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This video is a quick tutorial on how to install SearchIQ on a WordPress site. SearchIQ is a site search plugin for a WordPress website to provide an enhanced search experience to the users.
9 Jan 2018
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RevGlue offers monetisation tools for affiliates and online publishers that will save your precious time and money. You can start new projects within minutes and save hundreds of hours and money on data management, website development and responsive website designs. Don't worry if you are just a beginner, we can help you make it happen. A brief introduction of RevGlue Affiliate Tools - offering 100% commission to affiliates. 1 - Data - Get structured data from RevGlue to setup new UK shopping directory, coupons website, cashback project, banners data, mobile comparison, product feeds, broadband and tv and daily deals website. 2 - WordPress plugins - get FREE WP plugins to setup new affiliate projects compatible with RevGlue data sets. 3 - WordPress Templates - get responsive templates for all your affiliate projects compatible with RevGlue WordPress plugins. 4 - Stats - Link all your affiliate networks to view all your sales and conversion data under one panel. Tools for Publishers - offer all modules free to use and earn 80% commission on each sale. 1 - RevSocial - share deals, offers and coupons on your social networks and earn commission on each sale. 2 - RevLinks - Monetise your blogs and static websites with a simple line of code and all your blog keywords and links are converted into paid links. 3 - RevAds - Create unique static, banner or product ad widgets and customise them according to your requirements. Earn commission on each sale. 4 - RevEmbed - Use RevEmbed to setup new coupons or cashback website in minutes. Earn 80% commission on each sale. You are not required to register or create affiliate network accounts. We manage all the networks and provide you simple tools to monetise your websites, blogs and mobile apps. Browse our website for more details and see what you can do with that. Goodluck
16 Jan 2018
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Saga Biz Solutions, the best wordpress website development company in Hyderabad proficient in providing cost effective wordpress website development services.
27 Dec 2017
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Are you a real estate agent that needs a new, professional looking website? Our real estate agent websites are designed with flexibility in mind so you can get exactly what you want with Estatevue.
11 Jan 2018
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Welcome to a PROTRK™ lesson from Pixel Film Studios We will start by Dragging the PROTRK text effect above your footage and trimming it to the correct size. Fill out your text field , choose a color for the text, and select blend mode that best matches the look and feel of your scene. The first step in this process is Keyframing the position of the text. De-activate the text edit check box, Turn Magnification On, and hide the text before we begin. First, Go to the first frame of your clip. Select the key-frame icon next to the text position parameters. Now drag the On-Sceen Control to a point that will be easily visible through the entire clip. Once in position press the right arrow key on your keyboard. This will advance a single frame. Now drag the on-Screen Control to the same spot as the object moves around. Because this position is different than the previous frame ... It will auto-keyframe in Final Cut Pro X. In this clip, we are going to focus in the top center of the subjects head. You don't have to keyframe every frame. It depends on the amount of movement in your clip. For this example, we keyframed every 5 to 7 frames. Once that process is complete, turn off the magnification and make the text visible again. We will begin to work with the X,Y and Z angles of the Text next. Again, go to the beginning of your clip and select the keyframe icon in the x-Rotation parameter and adjust and keyframe as we did with the position. In this example we only need two keyframes for X-Rotation. One when this subjects head is on the floor and another when she is in a full upright position. Y rotation in this scene will also only need two keyframes. One when the subject is fully upright and another at the end. This gives the illusion the text is turning and leaving the scene. There is no z rotation needed in this scene... But it is completed the same way. Next is Text Scale. As the subject moves towards the screen it needs
12 Jan 2018
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Let’s face it. Whether you are a first time web master or you already have sites running, from updating plugins/themes to maintenance and back-ups, fixing little errors or tweeking things to make your website beautiful, when it comes to doing them, the administration, maintenance and fixes are not less than nightmares. How much easier would it be if you could spend more time thinking about content generation, or a product idea, or your next great launch without fretting about the essential but un-sexy things you need to do to keep your blog/website secure, bug-free and beautiful? Choose this package if you think that you would rather like to peacefully focus on growing your business/blog than dipping into the issues related to the fixing, tweeking and maintaining your wordpress website, which is indeed time taking and brain-boggling.
9 Jan 2018
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Hey, I'm back with new after effects tutorial. No third party plugin required. SUbscribe my youtube channel.....
9 Jan 2018
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make your own plugin
13 Mar 2007
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Videobloggers take note: the Revver Wordpress Video Plugin does all kinds of cool stuff to your WP blog, including allowing your subscribers to leave video responses to your posts. see how it works in this vid.
11 Oct 2007
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This is a cracking plugin if you want to strip clothes off someone in a photo
16 Apr 2008
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