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*******SeattlePlumbingExperts**** Plumbing Contractors Seattle WA Plumbing Contractors Seattle WA *******SeattlePlumbingExperts**** 425-999-4525 Recommend the Following Tools Professional plumbing companies often say that many of the issues that customers have either could have been minimized or reduced had the home owner known a few basics and done a few things before calling in the professionals. There are a few basic plumbing issues that can either be fixed, or minimize the damage before the professional plumber comes in. If you keep these basic plumbing tools on hand you may be able handle the problem yourself. 1. A Closet Auger – This is a tool that many plumbing contractors in Seattle WA recommend that homeowners keep this in their tool kit. The auger feeds into a toilet and unclogs it when it is pulled out. You use this when a plunger doesn’t work. It is also good for getting toys and things the kids get down the toilet. 2. A plunger – Every home has to have a plunger for small clogs 3. A pipe wrench – These come in many different sizes. These are made to grip a pipe, so it can easily be turned. Most plumbing contractors in Seattle WA recommend that people keep 2 or 3 of these on hand in different sizes. 4. The basin wrench is long handled and has jaws on the end. These are made to get behind the basin to the pipe that attaches the faucet. You need this to fix a faucet or a basin. 5. Teflon tape - This is a thin white tape that seals the threads in pipes. When you purchase this tape you will find that it isn’t adhesive but that it seals with pressure. This tape is very easy to install you just wrap it around the pipe and then place the connector in. 6. Another tool that plumbing contractors in Seattle WA recommend is the pipe cutter for PVC. This works for small repairs and works with pipes up to an inch in diameter. Of course, if the problem is bigger than that then you need to call professional plumbing contractors in Seattle WA. There are many small plumbing problems that you can fix yourself, if you have the right tools on hand. However if you feel inexperienced or nervous about the job then you are probably better off calling in good plumbing contractors in Seattle WA. Come to *******SeattlePlumbingExperts**** and see what we can do for you. Whether it is a full installation, a repair, or the installation of additional plumbing fixtures Plumbing contractors in Seattle WA can help. Whatever Seattle WA zip code you live in, whether it be 98199, 98168, 98129, 98101, 98055, 98030, 98089, 98371, 98375 or 98004, we can help. Give us a call at 425-999-4525
19 Jan 2010
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Tools make works easier & faster.Miscellaneous Electrical & Miscellaneous Plumbing tools are to do works smoothly. Before buy a power tool you have to know about it. The best way to know it is take a review at *******www.protoolreviews****
2 Dec 2009
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Thinking that he only has hours left to live, Mickey Rooney attempts to disarm a time bomb with plumbing tools. The clip is from the "Hey, Mulligan" episode Seven Days To Doom. It is available on "Hey, Mulligan" Vol 2 at HoughsVideos.50Megs.Com
11 Feb 2009
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