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Plutonium - Live show at the Red Sea Jazz Festival, 1999 Arnon Palty - Bass & Leadership Nir Yaniv - Lead Vocal Amos Hadani - Guitar Idan Sochovolsky - Keyboards Nimrod Elisar - Drums Gabi Frank - Lead Trumpet Udi Chontkovsky - 2nd Trumpet Tomer George Cohen - Sax Yuval Tabechnik - Sax Oded Meir - Trombone Music & Lyrics by Arnon Palty
26 Aug 2008
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Ambient Industrial made by CHASMA in Studio Reichtag 2009.
28 May 2009
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Recorded in Honolulu, Hawaii, on April 23, 1993. Featuring: Francesco Crosara (keyboards), Aaron Aranita (tenor sax), John Kolivas (bass), Giancarlo Aru (drums).
12 Sep 2011
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www.laureltreeproductions**** What would you do with a Time Machine?
6 Nov 2011
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A Hero made out of Plutonium, what else could you ask for
3 Sep 2007
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crazy crap about Pluto, plutonium. I dunno
4 Mar 2008
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“Now to North Korea, where an American nuclear scientists says he is “stunned” by their large new uranium enrichment facility.” (NBC) The latest bombshell regarding nuclear weapons was uncovered Sunday morning – as a brand new nuclear facility in North Korea was discovered. The facility was described as surprisingly advanced – and also equipped with hundreds of centrifuges. The leak has the media questioning what’s really going on in North Korea. HLN didn’t seem surprised by the facility and says that the U.S. knew this might be happening. “North Korea already has nukes based on plutonium. So the new facility suggests that it may also be trying to build uranium ones. A senior white official says that the U.S. suspected North Korea was doing this.” On Fox News Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard calls it another act of deception by North Korea – and says we the U.S. should be concerned. “They have managed to cheat and deceive once again, and construct a whole uranium enrichment facility, apparently unbeknownst to us. Maybe we did know about it, and haven’t talked about it, but there’s no evidence of that, which makes one worried about what else is happening in North Korea, and there proliferation of such weapons. And we’ve had a bipartisan failure in Korean policy for quite a long time.” And CNN echoes that fear – saying North Korea continues to violate NATO resolutions – while also not holding their word. “It is North Korea continuing on a path that is destabilizing for the region. It confirms, or validates, the concern we’ve had for years about their enriching uranium, which they’ve denied routinely. … It violates what they said they do in 2005, with respect to getting to the six party talks. So they are a country that we are routinely unable to believe they’d do what they say.” And South Korea’s JoonAng Daily says nobody should believe the North’s explanation for the facility – and that South Korea’s government is taking it very seriously. “But no one would believe North Korea’s explanation, as there is no need to construct a massive enrichment facility only to produce low-enriched uranium. The United States immediately sent Special Representative for North Korea Policy Stephen Bosworth to South Korea, China and Japan to deal with the situation, and our government is also paying close attention to that.”
23 Nov 2010
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BY CHRISTINE SLUSSER ANCHOR Megan Murphy You're watching multisource world news analysis from Newsy With fears of a catastrophic melt-down still resonating and the discovery of plutonium now hitting headlines -- media outlets wonder -- is the Japanese government doing all it can to battle its nuclear crisis? “Highly radioactive water has been found for the first time outside one of the reactor buildings at the damaged Fukushima nuclear power plant, adding to the mounting problems, officials have also detected plutonium in the soil at the plant.” (Video: Times Now) The Japanese government itself -- continues to insist -- there’s nothing to fear. “Officials insist the plutonium does not pose a health threat. In fact, some of it is decades-old residue from nuclear weapons testing. The latest setbacks are fueling a collapse of confidence in the government’s handling of the nuclear crisis.” (Video: CBS) The New York Post says Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant managers are downplaying the discovery of plutonium. “Plutonium breaks down very slowly and can remain dangerously radioactive for hundreds of thousands of years. The plutonium discovery, from samples taken a week ago, was the latest in a string of sky-is-falling updates that has put Japan and much of the world on edge.” A Japanese government spokesman calls the situation a “delicate balancing act” - as workers try to cool overheating reactors, but at the same time contaminate the water. In an article in The Guardian, a nuclear safety expert says, the Japanese government is sending out mixed signals. "What is fundamentally disturbing the public is reports of drinking water one day being above some limit, and then a day or two later it's suddenly safe to drink. People don't know if the first instance was alarmist or whether the second one was untrue...” Japan’s Prime Minister has put the country on “maximum alert”. MSNBC reports hopes are fading. “It’s hard because a workable solution to get control of the reactors has yet to be reached. The government spokesman simply called it a delicate balancing act, but offered little in the way of any new plan to attack the problem.” ...but the Financial Post argues the simple fear of radiation can be more damaging than the radiation itself--and reports harm in small doses is just a theory, while harm from fear is proven. “The incalculable harm that came of the panic that accompanied Chernobyl cannot be undone. Some 336,000 people in the vicinity of Chernobyl were evacuated from their homes and workplaces, most of them becoming impoverished as a result ... with an epidemic of afflictions among the evacuees that included depression, anxiety, alcohol and drug abuse, terminations of wanted pregnancies, and suicides.” Japan’s Prime Minister says the situation is still quote “unpredictable”. Follow Newsy_Videos on Twitter Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy
5 Apr 2011
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"The fission between human and reality remained suspended in a trice of hypercritical contraction. The radiations took the sky. And we still dream of nightmares." One minute do not forget. Luca Nanini (Italy-2007)
23 Aug 2007
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who even thinks this stuff up?
7 Mar 2008
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Many people realize that this mystifying situation, in which an alleged democratic and self-governing nation is actually controlled against the will of the people. Once identified, there appears to be a clear indication that there exists a very powerful and occult organization which plans and directs world affairs.
19 Jun 2008
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9 Apr 2008
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25 Apr 2008
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25 Apr 2008
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Thing about Uranium is the the price has been hammered from an all-time high, yet there is massive and increasing demand for the stuff and a finite supply. And, call us simplistic, but given time that might well resound around your portfolio.
26 Feb 2010
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