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This is a Hindi poem about the excessive use of social media. Welcome to a unique hindi poetry channel Poems of Akash.
4 Oct 2017
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Sher o shayari urdu images
28 Sep 2017
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Allama iqbal sher o shayari urdu images Sir Allama Muhammad Iqbal محمد اقبال Allama Sir Muhammad Iqbal Born Muhammad Iqbal 9 November 1877 Sialkot, Punjab, British India Died 21 April 1938 (aged 60) Lahore, Punjab, British India Other names Poet of the East شاعر مشرق Alma mater Scotch Mission College (F.A.) Government College (B.A., M.A.) University of Cambridge (B.A.) University of Munich (Ph.D.) Notable work Asrar-e-Khudi, Rumuz-e-Bekhudi, Payam-e-Mashriq, Zabur-e-Ajam, Javed Nama (more works) Era 20th-century philosophy Region British Raj Main interests Urdu poetry, Persian poetry, Law Notable ideas Two-nation theory, Conception of Pakistan allama iqbal shyari in urdu shayari in urdu all time best in urdu shayari in urdu all time best sher o shayari urdu اگـر يہ آنکھیں آخرى لمحے تمہیں نہ ديکھ سکیں تب بھى يہ يقين رکھنا ان میں آخرى عکس تمہارا ہى ہوگا کہ میری بينائی تم ہو !! more allama iqbal video
27 Sep 2017
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20 Sep 2017
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Girl Companion of mine!' Free Audio Poetry by Steve Caresser
15 Sep 2017
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MAD WORLD - Did this version of the song Mad World along with an original Splendor in the Grass. Song is on the Last I Saw My Childhood Friends full online LP. I talked Robin into singing the first intro part of Mad World and last part of the song. I did the vocals in the middle. Love Robin’s voice. Love the song Mad World by the 80’s New Wave band Tears For Fears. The song is maybe one of the top three songs in my opinion written in the late 20th century along with Bittersweet Symphony and Turn Turn Turn. Gary Jules does a beautiful version in the movie Donnie Darko which is a beautifully written Independent Sci-Fi film. If you haven’t seen the film go see it. It’s a strange wonderful movie. Played Splendor in the Grass on acoustic guitar live in a lo fi setting in front of my computer using it’s mic and video camera. Got my computer to recite the poetry for Splendor in the Grass my all time favorite poem. Thanks Hal. Splendor is recorded raw in lo fi. Love one take with mistakes raw sound. Shows we're still human. Recording in lo fi is like eating raw vegetables. You either hate it or love it. LOL. Please give a listen and watch. The Video is produced in a CINEMATIC psychedelic folk phantasm style. - Lenny
15 Sep 2017
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this video shows how a man described his view in poetry for his wife and Mother. watch it and decide
14 Sep 2017
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WordPress is like poetry to us Our codes are beautifully crafted and our designs are amazing. With this, we create easy to use website, yet agile and adaptive to engage your customers and deliver your desired bottom line. Our WordPress Website Development Services PSD to WordPress WordPress Template Customization WordPress website Update, Fixing & Troubleshooting Web Performance Optimization WordPress website development company the UK CMS Migration to your WordPress website SEO & Digital Marketing WordPress website LMS Integration WordPress website development with Secure hosting and maintenance Contact us "Addon Solutions Pvt. Ltd."
29 Aug 2017
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A reading of Daddy, a poem by Sylvia Plath
17 Aug 2017
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Rick Ross & Hip-Hop Life HD DVD Trailer – FuTurXTV – Velocity Productions – Director David Velo Stewart – Producer & Writer David L. “Money Train” Watts - Rick Ross – Young Jeezy – Trina – Fat Joe – Hiphopbattle – HHBMedia – Money Train – DJ Sassy – Betsie Dsane – Shark Energy Drink – Coby Electronics – Screen Media – Universal Studios HIP-HOP LIFE is one of the highest quality filmed and recorded independent HD urban/Hip-Hop music DVDs ever to be released in the market. Hip-Hop Life is a pulsating, captivating non-stop 90-minute lyrical explosion featuring some of the world’s biggest and most successful names in rap…like multi-platinum mega-star Rick Ross and Def Jam’s platinum star Young Jeezy. Hip-Hop Life will be forever stamped in time as the biggest and most expensive City vs City MC battle ever produced. Raised on the streets and born on the mike; Hip-Hop Life unleashes “Da New Breed” of freestyle warriors that take MC Battling and “gangsta poetry” to the highest levels. The quest for “Rhyme City Supremacy” in the Hip-Hop Life DVD is an uncensored, unpredictable and unmerciful verbal warfare of the most intense degree. Hip-Hop Life was distributed by Screen Media and Universal Studios.
5 Aug 2017
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an epitaph to darker daze
9 Jul 2017
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an earlier composition
7 Jul 2017
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