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Commercially available kits should be used to test household paint (except in houses built after 1978), ceramics made outside the United States, and water supplies for lead content. Measures that reduce the risk of household poisoning include regular cleaning, such as Hand washing Washing of children’s toys and pacifiers Cleaning of household surfaces Dusting affected windowsills weekly with a damp cloth Chipped leaded paint should be repaired. Larger renovation projects to remove leaded paint can release large quantities of lead into the house and should be done professionally. Commercially available faucet filters can remove most lead from drinking water. Adults exposed to lead dust at work should Use appropriate personal protective equipment Change their clothing and shoes before going home Shower before going to bed
28 Sep 2017
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Stopping exposure to lead Sometimes whole-bowel irrigation Sometimes chelation therapy and mineral supplements Treatment consists of stopping exposure to lead and removing accumulated lead from the body. If an abdominal x-ray shows lead chips, a special solution of polyethylene glycol is given by mouth or through a stomach tube to wash the contents of the stomach and intestines (a process called whole-bowel irrigation). Doctors remove lead from the body by giving drugs that bind with the lead (chelation therapy), allowing it to pass into the urine. All drugs that remove lead work slowly and can cause serious side effects. Succimer is one drug used in chelation therapy. People with mild lead poisoning are given succimer by mouth. People with more serious lead poisoning are treated in the hospital with injections of chelating drugs, such as dimercaprol, succimer, and edetate calcium disodium. Because chelating drugs also can remove beneficial minerals, such as zinc, copper, and iron, from the body, the person often is given supplements of these minerals. Even after treatment, many children with encephalopathy develop some degree of permanent brain damage. Kidney damage is also sometimes permanent.
4 Oct 2017
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This is my first full gameplay of the hidden object game Paranormal State Poison Spring made by a Polish developer, Teyon.
8 Oct 2017
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At DrinksTv**** vote for Isaac for Best Bartender in South Florida. Choose your favorite bartender & rate them on personality, cocktails, & looks at DrinksTv****
27 Mar 2007
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This is a piece of a video explaining how the Gerson Method of fighting cancer will work for you. I have heard nothing but good things and felt it my obligation to spread the word. IF you know somwone with any cancer you need to go to their site and read some more. IT could save a life. Please leave a comment if you know anyone that has benifited
9 Jan 2007
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Taken 10-15 meters underwater, they are only moderately large, rarely exceeding 2 m in length, often with peculiarly small heads for their body-size.
18 Feb 2007
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2 SURPRISING DEATH BED CONFESSIONS. Mo' betta jokes at *******dajoker.ning**** - the free network for anonymous joke tellers to publish videos of them telling their best (clean to obscene) jokes.
26 May 2007
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I figured out that by just simply mixing these 4 extremely common household medications and applying it to your affected area, you will be not only relieved from the itch but from most of the spreading and painful irritation! The Hydrogen Peroxide takes effect in simply 4 seconds, the Iodine takes effect in about 15 seconds, the Caladryl takes effect in about 30 seconds, then the Benedryl Powder takes effect in approx. 1 minute. Enjoy!!
24 Jul 2007
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I put this together with one of my all time favorite HIM songs. If you by any chance want any of the photos, then I can email them to you. Thanks for taking the time to look at my work...
23 Oct 2007
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Our cousins returned from a catering gig with food they were given. One container was found to have a soup of some sort... when we popped it open we were confronted with a bubbling cauldron - in mid 50 degree weatehr....
22 Dec 2007
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The puffer fish is a very expensive dish to eat...but watch out, it can kill you. See All National Geographic Videos
23 Sep 2008
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9 Apr 2008
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french/african rap , nice!!!! Stop wars!!!!!!
9 Jul 2009
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18 May 2008
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Students at St. Timothy Middle School on King Phillip Drive in West Hartford, Conneticut have been evacuated and dozens taken by ambulance.
7 Jun 2008
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This 1951 film, sponsored by the U.S. Federal Civil Defense Administration, attempts to convince citizens to stay in their cities and fight in the event of a nuclear attack and nuclear war in America. Framed by a conversation between a newspaper editor and his colleague, the film claims that by fleeing threatened cities, citizens would be traitors contributing to decreased productivity and low morale. Instead the film insists citizens stay in their cities to help fight fires, clean up debris, and aid their neighbors. The film claims that people should not fear radiation and nuclear fallout as it clears up in a day or two. This downplaying of the dreadful effects of radiation is a recurring theme in American Cold War propaganda. Many different scenes showing war-torn European cities and mass evacuations, and even footage of New York’s Holland Tunnel and Penn Station, punctuate this amazing civil defense film that's rank with propaganda techniques.
30 Dec 2008
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