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Pokemon Indigo v1.1 new BETA release Locations of available Legendaries Pokemon Indigo - Online Pokemon Game Your next Online Pokémon Game experience begins! Where to signup: *******www.pokemonindigo****/signup.php?ref=Ringleader Need help? Visit the forum: You can also join our clan Rising Chaos *******www.s11.invisionfree****/indigoportal Get firefox: *******www.mozilla****/products/download.html?product=firefox- Want the font i used in the vid and many more? *******rapidshare****/files/113463976/Fonts.rar.html
3 Nov 2011
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Play-Asia Is Now Selling Pokemon Black and White! (Click Here To View Links) [Japanese] Pokemon Black: ***********/SOap-23-83-foyz-71-9g-84-j-70-3vy7.html Pokemon White: ***********/SOap-23-83-foyz-49-en-84-j-70-3vy6.html [English] Pokemon Black: ***********/SOap-23-83-foyz-71-ba-84-j-70-3vy9.html Pokemon White: ***********/SOap-23-83-foyz-49-en-84-j-70-3vy8.html Pokemon Black and White! The New 5th Generation Pokemon Game News Have Officially Begun! Corocoro Magazine To Reveal More On April 15, 2010
6 Nov 2011
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This was just a short flash I did for some timing practice in my animation class. Just something to try out some different things. Like the sideways lipsynching, and some more animation than I normally do. Oh yeah and I love Pokemon, I know it's been awhile since Pokemon black/white came out, But I love that game. If you ever liked any Pokemon game remotely you should play it.
20 Nov 2011
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'LIKE' JakJayProductions on Facebook! *******www.facebook****/pages/JJP/300966546582043 This is a video showing people what the online Pokemon Game is like. For me, it's amazing, I grew up with the first generation of Pokemon, you know, Blue, Red, Yellow, and the second generation, Silver and Gold on the GBA. They were great, now to see them with better graphics, more colour and combine them all together is amazing, never mind the fact it's online. All in all, this is like my childhood dream come true! It's so amazing, I love it, now I'm 16 years old, and I thinks it's so good, I have been playing it recently instead of playing CoD. This is only the BETA version, and so if you do on go it, there will be a few minor bugs and glitches, but nothing to bad, I don't think :S. This was recorded on the 10th Feb 2010. Anyway, you can download it from here: *******www.pokemonworldonline****/ Then you just go on downloads and download it from a torrent. It's about 40mb big and you need to sign up on the website, then validate of account through your email. It's all free, but you can choose to pay, and become a member and your chances of catching a shiny pokemon goes up by 400% and you get more Pokedollars. You can purchase items and trade pokemon and battle eachother anywhere. It's pretty cool you know, I suggest it if you like Pokemon even a little. To buy beautiful pictures, from around the world, visit: ***********/2020imagesUK
10 Dec 2011
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This is a video of Baby Lugia evolving into Lugia in the game Pokemon Ruby Destiny: Reign of Legends. This game is a hack of Pokemon Ruby and made by destinedjagold. Baby Lugia is a pokemon that was made specifically for this hack, and does not exist in any other pokemon games. Baby Lugia evolved through happiness/kindness.
25 Dec 2011
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YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! New walkthrough. Note that the next video will not be out till probably next Monday, make that Tuesday, whoops, make that Wednesday, I mean Thursday because I'm gonna be outta town this weekend and I'm packed jammed with homework. I wanted to at least get this started so you know that it will be here. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of the Sky (PMD EotS, my abbreviation XD) was released October 12th 2009 in America. It is basically an enhanced version of PMD Time and Darkness. I originally wasn't going to do a walkthrough on this but I got so many requests for it I couldn't deny it. Plus, the Mystery Dungeon series have been my favorite Pokemon games since Emerald in which I enjoy them for the freshness they bring to the series. I brought you this walkthrough to relive those old memories that I so enjoyed in PMD2 Time/Darkness, and also to bring aftergame and new features back around this time. As for this video, technically it begins at 3:00. Anything before that is just introduction stuff. It's always so difficult to start a walkthrough, cut me some slack if your a newcomer to my videos because there always rough starts. This walkthrough will run fairly slowly until I can finish off Emerald which will be very shortly. Widescreen, HD quality, cool sidebars, it's gonna be an awesome remade walkthrough. The map at the beginning if I didn't update it already is going to be an annotations map to link you to different parts of the walkthrough as the walkthrough progresses. It won't serve much purpose until I get further along with the walkthrough. Just something different I'm trying and may totally be a failure but I like trying new things. I spent 3 hours on remixing my intro from PMD2 and I must say I've outdone myself again. That intro was so loved that I had to remix it and bring it back. Credit goes to PokeRemixStudio for the remixed version of the song Dark/Primal Dialga. Lol, he told me I could use his music like a year ago, hope he still doesn't mind. XD MetasWorkshop as usual is the artist behind the walkthrough. He did the beach sidebars at the end and you'll see lots of his art probably throughout the walkthrough. Note, major thing I left out of this video was the Pokemon quiz. I always cut this out because of time restraints. The Pokemon quiz is used to determine which Pokemon you are. It's based on the personality you receive. The Pokemon you can be are all 12 starters, Pikachu, Vulpix (Not in PMD T/D), Eevee (Not in PMD T/D), Skitty (Must be female for Vulpix, Skitty, and Eevee), Shinx (Not in PMD T/D), Phanpy (Not in PMD T/D), and Riolu (Not in PMD T/D)(Must be male for Shinx, Phanpy, Riolu). In addition you can pick a partner that does NOT match your type and in addition you can have Munchlax and Meowth as partners. FAQs & FSC (Frequently asked questions and Frequently seen comments) Why did I pick Mudkip and Treecko? There my classics. There my favorite two pokes out of the list. And it's how people recognize me. If your tired of the combination, suck it up. I use those two pokemon like many people use there favorite two over and over again. Fool, pick Riolu! People yelled at me for getting darkness over time because of riolu, and now people are yelling at me for not using riolu. If there is one thing I hate, it's when starters are so overused to the point it sickens me. Chimchar was so overused that I learned to hate it, it's not a bad Pokemon, it's just, I don't want to be exactly like the crowd. Also, have you people forgotten a little recruit called Skarmory, can't have two steel types. I don't hate riolu but it really gets to much attention. What is the difference between EotS?/There is no difference, why are you playing this! There are indeed differences, not an insane amount but the biggest addition is the side quests now. There are a few other things that I will point out as the walkthrough progresses. Did you use a ROM? No, I hate ROMs in general, I hate them even more for recording games. I like my classic camcorder much more than a ROM. How is my quality so good, I have a lot of experience in both filming and editing so I can get a really precise shot. You tired of reading, if you still are, congrats. You get an invisible non existent cookie! Thank You and Enjoy Visit The SS Fan Forums where you can chat and have fun with other SS fans at... *******superskarmory.forumotion****
4 Jan 2012
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Please Share This Video on with your friends Facebook/twitter! :D Please Watch in HD! :) . Well it took me 2 weeks to make this but here it is! Enjoy! Also my first interactive video ever. It features Rebecca Black wit her song 'Friday' and also (poptart) Nyan cat with his song. Again, this is not meant to be hurtful to anyone, rebecca could also win! I woke up on a beautiful morning and then this idea came up in me. So yeah that's the whole story actually. The Ironic thing is it was on a Friday. made in after effects CS3. Credit's to Rebecca Black , this video is not meant to be hurtful to her, nor anyone. You got to admit Rebecca makes some good music, such as 'My Moment''. She's from Pop Last Night Singer. Also saraj00n for Nyan (poptart) cat And of course nintendo for brining the pokemon game out! Pokemon is righted by nintendo and i do not own any of the items used in this video, although I made the most part of the things myself. DJAelxs for his song at the ending (Nyan Cat dubstep remix) Well enjoy this video, I'm going to make me a sandwich.
7 Jan 2012
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My Website: *******kylelandry**** Here's a medley of a few themes from the wondrous pokemon games for the gameboy arranged by myself! order: 1) 00:01 Opening Theme (in most of them) 2) 00:59 Pallet Town (red, blue) 3) 01:52 Route Theme no2 (red, blue) 4) 02:53 Pokemon League (diamond, pearl) 5) 04:08 Bike Theme (gold, silver) 6) 04:36 Verdanturf Town (ruby, sapphire) 7) 05:38 Celadon City (red, blue) 8) 06:08 S.S. Anne Theme (red, blue) 9) 07:04 Elite Four (red, blue) Some new lighting, hope it's not too dark. Enjoy! Kyle Landry This video has now been transcribed into sheet music available on my website!
9 Feb 2012
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Part 1 of all my Legendary Pokemon that are shown here in the new Pokemon Games, Black and White.
23 Feb 2012
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This is me playing the first part of the Shiny Gold remake of the old Gold/Silver Pokemon games for Game Boy Color. This game was created by Zel on the PokeCommunity forums. *******pokecommunity****/ EDIT: Okay, this is getting annoying. For those of you that think it is fake. It is not fake, however you cannot just go out and buy it. As many people have said, it's a hack which you can play on your computer. First you need the program Visual Boy Advance(Search on Google, not hard to find) Then you must go to *******pokecommunity****. The full link is here *******www.pkmncommunity****/showthread.php?t=74447 The thread is currently closed, but you can still download the file. Then you need to Patch the file using IPS Patch (Also search on Pokecommunity, theres a tutorial on how to patch. It's not difficult. You also have to have a clean copy of a Pokemon Firered Rom (Search on Google) Ask me questions, and I'll try to answer them. So, once again it is not fake.
9 Apr 2012
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Pokedex 3D, The First 3D Pokemon Game.
12 Apr 2012
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****PLEASE READ BEFORE WATCHING!!!**** This is a Tool-Assisted Superplay of Pokémon Silver. This was made on an emulator using savestates, rerecordings. slowdown, and frame by frame recording. This video is not meant to show any skill but is only indented for entertainment and showing how far this game can be pushed to its limits!!! If you don't know what a TAS is, please take some time and look at this page *******tasvideos****/FAQ.html Also, if you think this is cheating, watch this video explaining the differences between TASes and normal gameplay- ***********/watch?v=aACVCFO4ME0 Please note that the "Dogs" are always randomly located, but by using rerecords and luck manipulation, they can be found as fast as this or faster. Catching them was also tricky, but for all of the pokemon games, there is a very, very small chance that you can catch a wild pokemon with 1 pokeball, so I was able to test frames until I found the correct one. I've been planning to make a run like this for a very long time now, I just never felt like trying until yesterday. This was very frustrating to make, but the end result is cool. This isn't meant to be optimal or anything, just showing that with extreme luck, these 3 tricky to find and catch dogs can be found extremely fast Enjoy! If you're bored, you can watch the run on vba 19.3, It hopefully shouldn't desynch (It didnt for one of my other friends XD) *******www.megaupload****/?d=40JTZPIQ or *******rapidshare****/files/185104064/Copy_of_Copy_of_dogTAS.vbm Update- 9/29/2009~100k views.
12 May 2012
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ultra low quality first wii pokemon game
18 Jun 2012
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READ DESCRIPTION Happy Halloween! This is a documentary about all the creepy myths and truths Lavender Town in the original Pokemon games has spawned. Heavily inspired by BlameTruth and his series called Scary Pokemon Blue Story. This video is for entertainment and educational purposes only. I received permission for all clips in this video from their respective owners. Subscribe to BlameTruth, as he is currently investigating his own Lavender Town related story, as talked about in this video. ***********/user/BlameTruth White Hand sprite artist: ***********/user/KamioftheMoon Also if you enjoyed this video please subscribe to me for HD gaming content including Fallout: New Vegas, Skyrim, Gears of War 3, and more! UPDATE 04/25/12 - 500 likes! Thank you so much for all the support! UPDATE 05/12/12 - 1000 likes! This is amazing! You guys legitimately rock! UPDATE 06/17/12 - 2000 likes! Holy crap! This is awesome, THIS IS SPARTA! Check out our new gaming series The Nerd Cave! ***********/playlist?list=PL808C13C22F7FBBB4&feature=view_all
3 Nov 2012
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I'm not really good at Pokemon Stadium 2, but I used to love Pokemon Red when I was a kid. So I tried play Pokemon Stadium 2 again. This game is probably one of the hardest pokemon games out there. Without a buffed up team, the AI can take you out easily. Unlike the gameboy games, the AI in these gets one too many lucky breaks, such as Thunder missing more than twice in a row, depsite the accuracy being 70%, or a move like Cross Chop or Fissure hitting you 90% of the time, even though the accuracy is way less. And the worst ones are the moves that can cause you to Flinch, which just so happens to MAKE you flinch multiple times in a row. Anyway, this is Round 2. Once you beat everything in Round 1, you have to do it all over again in Round 2. The difference between the two is Round 2 has more difficult Pokemon with higher stats. Which makes it NEAR possible to beat with the horrible rental Pokemon. It would be less difficult if the AI didn't cheat as much as it does. But to save agrivation, I re-played Pokemon Red and built a team that maximusair suggested. Lance is the Champion of the Jhoto Castle. Beat him, and you go to the Kanto (which I personally find easier) Gym Leader Castle. Lance is still a Dragon trainer, so that shouldn't be a surprise. Electabuzz was basically my fodder starter to paralyze whatever shows up first. Then Lapras to confuse and take everything down. Snorlax was the backup. Sometimes Tryanitar doesn't start though, which would make this even easier as Electabuzz wouldn't go down as easy to anything else. When I get to Rival in R2 I'll record that too, but I'm not gunna record anything else from the game, I only wanted to do this one because Lance is a cool opponent and the music is cool. *******www.stickam****/profile/Bizkit047
15 Dec 2012
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All the Bosses in Donkey Kong Country Returns as well as the credits, enjoy. Personally at first I didn't like this game because everyone was comparing it to the SNES series and it really is a lot different than the original. That being said, I think this game is great and the more and more I've played it, the more I love it. This game is a lot tougher than any of the original games were. I know a lot of people were disappointed that the Kremlings did not return in this game. At first I was as well, however, the more and more I've played the game, the more I love the Tiki's. I think they were great villains and Tiki Tong actually is a really cool boss. Now on to the bosses: 1) Very simple, jump over him and you will have no problems. 2) Personally one of the best in any of the games, cool music and fun boss fight. 3) Like this boss a lot as well, very fun to fight, I know a lot of people think of Kazooie, I've never even played Pokemon games and I immediately thought of Ho-Oh. 4) this level is very easy with Diddy, without him, it is a lot more difficult. 5) Boss is a lot more harder I think with the Nunchuck combination than the Wiimote by itself. 6) Same as Mugly, just duck to avoid his fire attack, was really hoping for another snow world. 7) Love this guy, his theme and boss battle are great, he at first is a little difficult, but once you recognize his attacks, he really is easy. 8) Tiki Tong is one of my favorite final bosses ever, he has a great theme and without Diddy, actually is a little challenging. Love this game and would tell anyone to go out and buy it.
14 Jan 2013
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