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10 Jun 2009
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-SUBSCRIBE OR DIE- comment, and favorite everybody! It means a lot! Thanks! :D Download the MP3 here: to Adorian for the help! TO HIM! Lyrics: Verse 1 I pull out my game boy, now im ready, pop in the cartridge, palms are sweaty. right when i start it up, people wanna see whats up, i got dat real juice in my cup. dont gotta ask me twice, i aint feelin nice, got my charizard, and im not thinkin right. if you get in my way, you'll get takin down, oh, did i just knock your squirtle out? yeah uh yeah yeah uh yeah yeah uh yeah whattt? Chorus It's pokemon, and its FOR THE WIN! if you challenge me, the beginning is the fin! and uh, i dont brag but uh, dont start me up, cause uh, ill take ya out, and ill take the winning cup. cause im a pokemaster, thats my fame, ash is a pussy, arsha is my name, i only played the red and blue games, but that doesnt mean that im lame... does it? naw! yeah uh yeah yeah uh yeah yeah uh yeah whattt? Verse 2 Listen up, cause im makin an announcement, you got a problem, dont whisper it shout it! i got the badges that you wish you had, and i earned em with a magikarp, thats sad! and uh, i dont mind if you wanna challenge me, but uh, make it worth the while cause i aint free. and if you suck then ill just take ur cash, and remember the name, its arsha, not ash! yeah uh yeah yeah uh yeah yeah uh yeah whattt?
7 Dec 2008
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ok...well here is the old japanese pokemon platinum commercial
28 Feb 2009
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ok...well here is the new japanese pokemon platinum commercial
8 Jan 2009
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Pokemon Techno Remix- DJ Rex Raven
8 Nov 2008
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Anime USA 2008 - #09 It's a Pokemons World
20 Oct 2008
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16 Jun 2009
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this vid is about pokemon. music Linkin Park - in the end
13 Feb 2009
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this vid is about pokemon. music: Story of the Year - Until the day I die
22 Dec 2008
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A Pokemon website I found. Note: The Website is not mine.
20 Nov 2008
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The Pokemon Trader- I Am Giving Away Shiny Pokemon For Free In Diamond & Pearl, Please Read On To See How... Visit: *******www.pokeoak**** and post your request! ALL I ASK IN RETURN AFTER THE TRADE IS YOU SUBSCRIBE AND SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT ME
25 Nov 2008
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All you ahve to do is goto: *******www.pokeoak**** and post your request I.E - what pokemon you want, level ect ect ect more infor at: www.pokeoak****
25 Nov 2008
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guess um. a (hint: ones not a pokemon)
2 Dec 2008
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not much to say about this video...made this one when i first recieved pokemon platinum * thelax is using my pkmn diamond...i'm using my new pkmn platinum * this is battle 1 of 3 we did to find out how to use the battle recorder ^_^
5 Dec 2008
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Read description! Very important!Read description! Very important!Read description! Very important!Read description! Very important!Read description! Very important!Read description! Very important! Hey everyone! here is another Remix vid of the famous smosh video Smosh - Pokemon theme video! So i hope you like it! Comment and rate! And subscribe! Smosh too! Go smosh! Thanks for watching! Chipmunk style!
27 Feb 2009
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Watch as I go into battle in Pokemon diamond with my hacked Pokemon using pokesav game save running on my R4DS. Yes those are my Chimchars real moves...XD
18 Jan 2009
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