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Pokemon Red-Blue-Silver-Yellow'daki Mt. Moon tünelinden çıkış yolu
31 Aug 2008
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Two Pokemon players talk about the new Pokemon game. ||CREDITS|| Acting, Editing, Script - Phil Cooper Idea - Moderadour Thanks to - Marriland ||LINKS|| Phil Blog - Stalk Phil - Moderadour's YouTube - Marriland's YouTube - - Marriland Forums - Distributed by Tubemogul.
15 Sep 2008
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Este video va para los p**** pokemones que hay por todo el se lo dedico a nadie en especial pero si a todos los que nos destruye el real CWALK ... Tags: cwalk clown walk crown walk crip walk c-walk walking walkerz kyren gosu 5 london scrawler 50 cent eminem new york spain madrid nike cortez 72 bercial gangster viet jr vestige air force pimpmywalk thecwalk cwalk-movement hip hop rap ratting comment tv this not porn black westside eastside yahoo messenger hotmail id romanian united states of america dance street honey step up you got served tcw pmw dreams style youtube account new windows explorer free media download soundtrack film internet google edit tools help settings broadcast yourself video cewook hoodelement location map search linux xp vista cripping original gangster og x-zibit ice-cube nely ludacris fat joe bug mafia parazitii g-unit 2pac az akon j-kwon bloods crips busta rhymes cassidy chris brown d12 dmx dr.dre fabolous g dep ja rule jay-z juelz santana juvenile kurupt lil flip m.o.p. michael jackson nate dogg snoop dogg soulja boy the game twista connex vodafone orange amena logitech lg samsung sony vegas genius nokia motorola sony erricson siemens alcatel dolce gabana versace verbatim princo adidas reebok ecko unlimited el nino massimo dutty organza guci armani code philips coca cola fanta sprite sagem creative intel athlon music webcam web alfa romeo aston martin audi bmw citroen dodge ferrari fiat ford honda hyundai jaguar jeep lancia mazda lexus kia lada mercedes opel astra renault toyota volvo subaru chevrolet lamborghini hummer skoda seat dacia smart porche peugeot viper sport home dancing floor beat homie keep it up hard disk cleaner effects mail games multimedia sound informatica category channel community upload page file list save title information audio details advanced police madona britney soldier canada nice night good 3g date today clear mtv discovery animal planet s.f. live news view format
16 Sep 2008
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Excited Pokemon Kid musik video mp3 lied song text cool rap hiphop freestyle gangsta gangster killa killer wma trl charts voting exited overexcited blastoise exited overexited youtube you tube nintendo sixty four 64 remix wii kids translated christmas too get gets way and card cards videos pokemonkid pl for english children movies eko fresh kool savas bushido ceza solingen wald west foooooooooour your oğlan crazy deutsch olha so essa sementinha türkçe gut good türkiye çankırı çerkeş saçak Video rating: 5,0
10 Jun 2009
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-SUBSCRIBE OR DIE- comment, and favorite everybody! It means a lot! Thanks! :D Download the MP3 here: to Adorian for the help! TO HIM! Lyrics: Verse 1 I pull out my game boy, now im ready, pop in the cartridge, palms are sweaty. right when i start it up, people wanna see whats up, i got dat real juice in my cup. dont gotta ask me twice, i aint feelin nice, got my charizard, and im not thinkin right. if you get in my way, you'll get takin down, oh, did i just knock your squirtle out? yeah uh yeah yeah uh yeah yeah uh yeah whattt? Chorus It's pokemon, and its FOR THE WIN! if you challenge me, the beginning is the fin! and uh, i dont brag but uh, dont start me up, cause uh, ill take ya out, and ill take the winning cup. cause im a pokemaster, thats my fame, ash is a pussy, arsha is my name, i only played the red and blue games, but that doesnt mean that im lame... does it? naw! yeah uh yeah yeah uh yeah yeah uh yeah whattt? Verse 2 Listen up, cause im makin an announcement, you got a problem, dont whisper it shout it! i got the badges that you wish you had, and i earned em with a magikarp, thats sad! and uh, i dont mind if you wanna challenge me, but uh, make it worth the while cause i aint free. and if you suck then ill just take ur cash, and remember the name, its arsha, not ash! yeah uh yeah yeah uh yeah yeah uh yeah whattt?
7 Dec 2008
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ok...well here is the old japanese pokemon platinum commercial
28 Feb 2009
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ok...well here is the new japanese pokemon platinum commercial
8 Jan 2009
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Pokemon Techno Remix- DJ Rex Raven
8 Nov 2008
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Anime USA 2008 - #09 It's a Pokemons World
20 Oct 2008
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16 Jun 2009
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this vid is about pokemon. music Linkin Park - in the end
13 Feb 2009
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this vid is about pokemon. music: Story of the Year - Until the day I die
22 Dec 2008
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A Pokemon website I found. Note: The Website is not mine.
20 Nov 2008
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The Pokemon Trader- I Am Giving Away Shiny Pokemon For Free In Diamond & Pearl, Please Read On To See How... Visit: and post your request! ALL I ASK IN RETURN AFTER THE TRADE IS YOU SUBSCRIBE AND SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT ME
25 Nov 2008
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All you ahve to do is goto: and post your request I.E - what pokemon you want, level ect ect ect more infor at:
25 Nov 2008
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guess um. a (hint: ones not a pokemon)
2 Dec 2008
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