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The clip Bowling Championship Game from The Flintstones (1994) with Rick Moranis, John Goodman Yeah! Okay, Brother Flintstone, we need a strike to win. Can you do it? Is the Earth flat? Come on, Freddie! Come on, hit it! Come on, twinkle toes. Fred! Waka-waka-woo! Waka-waka-woo! Wooga-wooga-wee! Wooga-wooga-wee! Piki-piki-piki! Poki-poki-poki! Ahhhhhhhh-oooh! Lava juice! I would like to propose a toast... to not only a great bowler, but a great human being. And no offense to you guys. "Since I was just a lad of ten, I've had the very bestest friend. He may be big, he may be loud, so you'll never lose him in a crowd. But for my friend the special part... is what's behind his ribs... his heart. I owe my son to him, and now...
16 Nov 2011
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