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The Ellen Show Season: 11 Episode: 87 There are some pretty crazy police reports out there, and Ellen's found some of her favorites to share! Enjoy.
23 Jan 2014
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12 Apr 2014
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A DUI arrest turned into a disturbing strip search when four officers, three of whom were male, pinned an Illinois woman face down on the floor of a cell and stripped her of every piece of her clothing. According to a police report, her blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit, she was mouthy, kicking at them and resisting a pat-down. The woman is now suing. Jonna Spilbor told Gretchen Carlson that the search was illegal and the woman's rights were completely violated. "There is never a reason when someone gets stopped for DWI, there would never be a reason to strip search that person, male or female, unless you think they have an AK-47 or a kilo of coke in their colon!" Arthur Aidala agreed, saying, "There's no excuse for that ... none, zero, zilch." *******youtube****/user/healthmedicinesports
9 Sep 2014
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TW rape. an update & why i'm still unsettled. let's be facebook friends! *******www.facebook****/officiallacigreen twitter - *******www.twitter****/gogreen18 Tumblr for gifs & pics! (SFW) - *******lacigreen.tumblr**** REFERENCED Legal information on reporting rape ********rainn****/get-information/legal-information/reporting-rape ********rainn****/get-info/legal-information/working-with-the-criminal-justice-system Sam Pepper Police Reports & LAPD Investigation *******newmediarockstars****/2014/10/sam-pepper-reported-to-the-lapd-for-rape/ *************/newsbeat/29452837 97% of rapists receive no punishment ********rainn****/news-room/97-of-every-100-rapists-receive-no-punishment Predators prey on multiple people *******www.barcc****/information/facts/stats 400,000 rape kits remain untested *******abcnews.go****/blogs/politics/2012/12/bill-to-end-rape-kit-backlog-introduced-in-congress/ Rape near impossible to prosecute ******* Police don’t believe victims *******vaw.sagepub****/content/9/4/466.refs Dept of Justice, Roadblocks to justice in the case of rape (*strongly recommend) ******** The Daily Dot profile *******www.dailydot****/entertainment/sam-pepper-police-report-rape-allegations/ SOME VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE SEXUAL ABUSE Abuse on YouTube by tyrannosauruslexxx ************/watch?v=hBSW97HR6Ng Sexual Abuse Tag by JackHoward ************/watch?v=-8OKJaCyF1g YouTubers and Sexual Abuse by TheThirdPew ************/watch?v=q2P_h6_hKdc Sexual Abuse on YouTube by Beckie0 ************/watch?v=d3FDAMdUaG4 -not shown in video- A Quick Note to Alex Day by HaleyGHoover ************/watch?v=s5LCWVi2xSg YOU by JacksGap ************/watch?v=iBsYKkQdLxU Sam Pepper: Sexual Abuse or Social Experiment? by SourceFed ************/watch?v=vUKwYyjoRBg SUMMARY Laci Green provides an update in the wake of allegations of rape and sexual assault against fellow YouTuber Sam Pepper.
23 Oct 2014
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A woman was arrested and charged with child rape related charges after she allegedly rapes infants at a day care center, according to police reports in Ohio. CHECK IT OUT: ******* ------------------------------------------------------------------------- CONNECT WITH US: iO Facebook: ********www.facebook****/InformOverload?ref=ts&fref=ts iO Twitter: ********twitter****/InformOverload iO Instagram: *******instagram****/informoverload ------------------------------------------------------------------------- IN THIS VIDEO: Michael: *******www.michaelmccrudden****
28 Oct 2014
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"Police fired shots … Next thing I know I think he missed him. Then the dude started running – kept coming towards the police." NEW VIDEO: Michael Brown Family Lawyer Makes False Claim about Autopsy Findings ************/watch?v=7qPPsuX4HGo&list=PLfrlsC1yJ2dQ-WqO5qPPJiJul1zQvgsnG Mike Brown EyeWitness Crime Scene Video Ferguson, MO ******* (Video was made private, now it is public again) source I found the Mike Brown EyeWitness Crime Scene Video: *******www.talkleft****/story/2014/8/15/152825/103/crimepolicy/Michael-Brown-Redacted-Police-Reports-Released ‪Josie On The Dana Show 8-15-14‬ VIDEO: ******* source I found the ‪Josie On The Dana Show video: *******theconservativetreehouse****/2014/08/15/exceptional-catch-the-jj-witness-video-eye-witness-audio-of-mike-brown-shooting-sharing-brown-doubled-back-toward-police/ FROM talkleft**** Heart-wrenching video (none / 0) (#35) by sarcastic unnamed one on Fri Aug 15, 2014 at 07:03:16 PM EST by bystander here. I have a hard time understanding everything that is said, but at about the 6:30 mark an apparent eye-witness is heard describing the shooting, and if I am not mistaken at about the 6:50 mark he says that the deceased ran away from the Wilson and his truck, and then came back towards Wilson. He also seems to say that there were a lot of shots and due to Brown's continued running/walking it seemed like the Wilson was missing Brown. He sounded like he was pretty shocked that the wilson was missing, probably due to how close Brown was. If Brown did turn around and come back (none / 0) (#40) by sarcastic unnamed one on Fri Aug 15, 2014 at 07:49:51 PM EST toward the truck/Wilson, that adds a whole new dimension.
15 Nov 2014
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TWITTER: *******www.Twitter****/RockerCyborg Justin Bieber investigated for assault with a Nerf gun. That's right Selena Gomez stalkers, Bieber fever just got crazier. Looks like our Canadian hero is wanted after he assaults a Canadian security guard with a Nerf gun. Or is this just an investigation? I dunno, I'm not a reporter you newb but here's what I was able to find out from my underground network of pimps, hookers, and pre-schoolers: Bieber is accused of shooting a female security guard at some concert venue in Ottawa, Canada back in November. The woman filed a police report which accused Justin (or someone close by) assaulting her. Police are supposedly investigating this incident and have interviewed some people at the venue. Justin Bieber... you're a wanted man. I mean, boy. For more Bieber Fever: ******* Tommy on Twitter: *******www.twitter****/rockercyborg Danny on Twitter: *******www.twitter****/machinegundan
14 Dec 2014
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DENVER — Video taken by a witness during an arrest shows a Denver police officer punching a suspect in the face six times and then tripping the man’s girlfriend who is seven-and-a-half months pregnant, causing her to land on her belly and face. The witness who took the video claims an officer then took the tablet he was using to record the arrest, deleted the video file, not realizing it had already been stored on the electronic cloud. The limited-use video obtained by FOX 31 in Denver shows the suspect’s head bouncing off the pavement from the force of the punches. According to police reports, the uniformed police officer, Charles “Chris” Jones IV made the arrest after undercover narcotics police officers say they saw the suspect, David Flores, a suspected drug user, stuff a white sock in his mouth that they suspected was full of heroin. Police say Flores refused to respond to requests to show his hands. While Jones and his partner Christopher Evans were holding and punching Flores, a woman can be heard screaming. A few seconds later, Mayra Lazos-Guerrero, 25, falls hard on her face when Jones sweeps her feet out from under her. Jones said he did it because he thought she was going to kick him. Jones also cited two reasons for why he punched Flores. Watch the video for more on the criticism over the arrest of Lazos-Guerrero and Flores, who according to FOX 31, didn’t show up for their most recent court appearance.
29 Dec 2014
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Explicit video of taxicab encounter made public as legal problems mount for drunken passenger A video released this week of a taxicab encounter shows a flirty woman lift her skirt and make sexual advances on a driver, who for his part, politely rebuffs her. The restrained tenor between the two, at the end of a ride from the French Quarter to Lakeview, offers little hint of the legal troubles to come. In the three-minute video, both acknowledge they kissed. But the passenger, who later claimed she did not know she was being filmed, tries to keep the sexual momentum going, pulling on her underwear and lifting her dress, saying "Baby," and "Please." Meanwhile, the driver, who hit record on his cell phone, asks where he should drop her off and insists he is faithful to his girlfriend. After he drops her off, he curses her and indicates she made him sexually excited. The fallout from the video has been dramatic. After viewing the video at a trial last week, a judge convicted the passenger, Jennifer Gaubert, 33, a New Orleans attorney and former radio show host, of simple battery, a misdemeanor. The same week, the taxi driver filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against her and the city. And next month, she is set to stand trial on a charge that she lied about the cabbie blackmailing her just to have him arrested. The felony charges carries up to five years in prison. As a result of Gaubert's claims, the cabbie, Hervey Farrell, spent 27 hours in Orleans Parish Prison. His mug shot appeared in the local news with stories about a rogue taxi driver who filmed his passenger's private parts without her permission and later tried to extort her. Orleans Parish District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro refused to charge Farrell, and instead charged Gaubert with filing false statements, a felony. Farrell, 39, is fighting back, against Gaubert and the New Orleans Police Department, in a the federal lawsuit filed April 4. The suit alleges the city does not adequately train or supervise police officers, and claims Farrell was a victim of false arrest, false imprisonment, malicious prosecution and kidnapping. After his arrest, Farrell was forced to surrender his taxicab license, putting him out of work for several months while the New Orleans Taxicab Bureau conducted an investigation. The suit names Mayor Mitch Landrieu, NOPD Superintendent Ronal Serpas and three police officer involved in August 2013 arrest. The cabbie claims the officers did not check the initial police report he filed on April 6, 2012, the day of the videotaped incident, which would have shown Gaubert was already facing the misdemeanor battery charge for touching his genitals. "Mayor Landrieu and Superintendent Serpas did not even require the minimal step of requiring a search of prior reports regarding this incident, or open criminal litigation in the parish in which these officers operate, prior to issuing a baseless arrest warrant," the suit says. Only Gaubert and Farrell know what came before Farrell pressed record. Gaubert has acknowledged in a previous interview with NOLA**** | The Times-Picayune that she was drunk when Farrell picked her up in his White Fleet taxi near Bourbon and Bienville streets on the morning of April 6, 2012. In her version, she and Farrell were consensually fooling around near her home in Lakeview before he started filming. According to Farrell's suit, Gaubert aggressively hit on him and refused his orders to leave his taxi several times, including on video. But the video does not show him order her out of the cab, as his suit claims. He asks her repeatedly where he should take her and says he wants to go home. The video shows Gaubert, in the front seat, leaning toward the driver, with her legs spread and dress raised. "Please," she pleads, "Come here," as she pulls on her underwear. "Please stop," Farrell says. "What's your problem?" she says. "I have a girlfriend," he says. Later, Gaubert says, "Can you chill out for two seconds? You're hot. You're a (expletive) hot guy. I'm a girl. It happens." "No, I'm a faithful man and uh," he says, before telling her he needed to drop her off. "You were kissing me before," she says. "No, you were kissing me," he says. After Farrell drives Gaubert back to her house, she leaves and tells him, "Your girlfriend's a lucky girl." As he drives away, Farrell can be heard muttering, "You made me blow a (expletive) load, you (expletive) whore." After the car ride, Farrell called New Orleans police and filed a report, causing them to cite Gaubert for simple battery. After considering the video and other evidence, Municipal Court Judge Paul Sens found her guilty at trial on April 2. She is appealing. \NOLA\
17 Feb 2015
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