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Roles of the Medical Tourism Companies in India Article highlights: 1. Medical tourism to India has been a growing market lately and more people, even those from developed countries, now troop to India to have a taste of their medical tourism. Indian medical tourism is becoming part of the national GDP and the figure keeps growing as the days go by. Medical tourism to India is now leading to the emergence of some other localized industries that cater for the teeming population, hence leading to economic development of her populace. One of such micro industries includes medical tourism agencies. Brief history of medical tourism in India Medical tourism is the idea of people traveling to other countries outside their home countries to seek medical attention. Government policies are one of the driving forces that have caused a boom of patients to India. Government policies in India are more liberal allowing some procedures which cannot be carried out in US to be done there. Factors that facilitate the growth of medical tourists to India There are various factors that facilitate the growth of medical tourists to India and one of them is the lower cost of their surgeries compared to Europe and America. If you carry out surgeries in India, you may get up to sixty percent discount depending on the type of surgery you wish to undergo. This does not however mean a decrease in the quality and efficiency of services rendered. Indian medical personnel are highly trained professionals and many of them have studied in countries like UK and US before returning to their home country to practice. They are also highly dedicated to their work which makes the record of a very low rate of failure. Challenges faced by medical tourists in India India being a highly populated nation, it always proves to be difficult especially for a total stranger to get a place to stay or find one's place around . This has been a trending problem begging to find a solution. In recent times, more and mor
17 Aug 2016
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Gaurav Rajput, Director Marketing, Aviva India give a perspective on online term insurance policies in India. Also share the features of Aviva's newly launched online term insurance product, Aviva i-Life, which is one of the cheapest online term plans in India.
14 Sep 2011
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