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Blockchain and electronic voting system Democrat block chains Although electronic voting (the voting system which electronic actions to vote) is convenient, there are problems of security at the same time, concerns about hackers are to be dealt with. However, if you use blockchain technology you can not change the contents once voted, the results can be viewed instantly by anyone and the problems listed above will be solved. Furthermore, if you use blockchain technology, voters can also vote easily from smartphones and personal computers. Jamie Skella, co-founder of Horizon State (a start-up company that sells electronic voting systems) has the reasons for requiring tools for decision-making and democratically the best results, just like the government I mentioned the reason why the process is necessary as follows. By using blockchain technology for the political decision-making process, voters will be able to decide on their own the way go for government policy rather than now. For this reason, a big revolution is going to come to world politics. By using the electronic voting system, you can refine and vote more than now, and you can expect cost reduction.
9 Apr 2018
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2 Apr 2018
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A short discussion about the system
12 Apr 2018
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Charles Hill Born 11 – 17 – 1983 Kansas City, MO Nationality United States Other names charles hill Known for Computer Science Education Westport High School (Kansas City, MO) Salary 999 Billion dollars Net worth 999 Billion dollars Height 163 (cm) Weight 56 (kg) Political party Democrat Signature Charles Hill charles_hill_mo Website Facebookcom
25 Mar 2018
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Ebooks of diverse topics ranging from education to politics and self-help to social media are now widely available online. The best way to successfully deliver value to the customers is through digital educational materials. Writing eBooks and publishing them is an economic marketing method that adds value. However, choosing the right topic is crucial if your eBook is to be successful.
16 Apr 2018
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The Sultan Ahmed I (the first) established Himmatnager in 1426 AD to put a control on the political Activities of the Rao of Idar. The Sultan loved the place so much that it was renamed as Ahmedanagar from the name of him. Thereafter, in 1848 AD, it was again handed over to the kingdom of Idar and got re-christened to its current name Himmatnagar, derived from the king Himmat Singh ji, the ruler of the state in those times. Idar is a beautifully established town located at the foothills of the 500 ft high rocky hill on which the Fort of Idar Gadh lies. The Pahiyar Rajputs are believed to have re-established Idar. These rajputs have ruled over Idar by operating from Chittor. During the 12th century, the king of Idar joined hands with king Pruthviraj Chauhan to fight against the Muslim rulers and eventually got killed in 1193 during the battle of Thanesar, a battle that proved to be a fatal loss for the Hindus. Thereafter Idar went into the hands of Hathi Sord Koli after whose death his son Shamaliyo came into the throne. The Rathod king Sonangji killed Shamaliyo and established his dysnasty in Idar. Thereafter the Rathod dynasty ruled Idar for many decades. Vijaynagar was the second most important kingdom amongst the merged kingdoms. Most of the people here belonged to the backward communities. The entire area is covered with mountains and forests. The ancient temples of Shiv, Mahavir and Sun are located near Abhapur that lies about 8 km from Vijaynagar. While on his campaign to attack Patan, Alf khan, the brother of Allaudin Khilji, destroyed the Sharaneshwar Mahadev temple constructed in 1100 AD. The temple has beautiful sculptural designs on all of its four sides. The archeological department has taken good measures for its maintenance. The Prantij was once a part of Ahmedabad district is also merged in this district. During the major division of the Mumbai State in 1956, several subdivisions like Vidarbh, Marathwada, Saurashtra and Kutch were formed. When the
20 Apr 2018
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American global politics in 30 seconds
17 May 2006
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This political debate PAIRS Governor Schwarzenegger against his former self. The Governor is Terminated in this week's comPAIRables! The game ComPAIRables, brought to you by Filmateria Studios, which compares two items and asks viewers to figure out which is which, offers a free new episode to download each week. ComPAIRables can also be found in the podcast section of the iTunes Music Store or at www****PAIRables****.
9 Nov 2006
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Black American Political Association of California adds Senator Dianne Feinstein, Bill Duke, Ron Burkle, Lydia Kennard and Bishop Daniel Williams to its Hall of Fame Los Angeles, California November 15, 2006 /PRNewswire/ -- On October 7, 2006, at the 28th Annual BAPAC State Convention, the Black American Political Association added 5 members to its Political and Religious Hall of Fame, Senator Dianne Feinstein, Bill Duke, Ron Burkle, Lydia Kennard and Bishop Daniel Williams. Founded in 1979, BAPAC is committed to the active participation of African Americans in the political process. It has long been a force in creating change for African Americans and preparing leaders to seek elected office. In its 28th year, BAPAC now has 55 chapters and over 60,000 members. The event, held at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel, was a who's who of California politics, showing the depth and reach of the organization. Joining Senator Feinstein in support of BAPAC were such noted guests as Reverend Jesse L. Jackson, Supervisor Yvonne Brathwaite Burke, Senator Nell Soto, Councilwoman Jan Perry, Congresswoman Diane Watson, Mayor Roosevelt Dorn, State Board of Equalization Member John Chiang and Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante. President Clinton congratulated the honorees via video message. "BAPAC continues to lead the fight for unity, brotherhood and equal justice for all. We are pleased with the results of the Annual Conference; however we have to continue our efforts to build and strengthen our communities," said BAPAC President, Percy Pinkney.
6 Dec 2006
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Republicans are liars and crooks. Democrats are hypocrites and traitors. This sums up too much of politic debate today. A priest suggests a better way.
13 Dec 2006
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internationally published author Adora svitak www.adorasvitak**** talks about politics, education and much more
20 Feb 2007
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Election week in Canada, Politics on our minds, so here are a few moments on the subject, with Juan Marco as our VJ, and .j. on the camera.
8 Mar 2007
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How does Quebec's society functions politically? Comment le système politique du Québec fonctionne-t-il?
19 Mar 2007
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How to end the negative influence of political parties in society. Comment mettre fin à l'influence négative des partis politiques dans la société.
18 Mar 2007
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