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A card magically pops through the deck.
30 Nov 2006
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How popcorn POPS!
5 Dec 2006
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Prodmaison is an independent production company, based in Paris France, with an antenna in NYC USA. Here is the music video we produced for Clara Pop's, the first for this multi talented artist, from her upcoming LP... You will appreciate the BMX, martial arts and stunt artists who took part of this shooting, on location in Paris France. Directed by Franck Janin. This video is our production, our copyright. ( I have to specify this, because it has been rejected first time we tried to upload it, for being "copyrighted"; yes indeed, by US!) For any project or question, feel free to contact us on www.prodmaison**** Thibaud de Montjoye, producer.
8 Jan 2007
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2 Pop Tarts + Toaster = 14 inch flames
15 Jan 2007
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Kauai's very own Lj Pop N Lock at the NewImage 2006 SHOWDOWN event vs J Boogie of Maui
29 Jan 2007
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This video shows how to make a very loud bomb out of a pop bottle a couple of small rocket motors and some paper that is set of with a lantern battery from a safe distance.
16 Feb 2007
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first year uni project pop video
16 Feb 2007
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Popping dance basic: In this video clip, Tommy hypno Chan show you how to do a basic arm Pop/Hit. This is from a dance style call Popping. Here he explain how to tighten up your arm to start a good arm hit. You can check out more of his teaching DVD or clips htttp://www.UrbanExpressionProject**** . Thank you
5 Mar 2007
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A video of my friend Vinnie popping.
5 Mar 2007
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My 95mw Nexus Laser I got from Wicked Lasers, lights matches in under a second, it stings your skin in a second, pops dark balloons in under a second and burns black garbage bag like it was being ripped. I love my laser.( I also took off a birth mark from someones skin).
14 Mar 2007
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Ever hear the story about Mikey from the Life cereal commercial who died from eating pop rocks and coke? We try it on video to see what happens! Check it out and see what really happens!
4 Apr 2007
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I found a secret way to make a sweat pop gun out of just a chapstick tube. Tools:All you need is a regular chapstick or anything close to it should work (tip : chapstick brand work best), and something to pull off the bottom screw piece. You then take out the actual product from the tubing and throw that away, then pull the screw piece back all the way. Put the cap back on and hit the back end with your hand, and the cap will go flying off. I have had plenty of fun with this little chapstick " mod ". Have fun! To find out how to make more cool gadgets, get on your computer and go to metacafe**** and search "how to".
4 Apr 2007
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Yummy Cola is a brave young pop can who has recently fallen in love with Sassy Soda; But what will Yummy do when Sassy is taken from the fridge by the mysterious humans? Come check out this whimsical animated short film to find out!
14 Apr 2007
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How to send pop-up messages to friends on a local network. Works for NT, Me & XP. English Version.
15 Apr 2007
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How to make a pop can implode Cool science experiment Adult supervision recomended
20 Apr 2007
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A spoken word reading of my poem "Fat Girl Popping Uppers" set to a DoctorMetropolis musical performance.
9 May 2007
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