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Every mom with kids who play sports need one of these!
4 May 2017
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The Charming Game Of Online Dating Going straight to the point where some people seem to disagree on one point: it works! Is it genuine? Only those who experience the actual meeting, not just the text chat, can tell, until then, it’s only a flirting game whether you like it called this way or not. The Charming Game Of Online Dating Web sites that have a good reputation of accepting people capable of good connections usually cost you as much as a dinner with friends, so, it will not break your wallet if you try one of those instead of the new free service that just popped up in any advertisement around the web. You are the sole responsible for screening out the weed. Stalkers, sick individuals, social wrecks, etc., will try their luck on the fresh meat available. This is valid both for males and females. Common sense is a must; however, most people join for the single reason of meeting people. The “real” date is often hard to get from people that might worth your time and investment. Be genuine, use a real photo, fill up your profile with your real expectations, likes, and dislikes. No one wants to meet you just to find out a different person behind the profile, and your reputation will suffer badly. Remember, many people are lost in a society that left them behind for some reason, they lost their companion, it might have had to travel away, ruined his/her plans for life, might even have died, or is someone with problems in dealing with people, but finds it easier behind the keyboard at home. Religion, race, gender, location, and age should be made explicit on the first contact, it's best to have someone leave you behind after a few words, or leave someone behind, then discover later on that it’s not what you were looking for, be nice, but be conscious of what you want, you should only invest time in the ones who have a chance to come into your life, or you into theirs. Research those online profiles in your chosen websites before you build yours.
1 May 2017
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eScan provides security softwares that provides web protection and privacy protection features like user based parental control, virtual keyboard and pop up filters. Our technician will assure your problem related to eScan will be resolve definitely as well as their approach is strictly focused on 100% user satisfaction. To get in touch with us dial our toll free for USA 1-800-294-5907 Canada 1-844-573-0859 UK 0-808-189-0272 AUS 1-300-326-128. Other Services: Escan Antivirus Support Escan Support Support for Escan Antivirus
23 May 2017
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Stopping Windows Messenger Alerts Windows Messenger Stop. Preventing Windows Messenger alerts. Stopping Windows Messenger Service. *******www.acomputerportal****/windows_messenger_stop.html Windows Messenger Service is able to send messages to people. This was meant for the Systems Administrator to send alerts to users. For example that the network was closing down for back up of files. These messenger alerts appear similar to a pop-ups on the users display. (Although hyperlinks are not possible, so far as I know). This service is not related to other Messager, type software. Windows Messenger us sometimes used to transmit unwanted advertising messages. There is software available which claims to be able to use Windows Messenger Service to send messages, (could be used for adverts), to anyone who uses Windows Messenger Service.
5 Dec 2006
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Create your own pop up menu in task bar
24 Dec 2006
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If you find the various pop-up warnings that appear in balloons above the system tray annoying you can easily turn them off. (try the video with metacafe pro 1.1 software)
21 Dec 2006
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Funny prank to play on your friends by sending them a pop-up message on their PC and they wont know where its coming from!! I highly recommend this for college kids that have their computer hooked onto the campus network. Also, I recommend this to scare your parents if you have a home network. Its good to use in the office on a coworker, your boss, or on your roomate. I remember when a kid did this to me in high school and now I finally know how to do it! Leave any questions that you have.
4 Jan 2007
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How to send pop-up messages to friends on a local network. Works for NT, Me & XP. English Version.
15 Apr 2007
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A innocent jack-o-lantern on a trash can instantly turns into a scary pop up skeleton. Halloween pranks on trick or treaters. Over 50 people spooked! Funny clips from Halloween 2006.
28 Jul 2009
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Jack-o-lantern on a trash can with a scary pop up skeleton freaks out 23 SCREAMING kids and adults. Halloween pranks on trick or treaters.See the full version for over 50 people spooked! Funny clips from Halloween 2006.
9 Sep 2007
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Create an html prank with 100s or even 1000s of pop-ups!
22 Sep 2007
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make an amazing pop up. Really easy and nice :) you can look also opther pop up card *******www.metacafe****/watch/920601/easy_pop_up_card/
2 Jul 2009
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Make an easy pop up card.
15 Nov 2007
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How the Pop-Up Turkey Thermometer works
22 Nov 2007
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How to Make a beautiful Angel Pop-Up Card, download free patterns at TricksPRO****
23 Nov 2007
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step by step tutorial on how to make pop ups using notepad,great prank for friends. the text is: x=msgbox("box text", ,"box title") the different buttons and there numbers are: 0 OK button only. 1 OK and cancel buttons. 2 abort, retry, and ignore buttons. 3 yes, no, and cancel buttons. 4 yes and no buttons. 5 retry and cancel buttons. 16 critical message icon. 32 warning query icon. 48 warning message icon. 64 information message icon. 0 normal message box. 4096 always stays top of the desktop. remember to change to all files and save as .vbs If you have any problems or questions put them in the comment box and I will do my best to try and answer them and please rate video. Also check out my other video on how to make a invisible folder on your desktop.
8 Dec 2007
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