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*******ourvideosite****/View/V453 Italy travel: Rome, in St. Peter's Square, video of the Pope giving his Wednesday blessing. The Pope greets the crowd, and an opening prayer is offered. There's our Perillo Tours Familia in addition to thousands of the faithful (or at least the curious).
23 Nov 2010
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BY NINA MOINI Pope Benedict XVI says it’s ok to use condoms... sometimes. That’s a departure from the usual blanket “no" on the use of contraceptives in the Catholic Church. The Huffington Post reports Pope Benedict drew the wrath of the United Nations and AIDS activists back in 2009 when he told reporters in Africa the AIDS problem on the continent couldn't be resolved by distributing condoms. He even said it increases the problem and abstinence and faith are the only way to ensure disease won’t spread. Here’s his new stance... "There may be a basis in the case of some individuals, as perhaps when a male prostitute uses a condom, where this can be a first step in the direction of a moralization, a first assumption of responsibility." In a blog for the Telegraph, Damian Thompson says the Pope’s new stance on condom use shows his ability to throw curve balls. “The Pope’s comments ... are wise, humane, carefully balanced – and another reminder of the 83-year-old pontiff’s ability to surprise the world by refusing to conform to the stereotype of ‘hardline conservative’... He is softening its application in circumstances that could not possibly have been anticipated in 1968.” But New York 1 found some people who aren’t so sure the Pope is as progressive as Thompson claims. “If you understand the HIV issue in Africa the majority of people are in relationships in with wives and husbands, so to target only prostitutes... hes missing the boat which is what he does regularly.” CNN’s Senior Vatican Analyst John Allen says although the Pope only used the example of male prostitutes using condoms, his comments represent a greater shift in position on the use of condoms. JOHN ALLEN: “I think the point he was trying to make is that when somebody is using a condom not so much to prevent new life which has always been the Catholic churches big concern, but to prevent the transmission of disease then it would be okay.” Allen says although the Pope’s comments seem to signal a turning point in the condom debate, the Catholic church is unlikely to change it’s official position on the use of contraceptives.
23 Nov 2010
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Transcript by Newsy**** BY TRACY PFEIFFER You're watching multisource global video news analysis from Newsy. Just five years after his death, Pope John Paul II -- one of the most beloved and controversial pontiffs in modern history -- is set for beatification by the Catholic Church. Beatification is the final step before sainthood, and requires a miracle be attributed to the person in question. While Catholic law states the canonization process cannot begin until five years after a person’s death, Pope Benedict XVI waived the waiting period for John Paul II in light of widespread public support to do so. (Video: Rome Reports) A Vatican expert describes John Paul’s miracle to Detroit’s WJBK. “You have the curing of a nun who had the exact same thing John Paul did -- Parkinson’s. ... Her sisters -- you know, the other nuns -- were praying for her recovery. One night she got up, she had a dream of John Paul, and she wrote his name down on a piece of paper. The next morning she woke up, and the symptoms were gone." And as expected, there are disagreements over whether this particular incident qualifies. A correspondent for CNN explains. “Earlier this year there were media reports out of France suggesting that maybe she actually wasn't cured, maybe this actually wasn’t Parkinson’s disease. But the Vatican obviously feels they’ve resolved those doubts. I mean, this was looked at by a bank of doctors, then by a bank of theologians, then by a group of cardinals and bishops and finally by the pope himself. So at least as far as they’re concerned, this was the real deal.” Reports indicate there’s also been some concern over the fast-tracking of John Paul to sainthood -- and whether it makes his canonization less legitimate. But in Catholic Culture, one cardinal says absolutely no corners were cut. “On the contrary, if I may speak further to one of my first observations: precisely in order to honor the dignity and the memory of this great Pope, to avoid any doubt and overcome any difficulties, the case was subjected to particularly careful scrutiny.” Finally, a post on Associated Content says, though the announcement may not seem like a big deal for non-Catholics, it is huge -- and hopefully good -- news for the Church. “The beatification and potential canonization of Pope John Paul II makes sainthood real for many Catholics. Instead of something that we teach children about in Sunday School, saints are real people, living among us today. It reinforces the faith Catholics have.” Pope John Paul II’s funeral was the most-attended event in human history, with more than 5 million in attendance. His beatification ceremony is set for May 1st. Get more multisource global video news analysis from Newsy.
18 Jan 2011
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A church in Malolos, Bulacan will display a number of items used by the late Pope John Paul II when he visited the Philippines in 1981-- including a vestment and chalice. After the late Pope is beatified this Sunday, items that he touched or used while he was alive will become holy relics. Filipinos who met Pope John Paul II when he visited the country recall the man's simplicity and kindness.
29 Apr 2011
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BY MIRANDA WHEATLEY ANCHOR ALEX ROZIER You're watching multisource world video news analysis from Newsy. Nobody said the road to sainthood would be easy. Father Edward Beck tells MSNBC if anyone deserves the fast track it’s Pope John Paul II. “You know what, he is the Saint making Pope. He made 483 Saints canonized during his papacy. That’s more than all of his predecessors. All of them combined.” On May 1 the late Pope John Paul II’s beatification ceremonies will begin in Rome bringing him one step closer to sainthood. (ABC) It was under Pope John Paul II that the requirements for sainthood changed and now he’s on the fastest track yet to becoming a saint. While some are singing praise for the Catholic Church’s new route to sainthood - it still is facing some fierce critics. “If there’s any dignity left in the Catholic Church, the beatification of Pope John Paul II, … should have followed the church’s strict guidelines for sainthood instead of fast tracking it as a political move to continue the silence of the Church’s pedophile scandal.” (NewsPress) The road to sainthood was altered in 1983 and according to NPR the changes were significant. “Under Pope John Paul II, it was relatively easy to attain sainthood. … the late pope made the process quicker, easier - the number of miracles required dropped from two to one - and less adversarial because he eliminated the office of the "Devil's Advocate" at the Vatican. Thus John Paul produced more saints than all the popes in the previous 500 years." He already has two miracles to his credit, a French nun who claims her Parkinson’s disappeared after praying to Pope John Paul II and a man from Massachusetts who credits the late Pope for his ability to walk again. “This French nun vows she was cured by the late Pope now has brought him his beatification. ‘Look at my hands,’ she says, ‘they’re no longer shaking.’ ... Joe says he then prayed hard to his spiritual healer Pope John Paul the second. ... I happened to look at the picture of Pope John Paul II and I just got up. You just got up after years of not being able to walk?” (ABC) Because both miracles occurred before beatification he still has one more to go to reach Sainthood. But proving a miracle is a lengthy process and hundreds of submissions involving the late Pope didn’t make the cut. A writer for the Huffington Post - and a critic of the fast track to sainthood, says the overall decision needs a second look. “Sainthood, fundamentally, should be black and white. While no supporter of a saintly candidate can claim the contender lived a pristine life, they must make the case that all of their earthly contributions helped people -- and that they did nothing to potentially hurt people." Crowds of more than 300,000 are expected at the beatification services and a vial of Pope John Paul II’s blood will be used as the relic for veneration and placed in a church in the pope’s native country, Poland after the ceremony. 'Like Newsy' on Facebook for video news updates in your feed. Get more multisource world video news analysis from Newsy. Transcript by Newsy.
30 Apr 2011
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BY: JACQUELINNE MEJIA You're watching multisource world news analysis from Newsy. Pope John Paul II is now only one step away from sainthood. In the Vatican City, close to one and a half million came out to celebrate the beatification mass of the late pope, who led the Catholic Church from 1978 until his death in 2005. euronews summarizes the important moments of the ceremony. “John Paul’s coffin was taken from the crypt, and taken for display for the service to allow followers to pay their respects.” ... “It was an emotional day for many as they remembered John Paul II, one of the most popular popes of the 20th century.” Voice of America reports Pope Benedict credits the late pope with inspiring his own faith and service to the Catholic Church. “In his homily, Pope Benedict called his predecessor an exemplary son of Poland who [...] helped believers throughout the world not to be afraid to be called Christian. Pope Benedict said his own service was sustained by John Paul’s spiritual depth and by the richness of his insights.” So what’s next in Pope John Paul II journey to sainthood? TIME explains... “For many in attendance Sunday, the late pope's sanctity is already beyond doubt....Before John Paul can be canonized as a saint, the church will have to document one more miracle.” As CNN reports- documenting miracles is a serious process. T.J. HOLMES: “They’re usually healings, these miracles we talk about; they don’t have to be necessarily. But they are very specific, they investigate these, they have to be permanent, they have to be instantaneous, and they have to be confirmed. And that’s not easy to do.” NADIA BILCHIK: “Exactly.” ... T.J. HOLMES: “The beatification, one step closer. But again, we could be waiting for quite sometime.” NADIA BILCHIK: “Well it will be interesting to see, as you said earlier, of this young construction worker in Chicago whose mother prayed to John Paul II. And to see if he in fact was cured and if that passes, then we will see.” Miracle performer or not- the late Pope does have his critics. The Nation reports- some believe sexual scandals stained John Paul’s legacy. “ ‘Beatification is a bitter pill for clergy victims because of John Paul II’s record of protecting abusers and neglecting victims...John Paul received many letters from sexual victims which he simply ignored.’” A writer for the Wall Street Journal writes Pope John Paul may not have been perfect, but he is an exemplary example of the human spirit. “Some will speak of mistakes and sins in his papacy, and they are right. But saints are first of all human, and their lives are always flawed, full of contradictions, and marked by stark failures. Yet they are individuals of heroic virtue. As he was. Santo Subito. Make him a saint. And by the way, expect crowds.” Celebrations also took place in the Philippines, Mexico, Poland, the suburbs in Chicago and Boston, and even at synagogues, since may Jews believe he helped strengthen relationships between religions. Follow Newsy_Videos on Twitter Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy. Transcript by Newsy
3 May 2011
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Pope Benedict XVI has consecrated Antoni Gaudi's unfinished church, the Sagrada Familia, as a basilica in the Spanish city of Barcelona. The Pope sprinkled holy water on the altar before a congregation of more than 6,500 people. Gaudi's greatest work has been under construction for more than a century, and will not be finished before 2026. The current chief architect said he hoped the Pope's visit would provide the boost needed to finish the work. Before leaving for Rome from Barcelona's El Prat airport, Pope Benedict called on Europe's Catholics to renew their faith. "May this faith find new vigour on this continent and become a source of inspiration," he said at the end of the two-day visit. In his earlier homily, he again criticised divorce, same-sex marriage and abortion. He was seen off by dignitaries including Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia.
18 May 2011
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The host of "Pregnant in Heels", Rosie Pope, takes you inside her mommy prep lab and reveals an embarrassing mistake many mothers make.
1 Jun 2011
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June 30, 2011 (2:25) The Pope tapped tweet-- and sent a message to his flock via Twitter.
1 Jul 2011
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Direct download for free here: ******* Browse and download other ebooks for free here: *******freeebookworm.blogspot****/ "Never has a Pope, in a book-length interview, dealt so directly with such wide-ranging and controversial issues as Pope Benedict XVI does in Light of the World. Taken from a recent week-long series of interviews with veteran journalist Peter Seewald, this book tackles head-on some of the greatest issues facing the world of our time. Seewald poses such forthright questions to Pope Benedict as: Was there a "cover up"? Have you considered resigning? Can there be a genuine dialogue with Islam? Holy Communion for divorced-and-remarried Catholics? Is there a schism in the Catholic Church? Should there be a Third Vatican Council? Is there any hope for Christian unity? Is Christianity the only truth? Can the Pope really speak for Jesus Christ? How can the Pope claim to be "infallible"? Is there a "dictatorship of relativism" today?" Pope Benedict XVI Light of the World The Pope, The Church and the Signs Of The Times free Ebook e-book download
26 Aug 2011
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Susan Sarandon has called Pope Benedict the sixteenth a Nazi. The Anti-Defamation League (ADL), meanwhile are aggressively pursuing an apology from the movie star. The president of the Catholic Leaque however, responded more angrily by calling Susan a despicable person and went to say that it would be hard to find someone dumber than her.
20 Oct 2011
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Pope Benedict XVI kissing a leading imam, Ahmed Mohamed el Tayeb, the imam of the al Azhar mosque in Egypt. This is a Parody of the controversial clothing company ad campaign that made a fake photo of Pope Benedict XVI Kissing Ahmed Mohamed The Leading Imam. The Beat is by Katy Perry "I kissed a girl and I liked it" I wrote the lyrics in this music video myself. LYRICS TO MUSIC VIDEO: He was never my type of man, not my dream boyfriend I got so hot, saw his hair, reminded me of snow white he's hot. cute. and little too. just. want to call him boo I'm cur-eeee ous, caught my big brown eyes I kissed werthe pope and i liked it,THE taste of his winter chapped lips I kissed the pope just to try it, I hope MUBARAK don't mind it HE WAS SO WRONG, HE WASN'T RIGHT, MUBARAK IS DIRTY SLUT I kissed the pope and I liked it, I liked it No, I don't even know your wife, it doesn't matter You're my little cute snow white boy, just turning tables It's just what towel heads do, just how they should behave My towel gets so confused, hard to obey I kissed the pope and I liked it, THE taste of his winter chapped lips I kissed the pope just to try it, I hope MUBARAK don't mind it HE WAS SO WRONG, HE WASN'T RIGHT, MUBARAK IS DIRTY SLUT I kissed the pope and I liked it, I liked it Our towls they are so fit to head, keeps sweat, from dripp, behind pyramid Hard to resist, oh benedict, that was the greatest kiss It, ain't, no, big deal, it's BENEDIIIICCCCTT!!! I kissed the pope and I liked it, THE taste of his winter chapped lips I kissed the pope just to try it, I hope MUBARAK don't mind it HE WAS SO WRONG, HE WASN'T RIGHT, MUBARAK IS DIRTY SLUT I kissed the pope and I liked it, I liked it
18 Nov 2011
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The newly elected Pope suffers a panic attack just as he is due to appear on St Peter’s balcony to greet the faithful, who have been patiently awaiting the conclave’s decision. His advisors, unable to convince him he is the right man for the job, seek help from a renowned psychoanalyst (and atheist). But his fear of the responsibility suddenly thrust upon him is one that he must face on his own.
2 Dec 2011
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Lois Pope has enjoyed the company of many celebrities throughout her philanthropic endeavors.
24 Apr 2012
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Lady Gaga tells a radio station that the Pope's opinion on gay marriage "doesn't matter to the rest of the world."
25 Sep 2012
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1 Apr 2013
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