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Another example of a custom comic and pop art from the PhotoCrazed canvas art gallery. Turn your photos and pictures into custom comic pop and retro canvas art. *******photocrazed****
19 Jun 2008
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Here is an example of a Dog Pop Art from PhotoCrazed's Pop Art Gallery. Turn photos of your dog [or any dog photo you like] into dog pop art. All styles of dog pop art at *******photocrazed****
11 Feb 2008
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How to Pop
25 Dec 2008
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Great Hip-Pop, He copy robot, It's very cool dance.
17 Apr 2008
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******* In this installment of "HOW TO POP" you will learn the Twist-O-Flex (or Twistoflex as it is sometimes called). The Twist-O-Flex is probably the most expandable move in the whole dance of popping and you can learn the basics and then do it a million different ways. Download the extended version of the lesson at cruxy. Extended lessons are more in-depth lessons with special features and extra lessons, concepts, and exercises. Support artists without middlemen! The song is from the album "My Beats Are So Hard They Make Rocket Science Look Easy" by Elastic Illusion and you can get it on cruxy, itunes, and amazon.
22 Apr 2008
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BWE.TV does a POP UP of Heidi Montag's Higher Video....hilarity ensues....
16 Jan 2011
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Learn cool new dance moves, buy clothes and style your character, Gaby, in this new cool game! Here is a sneak peek at the brand new dancing, music and fashion DS game ‘Kira Kira Pop Princess’ which is out on the Nintendo DS from the 7th March.
13 Feb 2008
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Turn your pet cat and kitten photos into photo art. With Over 26 retro and pop art designs to choose from, here is an example of a before and after. Print your pet cat photos and pictures on canvas. *******photocrazed****
14 Feb 2008
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Artistas del pop-rock español son los protagonistas de un reportaje gráfico de tendencias muy especial del número de marzo de la revista WOMAN. Se trata de un testimonio gráfico de la estética y el sonido de tres generaciones. El álbum de la BSO de tu vida. Un recorrido por la historia de tu música realizado por el fotógrafo Jaume de Laiguana en el que han participado Marta Sánchez, Ana Torroja, Dover, Mikel Erentxun, Marlango Loquillo, Ariel Rot, Jaime Urrutia, Carlos Segarra (Los Rebeldes), Rossy de Palma (Peor imposible), Nacho Vega (Nacha Pop), Efecto mariposa, Sidonie, Merche, Hanna, Burning, La habitación roja, Second, Jaula de Grillos, Lantana, Antonio Orozco, Shuarma y Javier Ojeda (Danza invisible). Un equipo de 25 profesionales (entre ellos, 6 estilistas y tres maquilladores y peluqueros) trabajó incansablemente durante una semana en Barcelona para dar forma a este histórico y necesario reportaje La elección del fotógrafo no es casual. Jaume de Laiguana ha realizado las portadas de los discos y videoclips de cantantes de la talla de Alejandro Sanz, Shakira, David Bisbal o Miguel Bosé. Recientemente también ha dirigido el videoclip del artista Eduardo Cruz, en el que aparecen sus conocidas hermanas, Penélope y Mónica Cruz.
14 Feb 2008
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XAVIER MOYANO : COLD RAIN Live 24.08.2007 : FM ROCK&POP XM Rock Instrumental en vivo Tucuman (106.9Mhz) : Pabellon Recargado
28 Feb 2008
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******* This is an excerpt from a street performance done by Big Black Brit (aka Brit Wolfson previously aka Otis Funkmeyer previously from Elastic Illusion) in the Bedford Ave. train station in Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY, USA. What you can't see in the video is that many people were watching and not all of them were just walking by. The footage was shot from where people were watching so this is hard to tell. Either way, Brit is happy with this footage!
3 Mar 2008
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Easy pop up . Just piece of paper . Nice flower .
3 Mar 2008
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