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Being a parent of a sick child is emotionally and physically draining. Between school, doctor's appointments and treatments, you are thrown into a world where there is very little control and every decision can be critical to your child's wellbeing. A new innovative tool from the Childhood Leukemia Foundation called the "Hope Binder" helps parents manage the overwhelming amount of information related to their child's care. It includes worksheets and resources to help document treatment protocols, medicines, doctor's appointments, blood counts, physicians, hospitals, nutrition concerns, and insurance benefits - all the details that come with facing cancer. It even includes free telephone calling cards to reach doctors and other family members. A copy of the popular video game Re-Mission is also included in the binder. Rated T for teen, it is designed to give young cancer patients a sense of power and control over their disease. The 3D game is a 20 level journey through the bodies of fictional patients with different types of cancer. Players control a nanobot named Roxxi. The task? Blast cancer cells, battle bacterial infections, and manage realistic, life-threatening side effects. Offered at 160 hospitals nationwide, it is now making its way to even more families, free of charge, thanks to a $75,000 grant from health insurance company CIGNA to produce and distribute more than 2,000 of them. Produced for CIGNA Healthcare
23 Apr 2008
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SuperVideoCap is a powerful, all-in-one, video capture tool, which lets you capture Video/VCR/TV program from DV, DC, TV Tuner Card, Webcam, Capture Card to AVI (uncompressed or compressed using any available codec include DIVX, XVID), MPEG1, MPEG2 or WMV file. SuperVideoCap offers support for auto-capture, custom WMV profile, snapshot bitmap or JPEG from different devices and it supports most popular video formats. SuperVideoCap can also broadcast from anything that you can plug into your audio or video card, including a DV, DC, Webcam, Video Camera, TV Tuner, VCR, VCD Player and your friends can view your content with Microsoft Windows Media Player or Microsoft Internet Explorer. Further more, SuperVideoCap is excellent in overlaying text, image and time stamp applied to the local video file or live video and recording screen activity, mouse movement to AVI (uncompressed or compressed using any available codec include DIVX, XVID), WMV, FLV or SWF file.
27 Jul 2009
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Japanese popular video. Very useless device.
31 May 2008
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Parody of the popular video cashing in on the memes. Thanks to Tom Green, ZackScott, tribit, and buzzlitebeer for contributions!
2 Jun 2008
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A dual iPhone application, from the creators of popular video annotation service Nico Nico Douga.
4 Jun 2008
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OKAY! First and foremost, the song that is playing when the dog is skateboarding is "Fire on High" by ELO! This is a popular video featuring Tyson the skateboarding dog, hilarious cat videos, and an awesome penguin video! **If you get tired of the skateboarding dog... just stop watching! I'm tired of hearing it's too long! You don't have to watch it all!!!
12 Jun 2010
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This Video Is Most Popular video in the History of cinema......All teenagers Love this video very much .....
20 Jun 2008
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is MLM Video GoldMine ? MLMVideoGoldmine is the New School of building a Network Marketing and MLM leveraging web 2.0 websites like youtube, myspace, google, and hundreds of other popular video sharing and social networking web sites you will be infront of BILLIONS of web traffic hits per day. MLM Video GoldMine teaches and coaches you to use these world leading sites to get free traffic and targeted opt in leads for any business on the planet...people using this system will have a massive advantage over those who don't.
9 Feb 2009
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Spring**** interviewed Will Pate at Mashables Summermash party in Austin. Will cohosts CommandN a very popular video podcast with Amber Macarthur out of Toronto, Canada. He founded Raincity Studios which recently bought Bryte. Mashable's Pete Cashmore pops in to the interview at one point. Will "can't talk" about some upcoming ventures, but he does talk broadly about his future direction.
31 Jul 2008
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Skype me at Kimberli.Gage I made a tidal wave in the network marketing industry. Starting with her 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing e-book, and now from 7 Lies onto The Renegade Network Marketer and System, her message is quite literally changing the way MLM is done. Much like Mike Dillard's Magnetic Sponsoring and Building on a Budget, Ann Sieg has brought MLMers one step closer to owning a real business. While Sieg has taken a lot of flack from old schoolers, understandably, she's won the admiration of hard working frustrated network marketers Sieg has impacted. In this video review I discuss how Ann Sieg and her books have impacted my team and client's businesses. I share our experience with Sieg's monetization and prospect attraction principles and how we applied them quickly to move from the old way to the new way of marketing. Review the video to learn how Ann Sieg and her books can literally change your business for the better, forever. A Review on Ann Sieg's Renegade, by Mike Klingler. Mike shares his experience with Ann Sieg's book, "The Renegade Network Marketer" and her Renegade System. Log into your Renegade University account at If you don't have a free account with Renegade University, do a google or You Tube search for Renegade University and choose a guide. Regardless of the network marketing company, affiliate products or books, or systems you're aligned with, Marketing Merge will help you take it to the next level. Ann Sieg and her books are a great beginning. We then take you by the hand as we did with our team and clients to help you implement Ann Sieg's principles. skype me kimberli.gage www.kimberligage**** My name's Ann Sieg and I've been in and out of the mlm industry for over 19 years now. I've joined and tried to build more opportunities than I care to ... www.annsieg****/ - 100k - Cached - Similar pages Note this Ann Sieg Discussion about Ann Sieg. Speak your mind about MLM / Pyramid Scams and be heard here at scam**** www.scam**** showthread.php?t=28672 - 215k - Anyone bought Anne Sieg's "The Renegade Network Marketer" Program ... Having been front level to Ann Sieg and one of her top associates, a good review from me may be a given Consultant - Ann Sieg Consulting & Associates ...****/question/index? YouTube - (Ann sieg) & Her Lies! What is She Doing to MLM? *******gonow.the7greatliesofnetworkmarketing**** /Steph Perez Rated 3.1 out of 5.0****/watch?v=dd5ZTb0qNTI Ann Sieg - Interview & Podcast Leaders Club is a support company for network marketing professionals. We supply you with our quality mlm leads and professional training. www.leadersclub****/html/ann_sieg.asp - MLM Business Opportunities Blog The Renegade System and Network ... Jun 12, 2007 ... Recently, I got a call from a protege’ of Ann Sieg, Katherine Nyby. ... Ann Sieg believes that sales is a process and that you must have a ...****/2007/06/12/the-renegade -system-and-network-marketer/ Stories Tagged 'ann sieg' » Propeller Popular Videos – Ann Sieg. PROOF - Ann Sieg's Renegade Network Marketer is NOT a Scam! It Works! I have PROOF that is DOES work, and I'll show you here in ..www****scape****/tag/ann+sieg - Exposing Lies and Scams in MLM and Affiliate Marketing: Who Taught Ann Sieg has copied much of what she is doing from other people. ... Ann Sieg's new website and e-book is a scam. I purchased Ann Sieg’s “How to Turn Cold mlm-lies-exposed.blogspot**** Who is Ann Sieg? Is ann Sieg and Her 7lies of any good to the industry? ... *******www.breathtaking -network-marketing-secrets****/ann-sieg.html. top-work-from-home****/blog/who-is-ann-sieg/ Ann Sieg Reviews » Propeller 2 votes / No sinks. Ann Sieg Reviews. Money – See Reviews from people who have read Ann Sieg's books. Tags: Ann Sieg Reviews, Ann Seig Reviews ... money.propeller****/story/2008/03/25/ann-sieg-reviews ann sieg ann sieg scam ann sieg com ann sieg reviews ann sieg review ann sieg renegade ann sieg network ann sieg mlm ann sieg consulting anne sieg ann siege who is ann sieg 7 great lies of network marketing « Remove mlm « Remove network marketing mlm downline mlm opportunity mlm business neways mlm multi level marketing multilevel marketing mlm leads mlm opportunities mlm recruiting mlm business opportunities mlm pyramid schemes quickstar mlm mlm products nuskin mlm mlm direct mlm success mlm selling mlm scheme mlm business opportunity mlm pyramid mlm malaysia mlm fraud team mlm shaklee mlm mlm sales pyramid scheme mlm renegade network marketer nikken mlm the renegade network marketer seven great lies of network marketing pyramid scheme scam lady ann mike dillard pyramid scam ann seig renegade marketer who biography annseig marketing products magnetic sponsoring marketing selling mlm companies software mlm mlm training network marketing companies multilevelmarketing networkmarketing top network marketing companies mlm forum agel usana cyberwize coulter ann vmdirect online mlm mlm direktvertrieb network marketing recruiting mlm wellness network mlm mlm marketing software network marketing networking mlm multilevel network marketing multilevel marketing mlm mlm news mlm portal mlm system team network marketing www network marketing top network marketing network marketing tools network marketing company network marketing today multi level network marketing mlm network marketing network marketing online network marketing training direct network marketing network marketing forum network marketing system network marketing group best mlm network marketing mlm xango downline mlm network marketing mlm multi level marketing best mlm network marketing product downline business network marketing network marketing consultant network marketing tool mlm money network marketing tips mlm internet internet network marketing xango empfehlungsmarketing networking marketing what is network marketing geld verdienen life plus network karriere network mlm home business multilevel mlm secrets business opportunity leads network marketing global network marketing network marketing jobs mlm anzeigen job mlm workfromhome network marketing lead generation geschäftsmöglichkeit lifeplus zweites standbein xango com xango net zweiteinkommen mlm lead generation xango suisse arbeiten am pc arbeiten im internet xango schweiz networker mlm vertrieb mlm erfolg mlm firmen mlm mailing list 2 standbein pc arbeit business networking arbeit von zuhause arbeiten von zu hause arbeiten von zu hause aus arbeiten zu hause job von zu hause jobs von zu hause maxxbizz nebenjob von zuhause nebenjob zuhause seriöser nebenjob zuhause arbeiten arbeit von zu hause arbeiten von zuhause arbeiten von zuhause aus dubli geld verdienen mit pc nebenjob pc selbstständig arbeiten selbständig arbeiten sofort geld verdienen xanget was ist network marketing arbeit zuhause brauche geld einfach geld verdienen finanziell unabhängig geld verdienen hause nebenjob von zu hause viel geld viel geld verdienen zusatzeinkommen zusatzverdienst network marketing firmen erfolgreich arbeiten hause geld mit internet geld verdienen internet nebenverdienst geld verdienen leicht gemacht geld verdienen von zuhause aus geld von zu hause heimarbeit heimarbeit am pc leicht geld verdienen mangostan nebenjob gesucht schnell geld verdienen seriöse heimarbeit von zu hause von zuhause geld verdienen *******www.kimberligage**** *******www.myspace****/lilbitsassy1
1 Aug 2008
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The cat music video titled "Kitty Criminal" by Lulu the "Dramatic" Cat, featuring her brother Mylo the Cat. This brother and sister duo have been stars of many popular videos, but this is their first attempt at a music career. These cats now sing, dance, and act, making them true triple threats. Song by Peter Toh titled "Criminal".
19 Sep 2008
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Linus overviews many popular video cards to help you decide which one is the right buy for you.
3 Sep 2008
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When Space Invaders was first released in Japan in 1978, it caused a shortage of coins that was only abated when the yen supply was quadrupled. Dang, that's a popular video game. Now, you can have an arcade-style version that's a little easier to move around than a 350 lb stand-up arcade console. Featuring an arcade-style joystick, authentic arcade sounds and graphics as well as a boss key (mute button) and a pause button, the Space Invaders Desktop Arcade is the best addition to your desk since you taped up that really funny Dilbert on your computer monitor.
26 Sep 2008
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******* The comedy video website Funny or Die, humor site 23/6 and The Huffington Post have teamed up to create Huff or Die, accessible at funnyordie****/huffordie, to showcase their best political humor videos and blog posts. Funny or Die made the announcement last week. At the Omma Global conference last month I spoke with CEO Dick Glover about the site's soaring traffic this summer. In August, when the company launched Paris Hilton's response to McCain's celebrity ad--which rocketed to become its fourth most popular video of all time--the site saw 8 million unique visitors. Glover told me he expected September to be just as strong. The charged political environment is giving the site plenty of fodder, and other political videos like Gina Gerson's spoof of Sarah Palin are also helping drive traffic. The site's recent growth extends beyond monthly visitors: Funny or Die launched a British version of its site late last month featuring BBC comedy Little Britain stars Matt Lucas and David Williams. The US version frequently features its founders, Will Ferrel and Anchorman co-star Adam McKay. --Kelsey Blodget, Associate Producer
8 Oct 2008
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Media Converter SA Edition is a free file converter which supports many file types. It has also an integrated video downloader to download videos from popular video-sharing sites such as Youtube and many others. Distributed by Tubemogul.
10 Nov 2008
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*******www.getmoneyonthenet**** Google Me Now [Pavon Dunbar] This is Video 1 of 14 of a popular video series "Video Marketing Secrets Exposed!" Enjoy, and please subscribe to my channel if you like the video.
20 Nov 2008
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