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It sickens me to know that I used to awe at the amazing power of mother nature when watching these disaster videos, and now that I see the truth that these "natural disasters" are actually Illuminati weather warfare terrorist attacks on the general population, it breaks my heart, and enrages me to see these videos, and for the rest of my life, I will never forget this horrifying sound. Peter Pan 9/11 World Trade Centre destruction by Tesla technology? NewsTubeClips DESTRUCTIVE Earthquake DESTROYS Mexico City BUILDINGS & roads - Terremoto Sismo Ciudad de México
23 Sep 2017
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Highly populated roads, people walking by, crossing roads and almost from nowhere a f*cking moron appears to be racing through a busy street.
29 Sep 2017
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Have you ever seen such a large population of baby crabs all in one place? I guess the answer is no. See this video yourself and be fascinated by the scenes.
2 Oct 2017
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Steve Prator of Caddo.
16 Oct 2017
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Effets sur la population lybienne des attaques américaines en soutient au gouvernement "d'entente nationale" mis en place par les états occidentaux...
22 Sep 2017
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How to Screen for Colon Cancer|alternatives to colonoscopy for colon cancer screening Colon cancer is the third most common cancer. The average person has a 4.5% chance of developing it in their lifetime.[1] This is why screening tests are so important, and fortunately, for colon cancer, the screening tests are very effective. With screening, precancerous and/or cancerous lesions can be detected as early as possible, giving you the best chance of removing the lesions before they become problematic or life-threatening 1 Begin screening at the age of 50.[3] For the general population (those who have not been designated to be at a heightened risk of colon cancer), screening is recommended to commence at the age of 50. The options to consider are a stool test (recommended once every one to two years), a colonoscopy (a more invasive test that is recommended every 10 years), or a sigmoidoscopy or CT colonography (both of which are recommended every five years. The one you choose for your own personal screening will depend upon your preference. 2 Opt for a stool test.[4] Both blood and/or DNA can be tested for in your stool, and a positive test indicates suspicion that you may have colon cancer. It does not indicate that you have colon cancer - it simply means that you are at a heightened risk and should undergo more extensive medical evaluation. The advantage of stool testing is that it is an easy and non-invasive test. You can collect the stool sample(s) at home (depending upon how many are requested by your doctor) and simply send them into the lab for formal evaluation.
26 Sep 2017
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Cybernetic Killing Floor lyric version - with lyrics in English, Spanish n Russian. FREE song download Reverbnation. Hard Rock Symphonic song piece Cybernetic Killing Floor in the Rock n Roll Phantasm Opera Jakob's Dairy, Trance of the Monarch Butterfly the New World Order conspiracy theory to control the mass minds of humans turning the population into mind controlled slaves. Song is on the Experience This LP recorded by the band Quasar Light in 1981.
26 Sep 2017
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Currently, a large part of the global demand for flavoured milk comes from developing countries where the market is experiencing constant expansion. The rising population and economic development in these regions are expected to drive the growth of the global flavoured milk market over the forecast period. Contact Us IMARC Group USA: +1-631-791-1145
28 Sep 2017
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The reptilians, are one of the most ancient, and technologically advanced civilization in the universe. what is interesting, is that they were genetically created, by another race, referred to, as master race. this race's history, began so many years ago, when earth as we know it, didn’t even exist. Long time ago, when the universe wasn’t populated with millions of extraterrestrials, an extremely advanced beings, arrived in this universe, from a different, unknown world. This beings, were called Carians. The alpha draconians, have long tails, and stand from 18, to 25 feet tall, and can weight up to 25 000 pounds. The reptilians are the creators of the gray aliens. Subscribe and like if you enjoyed the video. Thank you
7 Oct 2017
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How To Get Aadhar Cards For NRIs After aadhaar card became a mandatory proof for all Indian citizens; there has also been a provision that allows the non residents of india to avail aadhaar card. Aadhar card for NRIs can be obtained only if one has been residing in the Indian Territory for a minimum of 182 days, and wishes to be enrolled under the Aadhaar act 2016. This act allows one to avail a majority of benefits and schemes that have been launched by the Indian government for the Indian population. Aadhar card for NRIs can be obtained only if one already has a few government of India certified ID proofs like the voter id card, PAN Card, driving license, Passport, etc. once these proofs are available with the NRI, and they can certify their dual nationality as well as other crucial details, they can very much obtain aadhar card for NRIs. The process of getting aadhar card for nris is however mostly offline than online. The first thing that needs to be taken care of by nris is to come to India and go to their nearest aadhaar enrollment centre and get an appointment, this can also be done by calling to the nearest enrollment center, and getting an appointment. Once you get an appointment, you will only have to go, give your details, and wait for your aadhaar card to be ready for download. You can check your aadhar card status online, and download aadhar card when it is ready for download. With this simple procedure aadhar card for NRIs can be obtained.
10 Oct 2017
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I have personally supervised more than 200 people in clinical practice who have been through the gall bladder flush described below. I have never encountered problems more than the occassional nausea, assuming that the protocol is followed as mentioned below. HUNDREDS OF STONES It is estimated that 20% of the world’s population will develop gallstones in the gall bladder at some stage in their lives. This figure does not take account of the numerous stones that accumulate in the liver and its ducts, given that the liver produces them in the first place, and then travel down to the gall bladder. I have personally witnessed the removal of gallstones from hundreds of patients – some of them had gall-bladder symptoms but had no positive results from an ultra sound scan. Most, however, did not have any symptoms at all, yet would flush out literally hundreds of stones – no exaggeration! One woman in her 50’s had three scans and the radiologists found nothing. She had pains in the gall-bladder region for 20 years. When she did the gall bladder flush she removed 430 stones the first time around, and about 300 the second time! About a week before I did my first gall bladder flush I went to see a friend who is an ultrasound specialist. He checked my gall bladder and found it as clean as a whistle. When I flushed a week later I removed 5 LARGE stones (about the size of a hazelnut), and about 150 smaller stones, including gravel. It is believed by many naturopathic doctors that EVERYONE has gallstones, some less than others, and I have validated this many times in clinical practice. The cleanse that I recommend below takes place within a period of less than 14 hours and can be done at home over the weekend. It is a painless and harmless natural way of removing stones, without requiring invasive procedures such as surgery, laser, etc.
10 Oct 2017
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These "natural disasters" are actually WEATHER WARFARE TERRORISM ON THE GENERAL POPULATION, and these illuminati terrorist attacks are happening all over the Earth right now, in a sinister attempt to heard as many innocent people as possible into FEMA concentration camps, which are also all over the Earth ! Cinema Of Gaming HURRICANE NATE: LIFE THREATENING OMNIOUS LANDFALL WARNING FOR UNITED STATES! (STATE OF EMERGENCY) ENDTIMES SIGNS-NEWS & CONSPIRACY Tornado Warning California,Ohio,Texas,Georgia,Oklahoma,Missouri America EndTimes Signs!! 2017 Kevin MacLeod Bump In The Night
11 Oct 2017
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`How to Read a Tuberculosis Skin Test|Treating Active Tuberculosis with Antibiotics Tuberculosis is an extremely contagious bacterial infection that is transmitted through the air. Tuberculosis infection TB is present in about a third of the global human population, though 90% of people infected with tuberculosis will never have clinically evident or "active" tuberculosis.[1] Most people's immune response keeps the infection from causing symptoms or spreading to others, leading to a condition called latent tuberculosis infection. In some people, however, a person may develop active TB soon after infection or their latent infection may become active when their immune system weakens. This will lead to serious symptoms and can easily be spread to others. It is extremely important to undergo treatment for active tuberculosis infection immediately, to remove the bacteria from your body and reduce the risk of infecting others. 1 Understand what an active TB diagnosis means. If you are one of the more than 13 million people that have TB disease, you can potentially spread the disease to others. You will need to begin taking antibiotics immediately, and continue to do so for at least six months. Fortunately, you will begin feeling better within a month. Unfortunately, you may be required to stay at a hospital for anywhere from two to four weeks to avoid spreading the disease.[2] Only 1/3 of people with active primary TB have symptoms, which is part of the reason it is so prevalent
12 Oct 2017
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According to opponents of the U.S. immigration policy, the nation's population could surge anywhere from 100 to 200 million people by 2050. The U.S. Census also indicates immigration is the number one factor driving U.S. population growth, along with fertility (births). Under current policy, legal immigrants are allowed to sponsor relatives for admission, who in turn can sponsor their relatives in what has been termed "chain migration." Many opponents of the current policies believe Congress has not thoroughly studied the implications of massive population growth on this scale. For example, labor experts believe the economic impact of a population boom on this scale would hit the lower income, working class the hardest by resulting in an over supply of low wage, low skilled workers. This could potentially drive down US working class wages and sometimes even displace US workers. Many critics of current U.S. policy fear the greatest strain could be on the healthcare system. The Federation for American Immigration Reform estimates that half of all immigrants either don't have insurance or receive coverage at taxpayers' expense. And the Heritage Foundation estimates that the retirement costs of granting legal status to illegal immigrants would be $2.4 trillion dollars a year or more. Produced for FAIR
21 Jun 2007
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Can you imagine the population of the United States growing to 500 million!?! That's insane! Room to grow is running out.
27 Jun 2007
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