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This woman thought she was so smart by stealing things of others porch but you never know who is watching you.
15 Aug 2017
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Johann Pachelbel - Canon
17 Aug 2017
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17 Aug 2017
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Video Song recorded live. Political Trolls n Vampire Dracs raw live acoustic folk punk guitar and vocals recorded outside on the porch of the old schoolhouse in Brogue. Played Guitar with vocals through a small battery powered Fender Micro-amp with a 4 inch speaker. Recorded in a Trailer Park Trash Folk Punk Rock style for the ongoing rural psychedelic rock n roll phantasm conspiracy opera JaKOBS DIaRY TRaNCE OF THE MONaRCH BUTTERFLY with the amish exorcism guitarist Jakob Lemy Zook. Here Jakob has traveled the reincarnation route and is in the year 1913, John Tidor the Time Traveler is there in Hex County and records and films Jakob at various locations and witnesses several music exorcisms and also is there to warn Jakob let him know that he is to be born on a diary farm and then stolen as a child by rogue Nazi doctors most notably Joesef Megele at the aberdeen proving grounds for the eugenics Monarch Project in the future. Chosen for the mission. John also gives Jakob the black supernatural acoustic guitar which has a very strange paranormal tone and the small battery powered microwave energy sound amp using stolen Haarp wave technology from the military built by the two arabian and amish master guitar makers for the Blood Moon Clan Music Minstrel Guild. The two instrument making masters have been with the Templar Guild since the Dark ages through the Black Plague germ warfare years that ravaged Europe by the Reptilian Vampire Dracs. Please Watch Video. Give a listen. It's strange...
21 Aug 2017
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How could they do it? It is a PORCHE
26 Mar 2006
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Check out this black Porch on the race track.
7 Sep 2006
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A funny compilation of porch swings breaking down...
21 May 2006
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Cool Video Clip About BMW And Porche 911
30 Nov 2006
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Fiat 126p vs Porche 911 :)
5 Feb 2008
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Porch, Cat and the Giant Thingy While I smoke, the cat complains, and I take you on a tour of my porch
25 Feb 2008
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*******www.SunSetterDVD**** Does the Delaware suns glare keep you from enjoying your outdoor space? Be instantly 20 degrees cooler, protect your interior from sun exposure, and save your wicker furniture from the weather with a motorized porch awning. Enjoy the Delaware summer air and get back to nature under Sunsetter deck canopies. Get 200 off when you visit the link in this video!
22 Apr 2009
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Pennsylvania - For Americas 1 best-selling awnings, watch this video! Our retractable awnings have UV blocking, waterproof fabric in a variety of eye-catching colors. A new awning covers up to 20, cooling the area by 20 degrees instantly! Enjoy the Pennsylvania summer air and get back to nature under one of our screen porch canopies. Get 200 off when you visit the link in this video!
22 Apr 2009
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