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Revenge pornography, or revenge porn (informal), is the sexually explicit portrayal of one or more people that is distributed without their consent via any medium.[1] The sexually explicit images or video may be made by a partner of an intimate relationship with the knowledge and consent of the subject, or it may be made without his or her knowledge. The possession of the material may be used by the perpetrators to blackmail the subjects into performing other sex acts, to coerce them into continuing the relationship, or to punish them for ending the relationship. Halder and Jaishankar (2013) define Revenge porn as: "an act whereby the perpetrator satisfies his anger and frustration for a broken relationship through publicizing false, sexually provocative portrayal of his / her victim, by misusing the information that he may have known naturally and that he may have stored in his personal computer, or may have been conveyed to his electronic device by the victim herself, or may have been stored in the device with the consent of the victim herself; and which may essentially have been done to publicly defame the victim".[2] In the wake of civil lawsuits and the increasing numbers of reported incidents, legislation has been passed in a number of countries and jurisdictions to outlaw the practice, though approaches have varied. The practice has also been described as a form of psychological abuse and domestic violence, as well as a form of sexual abuse.[3] The term "revenge porn" generally refers to the uploading of this sexually explicit material to humiliate and intimidate the subject, who has broken off the relationship.[1] The term is also often misused to describe non 'revenge' scenarios, including nonconsensual pornography distributed by hackers or by individuals seeking profit or notoriety.[4] The images are usually accompanied by sufficient information to identify the pictured individual, typically names and locations, and can include links to social media prof
15 Jun 2017
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The Dark Side of Porn- Porn Shutdown
19 Jun 2017
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******* iPhone porn? Dog loves the iphone Free iphone porn iphone porn best iphone porn long iphone porn
2 Dec 2007
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*******vitalcoaching****/jealousyforwomen.htm Is it okay for him to look at porn or should you react? - Porn is along the same line as drinking, substance abuse or excessive spending - Yes! It can be a deal breaker for your relationship - What to do? eductae him or be cool with it? - What if you had a picture of a naked man above your bed? would he take it? - Relationship boundaries. design them together - Jealousy issues - justified and unjustified jealousy
16 Apr 2009
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Remove porn traces from your computer!!!! HIS TUTORIAL SHOWS HOW TO Cleanthe following: * Internet Explorer Cache, History, Cookies, Index.dat. * Recycle Bin, Temporary files and Log files. * Recently opened URLs and files. * Third-party application temp files and recent file lists (MRUs). Including: Firefox, Opera, Media Player eMule, Kazaa, Google Toolbar, Netscape, Office XP, Nero, Adobe Acrobat, WinRAR, WinAce, WinZip
2 Mar 2008
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Volume 2 in a series of clips from the new TV comedy, God Loves ME Best! In this episode, the Wiccan describes her practice, the Christian covers his porn with a bible, the ladies discuss the sex appeal of their male counterparts, and the fellows quarrel over prayer space and spiritual practices. Starring Allegra Cohen, Khrystyne Haje, Eric Kirchberger, Nasry Malak, Michelle Maryk, Ron McClary, Ann Scobie, and Sam Rodd.
14 May 2008
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arrested porn star
26 Dec 2008
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Smile - you're on YouTube! That's the sign people walking into a California porn shop are seeing, and it's turning many of them away in shame.
14 Jun 2008
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Blooper reel for Episode 4 of Bananas and Porn. To see the full episode, visit: www.bananasandporn****
12 Aug 2008
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Crazy news story about a man confused about porn.
29 May 2009
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We talk about the new unrestricted WIFI on U.S. carriers and the porn police ...
23 Oct 2008
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Porn versus People. The internet WAS for PORN, but no longer. *******www.bluntmation**** Are people Bored with PORN? it it too easy to get now? The Inquirer reports that According to 'data geek', Bill Tancer, top boffin at Internet tracking company Hitwise, people are no longer coming to the net in search of adult stimulation, but instead head to cyberspace for social networking sites. Yeah, right. *******www.theinquirer****/gb/inquirer/news/2008/09/16/porn-knocked-pedestal-social
18 Sep 2008
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Porn is Bipartisan. The team hits the campaign trail and attends the Democratic and Republican National Conventions.
28 Jan 2009
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Guy calls his wireless company to ask about getting Porn on his BlackBerry. He should have just gone to *******www.pornblackberry****
22 Nov 2009
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Powerful stuff, that porn. The Indonesian Minister of Communication and Information (who must be very smart to have a title like that) has determined that recent natural disasters in his country are a consequence of the ubiquity of pornographic DVDs. Are you f'ing kidding me? Well, Indonesia lays down the facts of this accusation using power and the art of deductive reasoning at it's finest.
23 Dec 2009
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*******mypornblocker**** Protecting what your children are exposed to on the internet is a major concern for parents. Your child's privacy is at risk if you don't take the proper measures to secure their safety. If your child spends anytime at all alone on the internet, do you really know what they are doing? Who they are talking to? MyPornBlocker, a state of the art software will actually visit the page your child is trying to view before it will allow access. Most blocking software will just check the url which is a big problem and I'll tell you why. Most programs check ONLY the URL of the requested page against a database of supposed "indecent" addresses - and these databases have to be updated constantly. This way of porn blocking is not GUARANTEED effective because hundreds of new sites appear online every minute - YES! EVERY MINUTE! MyPornBlocker™ has special functions that allow specific analyzing of the page content itself. It doesn't rely on a database of URLs or suspicious sites... It checks and double checks the actual content that is being loaded and displayed on the PC itself. So even if your child stumbles across a brand new site that's less than 10 minutes old and contains obscene content, MyPornBlocker™ will stop him or her from viewing this site instantly - without the need to have a database updated manually like most software blockers.
7 Jan 2010
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