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www.videomonitoring*** - Portable Surveillance or mobile surveillance services for construction site security, all need mobile surveillance as a major component. Construction site security requires a specific approach. Portable surveillance is ideal for these remote sites. The system relies on mobile video surveillance from a portable surveillance trailer. The surveillance trailer is actually one of Eagle Eye's most valuable tools. While most portable surveillance systems are reactive and cannot prevent thefts or monitor them in real-time, Eagle Eye Surveillance offers this service. Their proprietary video monitoring surveillance technology is especially suited for construction site security. Mobile video surveillance and other forms of portable surveillance can guard against multiple threat levels and types of threats. The portable surveillance trailer can be moved from location to location. For portable surveillance - www.videomonitoring***
25 Aug 2011
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*******www.brickhousesecurity****/tie-camera-with-dvr.html - The Tie Cam w/ Built-In DVR & Remote Control is a complete surveillance system, tiny enough to function from within a normal looking tie. Completely wireless, wearable, and portable, this new technology features a tiny pinhole camera that captures VGA quality video to the built-in DVR. With 4 Gb of memory, you can record hours of footage that can easily be reviewed on your computer. With a remote control, you can easily control, or have an accomplice control, the hidden camera with the touch of a button. Start recording on-the-fly in whatever situation you encounter. The Tie Cam portable surveillance system helps you collect evidence whether it be in the office, for law enforcement doing a sting operation, or for journalists on assignment For more information about this product, click here: *******www.brickhousesecurity****/tie-camera-with-dvr.html BrickHouse Security
3 Mar 2010
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