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Music video from Boston Band Ink Ice Nine Kills
10 Jan 2008
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Just a new riff...its not a song so dont tell me i need Variation or some bullshit. its only up here so i can hear what you think of the riff not how well you know musical composition..***nstructive criticisms welcome.
11 May 2008
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www.chad****** video of alt rock outfit Kill Chaos performing We Were Let Down Our Whole Lives at Mansfield's Town Mill. Visit www.chad******/soundcheck for more live performances. Distributed by Tubemogul.
11 Mar 2009
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My cover of Silvestein's "I am the Arsonist" check out my band: www.myspace****/projectmainrules
18 Jan 2010
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Kiss Of Death by Glamour Of The Kill, from their new EP. ♥ [lyrics] Hey baby, you've been looking for me, The best things in life don't come for free, But I've worked too hard for this, So nothing that you say can bring me down, When tomorrow has come and gone, Everything we've said and done, Will mean nothing when our bodies both get swallowed by the waves, The sea can't save our souls, For our love we run, We won't stop for anyone, I can see the evil in your eyes, Goodbye my love, I know we'll meet again, I'm left behind, But my heart will not let go, This all began with burning embers, And now the fires of hell are waiting, And when the cold hands of death reach for me, I know my time has come and here I will meet my end, The sea can't save our souls, For our love we run, We won't stop for anyone, I can see the evil in your eyes, For our love we run, We won't stop for anyone, I can see the evil in your eyes, Hey baby, tell me what do you see, There's no love left in me, I've come to take what's mine, We're nothing more than souls lost to the sea, Bitch, you're coming with me, I'll drag you down till you can't breathe, The ice will fill your lungs, And no one will hear you scream, The sea can't save our souls, For our love we run, We won't stop for anyone, I can see the evil in your eyes, For our love we run, We won't stop for anyone, I can see the evil in your eyes, For our love we run, We won't stop for anyone, I can see the evil in your eyes.
7 Jun 2011
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Rock / Post Hardcore / Experimental band rocks flashrock**** live with interview
18 Feb 2007
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www.VLAZE****/rockremedy Drop Dead, Gorgeous is a six-member post hardcore band from Denver, Colorado. Their name is a play on the phrase "drop dead gorgeous", and was not taken from the movie of the same name. They released their first EP entitled Be Mine, Valentine in January 2006, followed by their first full length album in May 2006, In Vogue.
27 Oct 2007
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In their first two albums, Old Friends From Young Years (1997) and Infest (2000), Papa Roach tended to incorporate influences from nu metal and rapcore. Since lovehatetragedy (2002), they moved to rap-devoid sounds like alternative rock (except for the songs "Anxiety", played along with Black Eyed Peas, and "She Loves Me Not"). Frontman Jacoby Shaddix said the following in an interview with the Dallas Music Guide regarding the band no longer using rapping in their music: "...the rapping's gone! I don't feel like rapping. I'm just over that...I just want to be a rocker. It's what I wanted to be when I was a kid"[1]. To many fans' surprise, "...To Be Loved" of their most recent album The Paramour Sessions features glimpses of the old nu metal sound, with what many would consider rapping in the beginning and end verses. "Roses On My Grave" is the only song featuring orchestral instruments, giving it a different flavour compared to the rest of The Paramour Sessions. The style for the rest of the album is primarily alternative rock,post-hardcore and pop-punk with some songs, like "Forever," having emocore influences.
13 Oct 2008
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The Best 10 EmoCore Post Hardcore Screamo Bands. Top 10 : We Are The Ocean Escape The Fate Inhale Exhale Eyes Set To Kill Saosin Hopes Die Last A Skylit Drive Enter Shikari Alesana Underoath MY TOP 10 PIG SQWEALS SONGS: ***********/watch?v=trgJbA... my top 10 deathcore bands: ***********/watch?v=nIxifVJhXKo Best 20 DeathCore Band's Ever : Part 1 : ***********/watch?v=Yo88F9yezC8 part 2 : ***********/watch?v=2QYXdkit61I top 10 metalcore bands : ***********/watch?v=v7PCHHN6P9U Enjoy
6 Sep 2009
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With the (new) I make reference to this wave of post-hardcore bands in contrast to the "true" post-hardcore (Fugazi and Helmet for example). I made this new ranking because I elt the old one didn't represent my tastes anymore, so go ahead and comment (be respectful biatch). The list is here just in case: A Day To Remember (The Plot to Bomb to Panhandle) Silverstein (My Heroine) Emanuel (Phobos) Chiodos (Baby, You Wouldn't Las a Minute on the Creak) Aiden (Die Romantic) Emarosa (I Am Waves) Misery Signals (The Failsafe) Alesana (Apology) Escape The Fate (My Apocalypse) Thrice (Firebreather) Saosin (Voices) The Bled (The Silver Lining) The Used (Take it Away) Scary Kids Scaring Kids (The Only Medicine) Enter Shikari (Sorry, You're Not a Winner) Eyes Set To Kill (Darling) Yesterday's Rising (Experience to Write) Pierce The Veil (Chemical Kids and Mechanical Brides) Senses Fail (Still Searching) Thursday (Autobiography of a Nation)
17 Mar 2012
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A collection of some screamo bands that i put together and made a slideshow of. nothing hard. watch and rate it. all song names are included So i apreciate people fighting over whether this is screamo or not because it basically gives me more comments but i just labeled this vid emo screamo post hardcore because just about everyone on youtube has put emo intos the search bar atleast once. So, there are actually no songs on here that fall into the screamo genre but its good for views. But anyways aside from the views and shit when im asked what kind of music i like i say "screamo" i dont say "oh well post-hardcore, deathcore and metalcore" i just label it all screamo beacuse of the word scream ahaha. So thats that. Have fun : )
17 Nov 2011
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1.From first to last-Featuring some of your favourite words(0:01-0:40) 2.From first to last-Ride the wings of pestilience(0:41-2:09) 3.Story of the year-Until the day I die(2:10-3:25) 4.Story of the year-And the hero will drown(3:26-4:20) 5.Escape the fate-There's no sympathy for the dead(4:21-5:16) 6.Escape the fate-Dragging dead bodies in blue bags up really long hills(5:17-6:03) 7.Dead Poetic-Bury the difference(6:04-6:58) 8.Dead Poetic-New medicines(6:59-7:32) 9.Emery-Studying politics(7:33-8:33) 10.Funeral for a firiend-Monsters(8:34-9:43)
29 Oct 2009
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Bands and songs:(In order) 00:00 - 00:23 = Drop Dead Gorgeous = "Daniel Where's The Boat?" 00:23 - 00:42 = "In Vogue" 00:42 - 01:03 = Herbrightskies - "Roses" 01:03 - 01:25 = The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus -"Face Down", 01:25 - 01:41 = "Atrophy" 01:41 - 02:04 = Fei Comodo - "Watch Them Feed" 02:04 - 02:24 = Blinded Black - "A Perfect Murder" 02:24 - 02:47 = Between Broken Ashes - "OMGZ It's Jimmy Jones!" 02:47 - 03:15 = I removed this due to copyright, I know what the band is 03:40 - 04:02 = The Blackout - "Hard Slammin'" 04:02 - 04:24 = Scary Kids Scaring Kids - "The City Sleeps In Flames" 04:24 - 04:40 = Saosin - "Finding Home", 04:40 - 04:58 = "Uphill Battle", 04:58 - 05:25 = "Seven Years" 05:25 - 05:48 = Iceninekills - "Dead Is The New Black" 05:48 - 06:10 = Monty Are I - "In This Legacy" 06:10 - 06:45 = Underoath - "Young and Aspiring" wohoo 300.000 views w00t 1000 comments
25 Jan 2012
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Download link is in the description. 2nd Sucks - The latest release from American-Based Pop-Punk/Post Hardcore band A Day To Remember. Album: What Separates Me From You. Download Link: *******www.mediafire****/?gaibf9fwbmdwxy3 :)
2 Jun 2011
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Scary Kids-Scaring Kids: Watch me Bleed
25 Apr 2009
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HPD-Call me a sick boy video
25 May 2009
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