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Potatoes HASSELBACK - Papas al horno - Patata asada
23 Feb 2017
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Potato doing ppap
5 Mar 2017
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Easy Hash Brown Potatoes Recipe, Crispy Pan Fried Potatoes, Kids Appetizers, Nian's Cooking Diary. Hash brown potato, pan fried potato is very easy recipe. It’s a yummy dish for any kids https . youtube com
14 Mar 2017
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5 Foods That Will Develop Type 2 Diabetes in You Basically, a diet low in saturated fat with well controlled blood glucose levels that incorporates weight control, exercise and fewer refined sugars is recommended. Controlling blood glucose levels with diet, and in some cases medication, is the key. To keep blood sugar levels under control, a diabetic diet strikes a balance among the carbohydrates, fats, and protein you take in. In addition, a 1,500-calorie diabetic diet restricts calories and fat. 5 Foods That Will Develop Type 2 Diabetes In YouCarbohydrates encompass a broad range of foods, including table sugar, fruits and vegetables, and grains such as rice and wheat. Carbohydrates typically take from five minutes to three hours to digest, whereas protein takes three to six hours and fat can take eight or more hours. That’s why different foods have different effects on blood sugar, such as why ice cream raises blood sugar levels more slowly than potatoes. Beware of sugar-free cookies and other products made for diabetics. Even though they’re sugar-free, they may contain trans-fats or have more fat than their sugary counterparts. Sugary foods are fattening. Many foods that have a lot of table sugar are very high in calories and fat. Sugar-free candy as well as other products using the term “sugar-free” should be evaluated for total carbohydrate content. If you have alcoholic drinks on an empty stomach, they can make your blood glucose level go too low. Alcoholic drinks also can raise your blood fats. Many people do not realize that milk can raise the blood sugar; it does contain lactose, which will turn to glucose. One container of sugar free, fat free yogurt is also equal to one carb choice. The ideal diet for people with diabetes aims to maintain a balance between sugars, fiber, fats and salt. No foods are completely forbidden but some foods, especially sugars, fats and salt need to be consumed in restricted quantities. Learning about Diabetes
2 Mar 2017
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Some freaks shooting around with a potato cannon. Look what they've done to the car...
6 Jun 2006
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The simplest and fastest way to peel a potato.
2 Apr 2006
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Ever wonder how they make potato chips? This is totally cool.
11 Sep 2006
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The fastest way to peel a baked potato.
27 Sep 2006
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Our puppy, who is blind, has allergy problems. We found that she tolerated a duck/potato dog food, so we started giving her medicine on baked potatoes. This is what we discovered
4 Dec 2006
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The Masked Potato Avenger demonstrates his primary weapon.
13 Dec 2006
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Superman Sushi Show Killer potato Extemely funny cooking How to made the sashlik
20 Dec 2006
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I create a cheap potato gun and blast worked great
20 Dec 2006
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Step-by-step recipe and instructions for making mashed sweet potatoes with cinnamon.
26 Dec 2006
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Recipe and step-by-step instructions for making Sweet Potato Cubes with Fall Seasonings, a tasty and easy side dish.
23 Dec 2006
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Mr.Potato parodie
14 Jan 2007
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This spud gun was built by my brother and me, we think that all of the other combustion potato guns were we made our own. It is 12 feet long, 4 feet tall, and weighs 54lbs. It shoots on average 500 yards despite the wind. It has onboard propane and air tanks for quick reloading, as well as breech loading, and removable "shells" to make reloading quicker. It is triple propane injected, has a metering tube to get the exact amount required (4.3%) and the air tank flushes out the "used" air after each shot. An electronic control panel controls the valves for air and propane, the ignition will soon be upgraded to a stun gun, as of now it is still a dual spark BBQ grill igniter.
14 Jan 2007
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