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Some federal workers in the VA administration feel their opinions matter more then facts.
27 Mar 2017
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Derrick Luther POTUS 2009
13 Jan 2009
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Very slim. Ann Coulter slim. Super, Super Model Slim. Obama has a "Make Work Pay" Tax Credit plan that will completely eliminate income taxes for TEN MILLION Americans. People like Me and You. Everyday Americans. Average Americans, The Little Guy... Tax breaks for middle class Americans. Shh. Don't tell John McCain. He thinks Obama has increased taxes. And oh, by the way, John McCain. What's John's tax plan? McCain has a plan to give tax breaks to Rich People (The Top One Per Cent)... Who you voting for? Wait, let me guess. A. You are rich, so you are voting for John McCain to get a permanent tax break. B. You are NOT rich and you would like to get a permanent tax break. Guess how many people do not belong to the Top One Percent? Amigo, My friend, I'm voting for Barack Obama. Who you voting for???
21 Jun 2008
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An old debate is renewed after Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts said the State of the Union address has "degenerated into a political pep rally."
13 Mar 2010
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With the upcoming presidential race gaining momentum quicker than ever before, it’s no surprise that the campaign is garnering a lot of news coverage. Now, for the first time, there is a national radio station devoted to the race 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The new station is called “POTUS” (pronounced “POH-tus”), a term used by White House staff for “President of the United States.” It is a commercial-free station that airs nationwide on XM satellite radio. Listeners across the country can hear news and commentary about the campaign around the clock. The station is being broadcast for free to all XM radios on channel 130. Those who don’t have an XM radio can go online and listen for free for two weeks by going to xmradio****/potus.
9 Feb 2009
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This election is the most important election you will ever vote in. For 8 long, painful years George Bush and the Republicans have ed the country from one fiasco to another, one embarrasment to another, in a word the George Bush administration can be described as: FAILURE. Let me repeat that: FAILURE. FAILURE... Obama-Biden '08...Vote for CHANGE. Enough! 9 months straight of job losses. Wall Street deregulation. Foreclosures. War. Unemployment. Shipping jobs overseas. Tax cuts for the wealthy. Enough! Register to vote today. Barack Obama needs your vote. America needs your vote....
5 Oct 2008
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Find more episodes at www.speakingenglishpodcast****
9 Nov 2008
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Check out these obama shirtss
26 Nov 2008
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Subscribe to EUX.TV at *******youtube****/euxtv US president Barack Obama addresses EU leaders during the EU-US summit in the Czech Republic. Distributed by Tubemogul.
6 Apr 2009
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U.S. President Barack Obama’s job approval ratings have been drying up over the summer. Where did he go from being on the right track to going off track?
11 Aug 2009
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Addressing the climate change conference at the United Nations in New York, US President Barack Obama warns of an "irreversible catastrophe" if no action is taking during this generation. Distributed by Tubemogul.
23 Sep 2009
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*******sturly****/obamachia Only the greatest Chia pet ever! It's Chia Barack Obama. Comes it two different styles...Happy Obama or Determined Obama. These are gonna sell out fast so don't wait around. And as Joe and Harry and Nancy say: Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia! Obama Chia!
1 Oct 2009
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The United States has booked more progress in the fight against climate change during the last eight months than in any other time in the history of the country, says US President Barack Obama during a speech at the United Nations in New York. Distributed by Tubemogul.
6 Oct 2009
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US President Barack Obama deliver his accceptance speech of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize in Norway. Part 1 of 4. Full text: *******nobelpeaceprize****/en_GB/laureates/laureates-2009/presentation-2009/ Original source: www.nobelpeaceprize**** Distributed by Tubemogul.
14 Dec 2009
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